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Taurus/Sable Starting or Stalling Problems

I just got a 1995 ford taurus with 87,000 miles on it from a guy near me the car is in perfect shape the motor has been replaced in it and the motor has about 75000 miles on the motor care runs great until it gets to 1/4 of a tnak of gas then it acks as if it is going to stall out then gose back to normal the same thing if u give it more gas the worse it gets it can put in fuel till it gets 1/2 a tank and it runs fine i have tried fule cleaners and all still dose it any 1 have any ansers ?


  • i have a 90" tarus and it will run if i hold the key on. when i let off the key the car shuts off. what is wrong with it?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Sounds like it might be a problem in your starter switch in the column?
  • i haved changed that and the key, you know what else it could be?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    Explain things further. "When you hold it on", where are you holding it? Are you holding the key to the maximum clockwise position, where the starter is engaged? Or are you holding the into the normal run position, and it will not stay in that position, but klicks back to the position where it would be if you pull the key out of the ignition?

    Seems this problem should be pretty simple to diagnose by an expert. Maybe it is time to get it into an experienced mechanic. Tauri/Sable have been around long enough and with enough of them on the road, that most good mechanics have probably seen every problem at least once!
  • sounds like a clock spring.....
  • Hi all, nice to be here! I have a 1994 Ford Taurus that had the engine replaced as well as the transmission about 6 months after we purchased it 3 years ago.
    About a year ago, my then-husband was driving the car and said the water pump went out (the bearings). He parked it at a friend's house immediately and it sat for a few months; then we towed it home. He put a new water pump in it and ever since then, it will turn over continuously but will not crank. It sounds as if it is out of time or cannot quite get enough fuel. I have been told it could be a myriad of different things; crank sensor, camshaft sensor, timing, fuel pressure....but none of it started until the incident with the water pump. He says it did not overheat, and the oil looks fine. Also the air filter has been removed (not sure how long it has not had one) and the mass airflow sensor is pretty well clogged.
    Any suggestions on what to look for?
  • I have a 2000 Taurus wagom w/Flex-Fuel, It has 70,000K miles. It's running like it is starving for gas,is there a fuel filter between the fuel tank and the engine. If not what would cause it to run like this. Thanks so much,
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    There is a large cannister fuel filter underneath in the fuel lines held in place with a big strap and two plastic clips that come off and are replaced with new ones that come with the filter. On sedans, this is located underneath the right side, below the rear seat. Be careful as you should let the car sit for a while to bleed off the pressure, and you will spill some gas while changing the fuel filter.

    Could be other things causing the problem, though, such as a fuel pump. I have not had this with my 2000 Taurus, but my neighbor has had two fuel pumps replaced, the second one soon after the first, which was free. Could also be injector problems, clogged air filter, or probably a number of other issues.
  • you have mixed up with someone else, I* have a fuel problem. thanks dickiedo
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564

    Your post number 3 asked about whether there was a fuel filter and I answered it. I am not mixed up. I believe you may be, however.
  • I have a 96 taurus with the 3.0 6 cylinder engine. When I start the car it instantly loses all rpm and stalls. I need to floor the pedal to keep it running. It can then start and go for 2 days without a problem. I just had the S belt replaced and te water pump. Prior to that I didnt ave a problem. Any thoughts would help.
  • I have a 94 Mercury Sable 3.8 engine. The car ran like a charm and then suddenly it would stop running and would not start back up for a few minutes to a few days. I have had everything tested and nothing is out. I have put it on one of those machines that test engines and that shows nothing. Someone told me that it could be a module that is suppose to be housed on the firewall or behind the glove compartment. Well, I took it to a shop and they could not find it and I had several people look at it and it still can't be found. Does anyone here have any idea what could be wrong with this car?

    Thank you very much
  • I was unable to start my car , I can't even turn the kep the collum is locked " tire's" will not even move. what can i do ? besides call a tow truck what should i do once the tow truck comes , doe's it have to go to a ford dealer service ? or can my local repair shop take care of it ?

    unfortunatly i don't have much time i need to decicide what to do this morning...

    HELP !!!!!!
  • :sick:

  • If you have an intermittent problem where your Ford Taurus won't start - no crank, no noise, absolutely nothing - then you may have the same problem I had.
    My car came with a extra security system where you have to push a button on a remote before starting the car. This was installed at the dealership but it's a third party component. Only problem was that the system was flaky so it sometimes wouldn't let me start the car - it completely disabled ignition. After 5 year this annoying feature became an everyday problem, so I finally spent lots of time and money to get it out of my car. By now I'm living in another city so the local Ford dealer didn't know what was going on and, since it was an intermittent/random problem, my mechanic couldn't figure out what was going on. Finally I took it to an alarm specialist and they were able to find it after some guesswork.
    Finally, the solution was to buy a $8 STARTER RELAY from the local auto parts store and replace the one that was inside the fuse box (next to the battery). The old non-FORD starter relay is black with no brand or markings of any kind, just like the remote control. So, I don't know what company makes this security system but basically the unknown black remote is supposed to activate the unknown starter relay.
    Now that the problem is fixed, I don't need to worry about pushing an extra button to activate my car (like most new cars it has a regular alarm and a chip inside the key so this extra security system is redundant and useless) - and the car starts every time!
    All it cost me was $70 for the diagnosis and over $2000 in repairs for other things my mechanic found while trying to diagnose the starting problem which we could not reproduce. Oh, and the $8 starter relay from the auto parts store which took me a minute to replace. However, you can save a lot of money and time if you just buy the part and replace it yourself before you take the car to the dealer or your neighborhood repair shop.
  • A few days ago I started my 96 Sable LS and it started beeping at me like a microwave when food is done. It beeps 4 or 5 times, pauses, & beeps again for a total of 5 sets of beeps. My car is running just fine and no indicator ligts are coming on. Why is this happening?
  • rsk1rsk1 Posts: 1
    Lately, when it rains or is real damp out, the car doesn't start. Sounds like it gets no gas. If the next day is dry, it will then pop off. Once it starts it runs fine. Temp or snow doesn't matter...pops off in 0 degrees or if there is a light snow. But rain, sleet etc it just cranks with nothing.
  • christy10christy10 Posts: 19
    when the temp outside is above 70 the car shuts off like runing out of gas by then wait 30 mins and starts up, doesn't do this in winter only in summer hot or spring hot, i some times have to keep them gas cap off to keep it from shutting off, but then that wouldn't work.. Could this be fuel pump, or something else that has to do with weather being HOT... Please help im having a baby and i need a car... thank you
  • carsinvtcarsinvt Posts: 6
    2000 Taurus 3.0 automatic.... will run perfect one time. and yet in another attempt, will idle at 1500 rpms then die as soon as I put in drive. Have replaced the air mass sensor...with no better results. Got stranded several times.
    Carroll :confuse:
  • We had a 93 that did the same thing. It is the fuel pump. It breaks down under heat. We use to get so mad at it. My husband just keep working on it till it stopped doing that. Have a nice day.
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