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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • This is a guess because I've never owned a 4WD:

    You probably have an automatic transmission on your 96 TLC. If going to low range has anything to do with engaging 4WD, maybe the engine is supposed to slightly increase in idle speed before it engages....sort of like the increase in idle speed right before the a/c clutch energizes. If the above hypothesis is true and the engine controls fail to increase the idle speed as needed, the additional load might be killing the engine.

    I've only driven a (rental) 4WD one time, a Ford Explorer, and it felt like the vehicle was towing something (or dragging something) all the time, and that was without even engaging the 4WD. I kept checking the emergency brake to make sure it wasn't engaged. So, I know all that extra geartrain under there definitely contributes drag to the output of the engine.

    Another guess is that your injectors and throttle body need to be cleaned (I think the other response to your question suggested some cleaning). I have a 98 Avalon and my mechanic advised that I clean these at no later than 90,000 miles. A friend of mine has a Toyota Sienna and he heard the same thing from his trusted mechanic, only in his case he actually had a rough-running engine and took it in for diagnosis right around 85,000 miles.

    Good luck and let us know what is causing this problem.

  • elmo9elmo9 Posts: 1
    I have a '05 Land Cruiser with 33K miles (. . . am a Land Cruiser fan . . . traded a '92 Land Cruiser for this). Recently, the telescoping functiion of the steering column stopped moving in when the key is pulled out of the ignition (as it automatically did). Tilt function is OK. With the key in the ignition, I can telescope the wheel in and out, but only for a few inches. My dealer charges $150 just to check it. I'd rather check and fix it myself if I can, provided it's not that complicated. Anyone has any experience fixing the same problem? Would really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance :confuse:
  • Here in India, the pajero is still being sold thru a local car maker's network. while TLC 80 series never made it to showrooms. TLC200 sells now as a legal import though. None of the "show me a hill and sit back and relax" SUV appeal to me so i have to choose between a TLC80 series and a Pajero, both about 10 to 12 years old. TLC100 is out of the question as its above the prce range. There are few dudes around here who service both, but i cant figure which will be easier on my pocket. Please help! :confuse:
  • I have a 2005 w/ about 20K original miles, I recently started hearing/feeling a very minor when car is in Drive while stopped at red light, sounds like coming from the engine compartment. The sound/feel goes away when put in Neutral or Park or when hit the gas and go. Can anyeone tell me if something needs to get adjusted?
    I had dealer inspected but they found no problems at all.
    I was also wondering if the 4x4 low gear's knob top can be twisted off? It's tight but making an even more minor vibrating sound a few seconds, I just want to twist it off and apply a tape then put back on, but wanted to make sure its on a thread like a screw.
  • check the exhaust system for loose protective flanges as well as skid plates on the belly of the engine...get a mechanic that is not assoc with a dealer
  • bill_lbill_l Posts: 38
    My 2000 LC was hit on the rear door 6wks ago on a snowing day. The rear door and the frame behind it were repaired and did not see any other problems.

    However today, these 3 lights, ABS, VSC Trac and VSC Off, were on after 10-15mins driving, but they were not on in the first 10-15min after engine re-started. This phenomenon is repeatable. Does anyone have any clue of the problem? Your help and information will be highly appreciated.
  • 03cobra03cobra Posts: 37
    My 01 check engine light just came on last night. I have a scanner, but have never had to use it on the LC. I didn't have much time last light to mess with it, but I did try to feel under the steering wheel for the port, and couldn't find it. Anyone know where it is?
  • jpbledsoejpbledsoe Posts: 20
    On my 98 Avalon, it's in the same compartment as the fuses that are down below the steering wheel. You should be able to find the location of the fuse panel in the owner's manual. Someone at a Toyota parts counter will help you if you don't have the owner's manual. They should be happy to help since you might come back and spend ~$200 on an oxygen sensor or some other emissions component.

    The Avalon also has a port located on top of the engine. The port at the fuse panel is the one Autozone connected to to scan for a problem I had a few years ago.

    Good luck
  • My 94 LC with 250000 miles has already had differential bearings, carrier bearings, pinion bearings and seal replaced. Next time it had yoke and pinion seal replaced. Now the pinion seal leak has come back worse than before. What next? Someone suggested drive shaft or U-joint could be warped. Any suggestions?
  • It turned out the seal installed with the yoke was defective. It had been partly crushed on one side and not noticed by the installer. The new seal was meticulously examined and is guaranteed to work!
  • Our 2000 LC is rated for towing 6,500 lbs. My question deals with towing on trips of between 150 and 200 miles (one way). When we are loaded up for a trip, the rig drives great but I notice a little rear end sag and some bounce on the major dips on the expressway. The suspension is stock and the LC came with the tow package. The dry weight of our boat is 3,500 lbs. With trailer at 1,000, gear and fuel I estimate we're at 5,000 lbs plus passengers.

    Should I consider an upgrade to the suspension or shocks to address this and if so, what do you suggest? Will it affect daily driving without the load?

    Also, is there any way to increase the power for when we cross mountain passes? For the steep ascents, I find using 2nd gear and keeping the speed less than about 40 is better than trying to maintain highway speed.

  • First of all, I don't own a TLC or a boat. I occasionally pull a flatbead trailer with an old Toyota truck. So, take the following comments with that in mind.

    If it's sagging a little more than you think it should, you might want to try adding a spring to the hitch point to lift the rear end. I don't know what they're called; a store that sells boats and boat trailers should be able to help you.

    Also, your TLC owner's manual and/or the boat owner's manual should have some instructions for setting up the desired rear-end level compare to the front-end level. Your other choice is to try and redistribute any gear that's in the boat. Of course, if you move gear too far to the rear of the boat, you risk some side-to-side instability.

    As far as the bounce, you might need new shocks. The bounce might be cured (somewhat) with the hitch spring and/or gear redistribution.

    Don't know much about the power problem. You might want to speak with some private Toyota specialists. In north Texas, Import Masters is a 4WD Toyota specialist. You can reach Johnny at 817-599-3361. BTW, I don't work for Import Masters; they've kept my 85 truck running for the past 15 or so years.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,986
    edited November 2010
    You should write up a review on them.

    Dealer Ratings and Reviews
  • I'm considering the purchase of one of these trucks as a daily driver. Generally the ones that fall in my price range usually have 70-125k miles. This type of mileage would scare me with a Tahoe or Expedition but as I understand it, it really shouldn't be that great of a concern with one of these. Is this true? Is this a truck that I should be able to get another RELIABLE 100k miles out of without excessive maintenence costs? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  • Our 2000 lc now has 105k miles and we've never had a major mechanical issue since we purchased it in 2000 (I'm the orig. owner). We have no immediate plans to purchase another as we intend to hold on to it indefinitely.
  • I'm the original owner of a '98 LC that just turned 181,000 miles. Everything (except the power antenna) still works as originally intended. All of the recommended maintenance has been completed; for example, just did the timing belt for the 2nd time. I do my own oil and filter changes at 4,000 miles with full synthetic and the engine consumes less than 1/4 quart between changes. Have needed to replace both the throttle position sensor and the starter (very tough access to this part) otherwise the truck has been very reliable. The MPG isn't great ...13-14 in the winter and 14-15 in the summer (V8, full-time AWD, etc.) but I fully expect to keep this truck until the odometer reads at least 250,000 miles. I live in MN where we use plenty of road salt, yet the LC remains rust free thus far.
  • gumasxgumasx Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 LC and would like to install a satellite enabled radio instead of the JBL already installed. I love the sound quality of the JBL but want to listen to XM while on the road.

    Has anyone installed a satellite radio without the cumbersome wires and hookups that many post market satellite/ipod hookups require?? If so, what brand and model radio did you use. Did you have any problems?

    Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!!
  • Is a 2004 pre-wired for a satellite radio like the 2005 is? You would know by looking at your JBL head unit and seeing a button labeled...I think..."AM/SAT".
  • Hi everyone, new here and to the land cruiser world so if i say something dumb please be gentle.
    Just got a 92 land cruiser last night from dealer. Didnt notice clunk from underneith (only clunk on accelerating/decelerating. one clunk for each). i read in your forum here from someone that lubing drive shaft yokes, tranfer case fittings, propeller shafts, and checking the "torch". his was a much new model than mine but was wondering if this was the same to do on my model? plus, came from dealer who claims alls been lubed. have 30 day gaurentee. is this his problem or mine do u think??
    Thank you in advace for any and all help
  • steinitzsteinitz Posts: 3
    Went elsewhere - got leak fixed - valve to which vent tube connected was totally clogged. Original shop claimed to have checked it, but they admitted they only checked the hose! Dumb. Kudos to Earth in Upheaval in Sebastopol CA.
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