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Taurus/Sable Starting or Stalling Problems



  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    I have 2001 SEL. How much should alternator replacement cost. It is the 24V DOHC engine and it is buried down there. I am interested in the labor cost as I see the part is about $130 rebuilt. Can't do it ourselves!
  • jasmith52jasmith52 Posts: 455

    The labor for replacing the alternator in your car suggests that they have to take off some other parts to get to the alternator. It's just more work. Call around maybe you can get a better rate.

    Regarding alternators sold in the aftermarket. In many ways you get what you pay for. I have a car of which I replaced the original alternator on. I bought an aftermarket replacement alternator at Pep Boys several years ago and installed it myself. The replacement alternators only seem to last a year or so. So I take it out of the car, drag the broken alternator down to Pep Boys and they bench-test it to show that it has gone bad, and then they give me another one. Well I am now on the fourth replacement alternator, and I've only had this car for seven years.

    If I were to do it all over again, I'd find somewhere that sold General Motors alternators or alternators rebuilt to original GM specs.

    So the moral of this long story is... That the cheapest aftermarket alternator may not be the best.

    In your case the labor alone justifies spending a little more to get a good replacement alternator.

    also, for what it's worth I had a similar experience with another car and the power steering pump. After replacing it three times with cheap Pep-Boys pumps, I just went to the auto-parts junkyard and bought the (original equipment) power steering pump from a car that had been totaled from a rear-end collision. That junk-yard pump worked just fine as long as I owned that car.

    My repair philosophy now is to only use "quality" replacement parts.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    I was told by a friend not to use Pep BOys and some other brands. He said to get a NAPA. Thanks for reaffirming the advice I already got. It will help me to stand firm against my desire to go cheaper.
  • dougvrdougvr Posts: 1
    Today my car started doing the same thing. Intermittently the car will stall when placed into drive but idles smoothly in neutral. I had to start it 5 times just to get it into the garage. At more than idle speeds the car runs normally. Have you determined the cause of the problem yet?
  • jdkitchi1jdkitchi1 Posts: 1
    My mother's car has an intermittent starting problem. If the car is left for more than a couple of hours (or even days) it starts up no problem, but if you stop the car and come out 15 minutes later it won't start. She said that her manual said to turn the key to the on position but do not start it-do that several times and then put the gas pedal to the floor- and then it starts for her. Any ideas as to what the problem is?
  • jessiesjessies Posts: 1
    Hi,My friend and I had the same problem, car would run fine and then suddenly stall out like it was out of gas or flooded. I had to wait at least 15 minutes to restart car and then it would run fine for months before it would do this again. (Mostly hot days) My friend replaced the EGR valve and hers no longer does this, and I just had the selenoid on my EGR valved replaced and all is well. An EGR valve is an electronic gas regulator. $35.00 part/$65.00 labor.
  • jeannie13jeannie13 Posts: 1
    my 1995 ford taurus cranks but will not turn over
    and does any one know where the fuel pump restart button is?
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    I sure hope you see this. My car is at the dealer tomorrow for diagnostic. It has been stalling when put in drive! It doesn't do it often, but I fear it will get worse. It did stall once at a light. DId you solve it???
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    I sure hope you see this. My car is at the dealer tomorrow for diagnostic. It has been stalling when put in drive! It doesn't do it often, but I fear it will get worse. It did stall once at a light. Did you solve it???

    It is my teen's car and I am scared to let him more than 10 miles away or be out late. Please tell me it was a cheap easy fix!
  • I have a 2001 Mercury Sable that periodly decides to disengage the engine so that nothing works. No lights,the engine won't start, nothing. It seems as though the alarm system has engaged itself to shut everything down. It will not take a jump, or respond to a battery charger,so its not the battery. The dealership and another mechanic has looked at it, but can't find anything wrong. I've asked to have the alarm system taken out but was told it is an integrated system and it can't be done. I'm getting sick of getting stuck. If you let the car sit overnight it starts! Anyone have any suggestions?
  • I have had a problem starting my Taurus when cold. It cranks but does not catch right away. It will start after a couple of attempts. It did it for about a week then it began working properly. That was about a month ago and it has now started becoming difficult to start again. No problem when ebgine is warm. It is the flex-fuel 3.0 V6. Thanks.
  • After only 114000 miles my '99 Sable transmission was acting up. Took it to Ford and they ran diagnostics which indicated a part inside the tranny needed replacing. Putting a warrentied rebuilt from Ford was only $400 more than fixing the old one so I went that route. Since I got the car back, the car doesn't start periodically. It acts as though the battery is dead. the clock resets to 12:00 as if the battery was disconnected. Cables are tight. The car starts immediately with a jump and then works perfect for a couple of weeks give or take and then it happens again. This has ONLY been happening since I got the car back from Ford 6-8 weeks ago and it has happened 3-4 times. Could Ford have done something to have caused this when they replaced the tranmission? If not, what could be the issue?
  • ok here is my question. just replaced spark plugs ,wires, fuel filter, air filter. and cam drive. It was having problems like this, rpm would excelerate and then decrease then car would die. started up fine except for a few times. Now it is stalling out at stop signs red lights or when I am stopped somewhere. RPMs only decrease and ignition light will come on then go off. I just spent over $800.00 and Iam afraid of getting screwed with stuff that is not wrong. if you can help please leave a message as soon as possible. Thank you
  • ynwiaynwia Posts: 1
    This is a 03 Ford Taurus SES Vulcan, 75K miles


    1. Car wont start. Turn on the key and only hear 1 click, NO cranking. Knocked the starter with a rod, cannot knock start either.

    2. The doom light along with these 2 lights beneath door rearview mirrors wont turn off. Usually they will be off once the car is locked. Now, they just keep on.

    Facts and thoughts:

    I am not sure if this is a dead starter or some other electrical problems.

    First, the wife cannot start and successfully jumped it up, which sounded to me like a dead battery. But, the battery turns out to be as good as new. Then it comes to the starter.

    But can this kind of thing really happen, a dying starter tries to start once or twice before final death?

    If so, what about the lights that just do not turn off?

    Any info is much appreciated
  • I have a 97 Tarus GL with a 3.0 double overhead cam engine that has a starting problem. I can turn the ingition switch to start and the starter will engage and the car will not start untill a period of time has passed. This time period is temprature sensitive to ambiant air temprature. Above 70 degrees it only take a few seconds for the engine to start but at 35 degrees it takes several minutes, and the time varies with the temprature. Or I can turn the ignition switch to run and wait the same time and the check engine light will blink one time and the radiator fans will shut off. At that time I can turn the switch to start and the engine will start immedately. I have checked the fuel pump and it is good. The ignition will not fire or the injectors will not fire untill this time has expired. I changed the temprature sensor and the ECM, checked the crank position sensor, the cam shaft position sensor, and the transmission shift sensor.
    Does anybody have any ideas as to what the problem is.
  • Hi and thank you in advance for any help you can give me. My daughters 87 automatic Taurus stalls when she has to take her foot off the gas when she has to put it in park or in gear. Today however the car wouldnt start at all and we noticed a odd noise coming from a place behind the air filter(there looked to be a hose there and it seemed fine) We tried spraying starter fluid and it still couldnt turn over. The fuel filter was just replaced in November and she has put few miles on it sinse.The car does try to turn over and makes the appropiate noise to but thats as far as it gets. Any suggestions are very welcome and once again thank you!!
  • I have seen lots of questions about a car stalling when slowing down or speeding up, but my taurus is stalling out when maintaining speed. It sort of stutters, trying to stall. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it keeps going. We changed the fuel filter and cleaned the injections. Does anyone know what the problem might be?
  • My 2000 Sable does the same thing. It not a fuel problem. Did you ever solve your problem with the tarus. Yes ford does suck big
  • replaced spark plugs and air filter(both ok) same problem, the answer was cleaning the throttle plate. its easy to remove,only 2 screws, it has 2 small air holes that were alitte gummed up,also cleaned hoses from valve cover to mafs,rpms now stay about 800 at lights
  • thom102thom102 Posts: 1
    i have a 96 taurus 3.0 efi trying to find out what to do i was driving on the highway engine just quit running and would not staart back up when u tried to start it just turned over at a real fast speed towed it to a shop they did a compresion test on it said i had low comp in a few cylenders and that the timimng chain was bad i put a timing chain on it and now it still wont start sounds like it is tryin but just wont star up. any idea what it could be?
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