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Toyota Land Cruiser



  • Towing will not be a problem. I currently tow a 4k lb. travel trailer which when loaded is about 5k lbs. I would recommend a load equalizing hitch for a more level ride. Also, keep it at/or less than 65mph, anything above and gas mileage really takes a dip. I talked with a guy at Lake Tahoe who used to tow with his Chevy Tahoe (350 engine) and he had nothing but praise as to how much better the LC towed and handled overall.
  • I have a 99 LC and was folding up the rear third seat and was exiting the rear when I felt and heard a loud snap underneath me. Seems that one of the cables that holds up the tailgate snaped. When I removed the plastic shroud I discovered that it broke right in the middle, it appeared to be corroded as if water was getting in there, causing it to rust. Has anybody else experieced anything like this?? Good thing both cables did not break, might have had to replace the bumper cover.
  • I had the exact same problem with the tailgate cable last year. It had rusted through prior to breaking. Only the drivers side was affected.

    Watch out for the price of a replacement. The local dealer wanted in excess of 80 dollars. I found a dealer on the internet (somewhere in Texas)that mailed one to me for under 20 dollars. Still ridiculous price for a cable, but a lot more palatable than the local dealer.
  • A few weeks ago the power locks on my TLC stopped working from the door switches. They still work from the remote. I've taken it in but my dealer has not located the problem. A rep from Chicago is coming in to look at it tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone had seen this problem before? Its not a huge deal but I'd like to get it fixed under waranty if I can. I'd prefer to find the problem quickly rather than have the reps go on a "search and destroy" mission through the electrical system.
  • I noticed mine is rusting ('98). Do you happen to know who, in Texas, you bought the replacement from?
  • Had the same thing on the passenger side. Just broke in half -- rusted through on my 99 TLC. was still under warranty (35k) at the time so dealership replaced @ no cost.

  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    Passenger side cable. Rusted through on my 98. Replaced under warranty (have less than 36,000 miles on mine).

    The problem, as I see it, is that the sheath on the cable can slip allowing water to enter, but not escape. When closed, the cable is folded in half and the water (even a single drop will do) sits at the half way point and begins to rust. Pull the sheath on your other side and make sure it is clean. Long term solve is to either a) prevent water from getting in or b) allowing water to escape. Some electrical tape at either end of the sheath should accomplish the former, but a small hole in the sheath right at the fold point might be a more reliable option.

  • mghmgh Posts: 43

    Are you talking about the stainless steel cable that holsd the tailgate?
    I have never experience this problem with stainless steel.(my pick up has this with out the plastic protectors and is 8 years old. Does your cables have a shiny look? Mine has SS and I inspected it today and find it really hard for water to go trough because of the end plastic boots at the ends.But even if the water goes in, SS will resist unless is salt water and is 20 years old. I have almost a year with mine and it looks brand new not even water stains on the cable. The only exeption to this is that if the cable is in a bind and it bends constantly with use and it will eventully brake this way for sure.

    Let me know if I am the only one with SS cables.


  • Found one of mine broken yesterday.
  • Replacements are not $80. Retail price at local dealer was $15 each.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    cable on mine was not SS. Braided steel wire broken by rust-through, not fatigue.

    What year is yours? Maybe the newer ones (and replacement cables) are SS?. Wonder if there is a TSB on this?

  • I inspected my tailgate cables over the weekend (98 TLC). The passenger side was fine. However, when I pulled back the bottom section of the plastic sheath on the driver's side, rust particles literally "poured" out of the sheath. It appears that the top section of the sheath on that side came out of the plastic boot that covers the cable bolts. I think that I'll be replacing the driver's side as a precautionary measure.
  • I thought that I would add my two cents.

    First of all, the Navigation system is DVD based. The country is divided into segments, which are easily accesible from the touch screen.

    I previously had a 2000 Mercedes ML430 and traded it for this 2001 Land Cruiser back in April. This Navigation system is by far superior to the Mercedes. EVERY detail as far as the roads is on the map, even tiny county roads. Even the road that leads up to my grandmother's house (on private property) was on it! How.. I don't quite know. I have found it to be very accurate, and much more user friendly when compared to the Mercedes, mostly because it is a touch screen. I absolutely love it.

    As far as my owning experience so far, I have nothing negative to report. I have about 8000 miles, and have had nothing go wrong. However, I will say that the customer service "experience" doesn't come close to owning a Mercedes. They're not rude, just not near as "lovey-dovey."

    I read farther back, a couple of people mentioned their LC's leaning. I thought I was crazy for a while, but mine also leans just a tad. When I notice it, it bothers me.. but only because I worry that people will think I'm fat when when they come up behind me! (I'm kidding.. well almost.) Other than that, I try not to pay attention to it.

    Finally, for those of you who are VERY particular about water spots and cleanliness.... I got every option available on my LC, including some sort of special sealant or protectant. I have found that because of this, water does not bead on the car, it simply "sheets" off. It has been effortless to keep clean. Of course, I have the Champagne Pearl, so dirt isn't very visible either.

    Just my two cents.....
  • This is my very first Toyota product. Just turned 15,000 miles (Since April 01). Other than the amp problem (thanks to this board for how to deal with the problem quickly), the only odd thing was my TLC had only 1 tailgate strap from the factory, which the dealer cheerfully installed. Other than that, I've changed the oil every 5000 miles (Mobil 1) and I put gas in it. And speaking of gas, I have no idea how someone can get 10-12 MPG with this. On our summer vacation, during a 5 hour run across Pennsylvania averaging between 75 - 85 MPH, I was getting over 17 MPG!!! My worst, under city driving, has been just a hair over 14 MPG. This is the vehicle Detroit should be able to build, but either can't...or won't. What can I say? Thank you, Toyota!
  • "This is the vehicle Detroit should be able to build, but either can't...or won't."

    I think Detroit calls it the Suburban. Or the Tahoe, or is it the Navigator? I always forget :).
  • The Suburban, Tahoe, and Navigator don't match up to the build quality and reliability of the TLC. You can't say the TLC should be better because it costs more, because without the import tariff, the TLC would cost virtually the same as the US vehicles. We almost bought the Tahoe (GM has done a wonderful job of improving and refining this vehicle), but the great volume of reliability issues with the Tahoe listed on this message board and others made the decision for us.
  • hicairahicaira Posts: 276
    In light of the earlier bad lift cable stories, I got a good laugh out of you comment:

    "...the only odd thing was my TLC had only 1 tailgate strap from the factory, which the dealer cheerfully installed..."

    Methinks that the factory is not to blame for the missing cable, but rather, the cheerful dealer who stole one from new inventory to replace a broken one for someone else.

  • Nothing to be sorry about except missing my sarcasm ;).
  • And I missed it? I'm still way too uptight after the events of the past two weeks. Sarcasm is my middle name. (I guess they're right about the healing process. Do hope my sarcasm recovers. Otherwise, it would be a terrible loss...)
  • I have read previous listings on this board and the Lexus LX 470 board in regards to a possible bypass solution on the DVD system so you can watch while in drive mode (of course we are talking about the passengers only and not the driver). However, nobody has followed up on it. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has successfully done this to their TLC/LX470. If so, can I get the name and place of the shop that successfully performed it. Is there a way to output the video to additional monitors (flip down roof or head rest monitors)? Thanks in advance.
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