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2008 Nissan Titan preview

razorthunderrazorthunder Posts: 98
edited March 12 in Nissan
It looks like not much has changed. What did they do just add wood paneling, guess to upgrade just buy the wood dash kit from Ebay. Personally, I like the 2007 Toyota Tundra better, looks like a better all-around product. Tundra has a better brake system; the rotors are bigger and designed for a large truck so you won't keep getting those warped rotors and worn brake pads like on Nissan Titan. Also, the hauling power is better, with the 5.7L engine your hauling 10,500. And the control are driver oriented for better viewing. My guess is Nissan will lose market share to Toyota, especially if Nissan can't get the customer service issues straightened out.


  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    FYI the 08 is not depicted above correctly. The rotor problem was fixed in late 05. And the Titan is way bigger than the Tundra. This also isn't a comparo to the Tundra board please see "Titan v. Tundra" discussion for that.

  • FYI. Thats actually not correct the 2008 Titan is .8 inch bigger in front head room, and .2 inch bigger in rear head room, however the 2007 Tundra is bigger in front shoulder (+.5 in), rear shoulder (+.8 in) , front hip (+1.9 in), rear hip (+1.9 in), front leg (+.9 in), and rear leg room (1.7 in). And in the exterior the 2007 Tundra is larger on all aspects. Despite the larger interior room the Tundra also gets 2 MPG more than Titan, and 1400 lbs towing capacity. Please post the correct information, if your going to try to make a remark or create a board 'false statements' and post there.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Have you actually sat in one? I could care less about the "numbers" I'm talking about the feel you get when you are in it. I sat in both and drove both and the Tundra still feels much smaller.

  • Do you measure that feeling in the english or metric system? Also just wondereing if you got to experience the feeling of being stranded in the middle of nowhere, outside cell phone coverage, when the Body Control Module system in the 2004 Nissan Titan fails for the second time, as Nissan blew you off; 'unable to replicate fault.', and then your are unable to operate the vehicle, hiking for so distance to find a ride. Or the feeling of paying $800 out of pocket to get your brakes (rotors and brake pads) repaired for the fourth time because Nissan refused to perform warranty work at 30 months 24000 miles, and released a vehicle without a functional braking system and came out with no creditable solution.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Nope, my Armada has never stranded me, and Nissan has been aces on repairing my First Model Year brakes with larger ones. I tow for 90% of my driving with a 6,000lb trailer and a 9,000lb trailer, no brake issues or BCM issues. As I said the first model years (04/05) had insufficient brakes and this issue was resolved with updated pads and rotors and brackets on mine at 3,000 miles and no problems since. Let's not forget the Tundra and Sequoia had the same exact brake issues on their first generation of full sized trucks.


    PS: Since your comments don't concern the 2008 model, please keep them in the Titan compaints/problems thread instead of this thread which is to discuss the new 08 Titan.
  • History of the model and its engineering and customer service does concern the release of the 2008 Nissan Titan Model. So these comments are appropriately posted in the preview section of the 2008 Nissan Titan. And, again you are generating false comparison, the severity of the Nissan Titan Brake Defect is much worse, which has yet to be resolved in many Nissan vehicles. Braking in vehicles is ultimately generated by heat and friction. The calipers on the 2004 Nissan Titans are faulty and so are the materials and overall design. The rotors are to small, and made of poor material, as the brake pads rub up and down against the rotor due to the faulty calipers this causes the rotors to warp and the brake pads to prematurely wear out. As the rotors warped, the heat and friction weren't enough to stop a vehicle safely. In addition, this would send out vibrations through-out the vehicle, so violently drivers would be unable to hold on the the steering wheel and lose control of the vehicle. Nissan released thousands of vehicles in this condition, they stipulate these facts by issuing 4 technical service bulletins, and one recall, trying to fix it. As a first year Titan owner, this the the foundation and reputation that Nissan launched its new line of Nissan Titans. After four attempts of repairs, and Nissan still has failed to resolve this issue on my vehicle. You can see why I'm not impressed with the 2008 line of Nissan Titans.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    However your concerns are with your 04MY, not the 08MY. Do you know anything about the 08MY, the brake issues were fixed with the 06MY and very few complaints have been lodged for those years and the years afterward. So how can you project that because you had a problem with your 04MY Titan, there will be a problem with the 08MY.

    Jeez, some people just don't get it do they....

  • Would you buy from a company that releases thousands of unsafe and unreliable vehicles? Has failed to come up with a viable solution to solve its break defect. And even fails to honor its written warranty in violation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. If even Nissan doesn't back its product, why should I?

    Jeeez, some people are brain-washed huh? Does Nissan tell you that garbage, like the truck is actually smaller but feels bigger. Ignore are parts defects, and treat those customers like garbage, and lie to them and break federal law buy not honoring warranties. Who cares about the lives that are at stake, its all about out bottomline.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Actually this is my first Nissan I've ever owned.

    I had brake problems, I knew that about the Japanese full size trucks going in (Toyota had the same problem it's first year of the Tundra/Sequoia).

    Nissan fixed my truck's brake problems, Larger Rotors, Pads and Caliper Brackets. I tow large loads (9,000lb boat trailer, 6,000lb car trailer) and since the brake fixes, no issues.

    No one has "brainwashed" me into liking my truck, heck I had a deposit on a Suburban before I even looked at my 04 Armada.

    Just because YOUR PARTICULAR dealer isn't helpful, doesn't mean all of them are not helpful.

  • Again you are posting hogwash. It is a systemic problem, many people are facing the same issues with the Nissan Titan trucks. Just look at the numerous blog discussions on this site. The problem encompasses multiple franchised owned dealerships, and Nissan North America has a whole. It boils down to a cost benefit analysis, why would you fix the problem when you can deny it exists, offer cheap solutions or even refuse to service vehicles, and just try to minimize losses. They offer quick solutions that take customers to outside the warranty period and not 10 year, 120,000 mile solutions. You put your consumers lives in danger in order to have a greater bottom line (profit) in a competitive vehicle market. Your very naive if you think this is just a particular dealership versus a company strategy.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    How is it then that me, towing 9,000lb trailers, 6,000lb trailers and when I'm not towing my race cars, I'm a fairly "aggressive" driver and after the last fix, almost 33,000 miles ago, I haven't had a problem?????

    Try to explain that then?

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I ALSO ASKED YOU TO KEEP YOUR COMMENTS IN THE PROPER DISCUSSION, this is a discussion about the features, etc. of the 2008 Titan, not a place for you to air your complaints, please see the PROPER DISCUSSIONS where your complaints should be places like "Problems, Issue, etc" or start your own topic to air your complaints!

  • I asked you to post your comments in "false statements," because most of what you say is hogwash. If Nissan isn't willing to back its vehicles, even those brand new with valid written warranties people should know that before considering purchasing a 2008 Nissan Titan. Because saying a vehicle has a 36 month 36,000 mile warranty, and then not providing warranty service at 30 months and 24000 miles is a big issue that consumer should know about. So, again this is the proper board for this discussion, so readers can examine these considerations before making a decision.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    "I asked you to post your comments in "false statements," because most of what you say is hogwash."

    See the difference between you and I is this, I am posting about MY OWN EXPERIENCE, not making widespread generalizations about the vehicle as a whole, the company as a whole or all their dealerships as a whole.

    What exactly did I lie about???? What false statements have I made??? NOW I'M MAD! I never personally attacked you or said that your particular vehicle doesn't have a problem (as I can't vouche for something that I haven't seen) and I never said that Nissan was or wasn't treating you properly, as I don't have all the details.

    I simply stated that your comments are not relevant to this topic as they are about a different model year before the brake issues were address. Have you even researched the 08 model to see if they have the same brakes as yours?

    I'm done with this conversation, as once you start making personal attacks as you have, I have no time for your antics.

  • Ok. The false statement was when you said the 2008 Titan was larger than the 2007 Tundra, and I have provided you the measurements. Then you compared the Nissan brake defeat with Tundra which was an apples and oranges comparison since Nissan has really not fixed there problem, and in a cost benefit analysis errors on the side of profit as a company strategy. You stated it was one particular dealership, however, I went to 3 dealerships to get the issue fixed; none of them honored the warranty, and then went to Midas to get my rotors and brake pads replaced for the 4th time. I even called Nissan North America and no action was taken. Bottom line that doesn't sound like one particular dealership to me.

    As far the relevance to this topic area. Why would you buy a 2008 Nissan Titan, if Nissan doesn't even back previous years model by honoring its warranty. If a decision comes between protecting your life by repairing defects or saving the company bottom line (profit), they choose profit. People should know that before purchasing their next vehicle.
  • My buddy bought a Titan and says it's the best truck he has ever owned bar none. The dealer I bought my Pathfinder from was ranked as the number one dealer in 06' also.

    I think I would trust a Nissan over any American truck.
  • Thats great to hear. I thought the same thing until I replaced the rotors and brake pads 4 times. Nissan stopped backing the warranty at 24000 miles and 30 months. Then I replaced the BCM for the fourth time. But I towed the vehicle to a BBB arbitrition hearing since Nissan wouldn't volunteerly buy back the vehicle and it wasn't even in working condition and the arbitrated obviously awarded buy-back for the safety and reliability issues in a consent decision. The hearing was a waste of time since the facts were clear and I had all my work history and documentation. In fact Nissan didn't even present a case, they concurred at the hearing, basically I guess just wondered if I would show up. But I won't go though that nightmare vehicle again. I understand they fixed the brake issue in 2005, but they shouldn't have released faulty unsafe vehicles in 2004 and then stop backing the warranty.
  • I'm waiting for the MY2012, after Nissan fixes the issues with the 2008s. OR maybe I'll wait until MY2016, after they fix the problems with the 2012 models. I guess there is no good time to buy a Nissan, so maybe I'll just buy something else.
  • haropharop Posts: 59
    You are absolutelly right...

    Please, don't buy a Nissan and leave us alone!

    Seems like the guy is unstopable even being told so by Hosts.
  • Seems like to me you can post what you want, if you have a positive experience with Nissan. Otherwise, you have to keep your remarks to yourself because your not part of the Nissan Lovers Club. Unstopable is right, I drove a 2004 Nissan Titan with brake defect. What did your comment have to do with the 2008 Nissan Preview? Please post your remarks in "I love my Nissan Truck and it is the bestest truck in the whole-wide world" forum.
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