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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • lpc68lpc68 Posts: 45
    the heat shield under the drivers seat is really starting to bug me with its constant rattling. It used to be only when i started and stopped the truck but now its pretty much constant.

    could anyone tell me if removing the heat shield would cause any problems?
  • Does anyone know what the landcruiser optional equipment codes MK10 and XG30 stand for?
  • drumbolddrumbold Posts: 22
    I currently have a 2001 TLC being built for me without the rear seat for under $50,000 through Beck Toyota just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Their Internet sales is handled by Tony Morgan who can be reached at or at (800) 541-7635. They are very nice and easy people to deal with. If you occasionally get this way, it may be worth looking in to.
  • h3ybfpfh3ybfpf Posts: 16
    Can anyone recommend a good bike rack for 2000 LC with rear tow hitch that could be used for transporting 2+ adult bikes? I would appreciate information on brand, prices, ease of installation/use and information on how to order one.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Performance Bicycle at Get hitch mount model. Order online.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Make sure you are not cutting off your nose to spite your face on this third seat issue. The seats are easy to remove if you don't want them and you get the rear AC along with it (Desert heat is a lot easier to handle with the dual AC). If you ever sell it, you'll have a very hard time because customers just expect the seat and the AC to be there. Resale would cost you everything you saved up front.

    The other thing to consider is pricing. If a dealership is willing to order out of Japan, you are asking them to tie up their allocation for 3 to 6 months. Your salesman may not even work there when it arrives so he looses his commission. They run the risk that you will back out and they will have a nearly unsellable unit on the lot. To compensate for these costs and risks, they will generally ask for a higher profit than a more typical unit. You may find that you can get nearly the same price for one with a third seat at a motivated dealership.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,776
    I don't think the dealers would want to risk having a car without the third seat in stock. I don't think you'd do bad price-wise in your area anyway. If you check with dianne4toyota she'll probably tell you the same thing, and I know she sells a lot of LC's.
  • The problem with building this rig w/o the third seat or rear air package is very very clear: it's unpopular for a 55,000-60,000 car to have no 3rd rear seat and rear air. In CA, there is no keeping anyone's deposit, even if they change their mind, if the buyer's stake in the stock market crashed, or if the buyer's house went up in flames... the dealership cannot keep a cent of their deposit money to deflect the cost of keeping the beast til someone else lucked along to buy it. There's too much risk to have one out there somewhere for 4-5 months in advance. Perhaps checking with a local dealer as to how cheap they will sell a normal stock one for, never use the rear a/c and remove the seats for the next buyer would be a better investment. I know personally I'd sell a "Normal" BG CF C7 for less than I'd want to risk being on the other end of a very unpopular $55,000. car in a few months.

    This isn't about catering to the customer's needs. This is all about taking a risk. A HUGE one. I sure hope you locate someone who doesn't mind the risk, because I like my job, and I don't want to risk it, or risk the very gracious ability I have here to build order cars in many other ways for others -- cars that are far better risk/option to build, which are 99% of my orders. You have to absolutely understand that, as it's business and nothing personal. Financially, the lease banks will deduct 5% of MSRP value if a LC doesn't have a third rear seat/rear air, meaning if you do not take it, 80% of the buyers out there will have to pay MORE for less car.

    Not meaning to offend, but to instead explain why. An unusual built Highlander, no problem... an unusual Sequoia, I build them all the time, LOL! They go rapidly anyway. Camrys, Ravs... they are all going to go sooner or later. Landcruiser owners/buyers are different.

    My advice is to nab a normal new car special...... save the seats for a rainly day or a saving grace for the resale value.

  • sch2sch2 Posts: 8
    I am currently on my third LC. I have never had any need for the third seats. Nevertheless, all three of my LC's have had the package. As everyone has mentioned, for resale you need to have them.

    The seats are very easy to remove and with the 98+ LC's there is nothing left in the cargo area except the seat belts which are easy to keep out of the way. I simply put the seats in plastic and store them until it is time to sell the vehicle.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Bike racks:

    Whatever you get, make sure it is a swing-away type that allows you to open the rear drop gate when in use. OSI makes one and I am sure there are others. sells them.

    A word of caution though: high speed driving on dirt or gravel roads with anything in the hitch will cause rocks to ricochet off the rack(or whatever else you're trailing) back into the rear of the car. Some costly paint work may be in your future.

  • jester42jester42 Posts: 1
    Another great source is

    They have a large selection from a variety of vendors. I am using the Yakima TerraFirma 4 Bike Hitch and have been very pleased with it.

  • lc2000lc2000 Posts: 33
    Like a leather coat, leather seats need to breath. The first thing most leather coat makers tell you is don't store the coat in plastic. Not sure why, but I suspect that over an extended period of time, the leather becomes stiff with a tenancy to crack. Just a thought.
  • Has anyone measured how much fuel remains when the low fuel warning light first comes on? The fuel capacity in the 100 series is 25.4 gals. I wonder how far you can push this after the light tries to scare you into the next gas station?
  • ptownptown Posts: 9
    From what I can tell from my '97 80 series, there's at least 4 or 5 gallons still in the tank when the light goes on. I pushed it once and went another 40+ miles before I wussed out and pulled in to the station to quench the beast, and I still only got about 23 gallons in. Whether all LCs perform the same, though, I do not know...
  • Gentlemen,
    I am aiming at buying a '01 Toyata Tundra V-8 which is the same engine you TLC owners have been living with.
    I have perused your postings hoping to get some feel for the subject engine's "ease to live with" points over several years of operations.

    Are you swearing by it or at it???

    Haven't seen hardly any comments about that V-8 engine. Does no postings mean no problems???
    Any feedback about that powerplant (good or bad) would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Ed
  • dwrichadwricha Posts: 24
    During a visit to my barber one Saturday, I happened to park my 97 TLC right next to another 97 40th Anniversary TLC. The only thing I noticed was how much more after market parts this rig was equipped with (chrome wheels, bush bars, etc.)than mine. Mine don't look bad at all, but not as "equipped" as this was. Another barber was outside talking with someone when I arrived. I greeted them and went in to wait my turn. When the other barber came in he said that he looked at both and noticed that the 40th was noticeably bigger than mine. I told him I thought that they were the same, but I wasn't sure about it, so, I thought that I'd ask someone here. Is there really a difference in size with these 2 vehicles?
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276

    Once went 75 miles after the warning light came on (all freeway). took 24.5 gallons at the pump that time. That's as far as I dare to go. Translated to just about 5 gallons in reserve when the light first went on.

    macsfriended: I have a 98 that I purchased within two months of the V-8 being introduced. Engine has been flawless. More power than I expected, better climbing (laden or unladen), never burned any oil (5 qts of synthetic goes in and 4000 miles later 5 qts of syntethic drain out) and has never had the slightest hiccup in temps ranging from 115 degree Mojave desert heat to -20 degree Wyoming winters.

    I've also been on this board from almost the beginning and cannot recall any engine specific complaints. Wind noise, lousy stereo, vibrating gas pedal, rattles here & there and two front diffs failing have been about it.

  • mghmgh Posts: 43

    I am surprised you are still driven it. TLC Holds 7.2 QTS of oil.. : )

  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    So shoot me.

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