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Taurus/Sable Transmission Problems



  • Q: Went out and started car went to put it into reverse and the lunged backwards and stopped. Upon investigation, while engine is running the car will go into all gears but the park will not release. With the engine off and key in on pistion park will release. So.....why wont park release while engine is running?????? Please help!!!!!
  • 87 Sable AXOD failed at 88k miles years ago. Tranny overhaul plus new engine mounts about $2k. Had 152k when car sold to family for $1 in 2008. "New" Sable was 2005 LSPrem with 24.5k AX4N tranny. Last of the AXOD line. I did service on 87 after tranny rebuild every 20k. PITA because no drain plug. Gasket seal also a problem solved only with NAPA seal. AX4N Ford service is 30k. Mine is color test or max 20k. Color test is simple drop of fluid on paper towel and check color against recommended Mercon drop. If dark or significantly dark then service. Same no plug with the AX4N but has a semi-permanent gasket meaning multiple services same gasket. Caution: Do not overtorque the bolts. Just 9 ft lb. Ford included a 2 inch magnet to pick up ferris debris. I added 5 30 lb quarter sized magnets. Service is key but expect overhaul 125k if lucky. It's a FORD!
  • while driving down road speedometer quit and od light keeps flashing, and car shifts harder. have driven it back and forth to work about 10 miles and notice it is getting worse?
  • Have a 2003 ford Taurus with 93k. Has the Transmission fluid changed at 30k and 60 k. Just had the same thing happen to me. The car sat a week, went to pull it out of the garage and left a puddle of transmission fluid. Looks like the leak is in the same place you described. It has not done it again but I have not let the car sit. Did you ever find out where the leak was coming from?
    Thanks for your help
  • I have a 94 Sable that my son went mudding in now it will go into 1st,neutral, and reverse but not 2nd or 3rd. I took it to a shop and all they could tell me was what I already knew. They told me that it would be $400 to drop it and tell what is wrong then it could be as much as $1600. I don't want to spend that much on it, it may only be worth that much.. Any info thank you
  • I have a 2000 Sable wagon, 32valve engine 91,000 miles now. The engine revs go up around 100 rpm (based on the tachometer) for a second or so every so often (minute or more between occurrences). I only noticed this because the muffler was leaking (muffler patched now so I hardly notice this increase in revs) and I could hear the noise change (pitch goes up with the revs). This happens on any road but most noticeable while traveling on the highway, could be driving level road or uphill doesn't seem to change occurrence. I have no check engine light or other indicators that there is a problem. I changed the fluid/filter and when that didn't help I added Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fix ~2000 miles ago, no change with that. Could it be torque converter lockup going out or tranny slipping? Next I was going to add the Lucas AT additive. The car runs great otherwise...
  • The car has just had the tranny rebuilt, but the tach worx VERY intermittently and only when it does, will the car go into O/D. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue other than replace the tranny? :mad:
  • Where does the speed sensor go into the tranny? Is it on the backside or top or where? :confuse:
  • You most likely have an electrical connect to the tranny issue. Take it back to have it checked. The tach is electrical and not mechanically connected. The no shift into OD suggests an electrical connection problem tranny to the power train control module.
  • Look for a small, yellow 'T' handle between the engine and firewall of the vehicle on the tranny side.
  • i will check, do all taurus have a engine that sits on its side, so that would make it a front wheel drive
  • speedometer quit working on 98 taurus, does it have a cable or censor?
  • my tranny coolant line is leaking right where it slips in radiator i took radiator out line has little give where it connects is that normal any ideas it looks ok
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    Have recently been having droplets on driveway, every few days, about 4 in a circular sort of pattern, in the center of the engine area about under the trans pan.. This week my hubby moved car from top of driveway where there's about a 20 degree inlcine down to the bottom where it's about a 45 degree incline. (car was cold-just moving it to get his truck out)

    2 hours later there is a long slick about 10 feet long by 2 feet wide....I assume it's trans fluid because we've had occasional small leaks before. I know it's not as much as it looks due to spreading (a cup of water matched the spill size after a few minutes) Also seems to originate under the center of the engine area, maybe slightly to the passenger side.

    I was thinking it's this leak that shows itself every month or sometimes waits 2 months and leaves a puddle/spot dinner plate sized. Never solved it, level doesn't get too low. OKAY BAD ME's my son's car and he hasn't had a chance to check it...when he gets home he shuts it off without checking, and when I remember he's on the way out. I did check it cold and it was a good 4inches up the stick or more, so it's not empty....(been about 3 days-not a lot of driving)

    Could it be coolant? I think the coolant is red too and we've not checked it since having it changed 18 months ago. I read the way to fill it is through a plastic jug thing under the hood. I recall seeing it, and I don't recall seeing ANY fluid in it. SHOULD I????

    Is it possible this is a coolant problem?

    Either way, why did whatever it is not spill while just sitting in the driveway overnight? It just appeared after the car was moved about 30 feet backward, downhill. Son has not reported any problems whatsoever driving it.

    Plan to make him visit trans shop for fluid change and check. (school and work make it hard-but I will stay on him) Car bought at 84K and now has about 102K. Last trans service was before we bought it, but trans shop didn't think it needed change when we had it in for a leak (o-ring in dipstick tube was all he found wrong then) I suppose it could use it anyhow. He's selling it soon.

    Thoughts? Thanks
  • I have a friend who owns a 1998 Taurus with shifting problems. It will shift from first at around twenty five mph instead of sifting into second it jumps right to third and around 25mph it will down shift to second then try to shift again. Mean while her tach is runing at around two thousand rpm. She took it to a tranny shop and all he could tell her was that the tranny is the original one and that apparently no repairs have been done on it. Has anyone had a similar experience? If so what were or are the solutions. The fluid is ok and that is about all I can say at this time. If I get more info from her I will add it to tis post, but in the meantime any help out there?

    Thanks in advance
  • micheldbmicheldb Posts: 3
    On my 96 Taurus LX 24V, I noticed two issues occurring lately. When I am stopped at a light, the idling will jump quickly from 600-700 RPMs to 1K, back down to 400 RPMs and then go back to the 600-700 RPMs. This happens once, on occasion twice at a light. When I put it in Park, it doesn't do that. It seems to happen only after 10 min of driving and not right after having started the car.
    The second issue is that when I'm in first gear, when I accelerate, the engine will rev for a second (the car will have no power) and then drive fine. It only happens, when I'm in first gear, or if I slow down around a curve. Otherwise, the transmission shifts beautifully in all gears, acceleration and deceleration.

    My car has been leaking engine oil significantly for the last two months from the upper part of the engine and the mechanic said that it would not be cheap to replace the seals leaking around the chain area. But, would the two things be related? Does it seem like a transmission issue? Any help would be appreciated.
  • micheldbmicheldb Posts: 3
    Problem fixed. I was low almost 4 quarts of ATF. Now the car runs smooth and all the problems are gone. I may have a transmission leak, I'll have that checked out.
  • My original '95 3.0 eng trans went bad and I finnaly found another used one
    like the original. What is the proper procedure for removing the trans on a '95
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