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Taurus/Sable Transmission Problems



  • brokecatbrokecat Posts: 3
    to answer my own question -- going steady speed ( 50 - 70 ) after 10 mi or so, engine tach would jump 1000 rpm, car would jerk , hard , then OK for a bit , repeat. ( actually Merc. Cougar , maybe same transm. or not) 2 shops couldn't help ... FIXED. ( I hope ) after a winter of tip toeing around, less than 8 mi trips , Ford dealer found problem -- transmission range sensor 6L8Z 7F293
    only $ 80. for part, $200. labor. drove 35 mi right after repair, no problem. drove 90 miles today non stop, mostly 60 mph , no problem. fixed.

    Why the Merc dealer I bought car from new couldn't fix ...
  • tnoltetnolte Posts: 1
    I have a 97 taurus with the same issues only they are intermittent and sporadically it will downshift from 3rd to 2nd or to 1st
    same solution or diff?
  • tywitywi Posts: 10
    This car has a 3.6 v6, auto transmission. When the weather is cold 35 degrees or lower, it takes about 2 miles before the transmission will shift from first gear to normal drive gear. If I let the engine run in park for 5 minutes or more it does not help. This started at 70,000 miles and now I have 105000 miles on the car.Any help is appeared. :)
  • jw1961jw1961 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Mercury Sable with 120,000 miles, and was about to leave a red light and the car would not move, forward or in reverse. Sounded like I heard a faint pop then nothing. Could this be a sensor? Car was driving fine. Any suggestions before I take it to a shop.
  • neverfordneverford Posts: 1
    I've listed this problem on Cartalk as well. 2005 Taurus w/83,000 miles (only 8,000 past my warranty - maybe 4 mos in time). Transmission went and I had a remanufactured transmission installed to tune of $3,000, When I started the car to leave the shop, still in park, the car shook or vibrated and increased as the engine continued to run. It shakes in all gears, including neutral as long as it is standing still, ie, at a stoplight, before I put the car in motion. Once in motion, can't feel the shaking. The new tranny seems to be shifting appropriately. The tranny shop doesn't seem to recognize the problem. It definitely was not there when I took it in to the shop. Any ideas as to the problem. Couple of responses related to the torque converter and it disengaging, which I think I understand has to do with a clutch in the transmission. Appreciate any ideas.
  • rebeljewrebeljew Posts: 2
    Just a dumb question but does your break lights work? If not it could be a breaklight switch on or near top of pedel under dash.

    Rebel Jew
  • rebeljewrebeljew Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Taurus V6 DOHC. The shifter started messing up about 2months ago every once in a while where it would be hard to get out of park and the button on shifter was hard to push in, but if you played with it a little it would come out of park. Now you really have to fight with it to get it to work. I checked to see if the break peddel when pushed disingagues the cruise controll and it does. Does any one have any ideas?
  • triv1triv1 Posts: 1
    my wife drives a 2000 merc. sable wagon 3.0 l dohc last week she leaked major trans. fluid, a puddle and a line of fluid for about 16ft. she parked it. I filled the trans 4 to 5 hrs later with new fluid car ran fine with only a small spot on the driveway. was wondering if certain tranny lines, seals etc. can overheat from long drives and be fine on short neighborhood drives? Anyone with similar experiences?
  • Driving about 30 mph and felt a slight click.. and all gears stopped working. Car kept running but couldn't go forward or back. Mechanic says fluid level is fine. He is researching Mercury problem reports but thinks transmission may be bad. Only 70K on the car. Not aware of any other symptoms or noises before it stopped. Any advice?
  • smokingjoe1smokingjoe1 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    did you get any help with the tranny question? if so, can you share... I have the same problem with my car. thanks
  • No help yet. The repair shop tells me I need a new transmission (used or rebuilt) which is pretty expensive. I am interested if there may be another explanation.
  • drewhwdrewhw Posts: 2
    Need to change transmission fluid. When I get under the car, the trans. plug does not look odvious as the oil plug does. Actually it looks as if there are two plugs, one lower and one a bit higher in another area of the transmission. can anyone give me an idea where the plug may be located? Thanks!
  • I was driving my 2005 Ford Taurus when it seemed to slip out of gear. I couldn't get it into any gear, even reverse. I took it to the Ford dealership and they told me it was the torque converter. After a little research I called them back and said it seemed this was a common problem. They asked me about documented upkeep which I had none since I do most of it myself. They quoted me $2,400 to fix. I took it to a mechanic who said he could fix it for $1,000. That pricetag jumped to $1,650 after they realized that my converter had gotten so hot that it exploded sending metal into the transmission which had to be cleaned. I am trying to track anyone having this problem. I have been in touch with Ford (blowing me off) and the NHTSA. I am forwarding more information I find to them. I have also created a Facebook page. Check out "F.O.R.D. Fault" if you have had similar issues.
  • Have the same problem, what did you do to rectify it ?
  • I have a 2004 Mercury Sable. It had 47,000 miles on it when the transmission quit working. It did not matter what gear you put it in, it was like it was in neutral. There was no shifting into any gear. I took it to Ford, and $1800.00 later they fixed the torque converter. At the time I questioned them because I knew of others that it had happened to also. I got no help from Ford.
    Today my daughter called me and said her 2003 Ford Taurus was doing the same thing. Put it in any gear and it just like being in neutral. I know that its the torque converter on this one too.
    Has anyone else had these problems and has anyone had any luck getting Ford to help out?
  • I have a 2001 Taurus. After driving about 3 miles the Check Transaxle light illuminates and stays on until I switch the car off. The light will not come back on until I drive another 3 miles. The tranny shifts fine and appears to be working normal. Any suggestions on how to repair?
  • I have a 2003 Ford Taures ses v6 12v sohc and its burping up transmission fluid as well but only if it's been sitting after a long drive. I just replaced my water pump and serptine belts at the local mechanic and he said just change it and add some treatment to it and if it keeps happen buy a new dipstick so it seals tight cause they wear over time. I got 171000 miles on this daily driver cause my other car is still about 25grand from being done. The engine is done but its time for a complete drivetrane over haul, race tranny custom axles, driveshaft,clutch, lsd, and every piece including the welded body and frame are brand new engine alone minus turbo puts out 512hp with GTR4202R it can do up to 1150hp hoping to break awd 4cylinder 1/4 mile and 0-100mph record. 4 years 100grand and counting. Hope this beater lasts me another year and a half. I think she will. If u got ur car from a responsible person they will last 220000 miles easy.
  • kjma2kjma2 Posts: 2
    Yep, just happened yesterday with less than 28,000 miles on my mom's (little old lady) 2005 Sable. Just won't move, like in neutral. Called a local transmission shop. He's done a "ton of them" - Torque Converter. Do you think now that Ford is back to making millions they might come clean? At least to build consumer confidence and good will?
  • kjma2kjma2 Posts: 2
    It appears to be a common problem with Ford/Mercury autos for this period. The splines strip out on the torque converter cog so that the output shaft no longer makes a connection. Possibly poor heat treatment/bad parts production. You can't expect that Ford would voluntarily take responsibility when a ton of these drive trains have had the problem; ours with just under 28,000 mi. but out of 3 year warranty. We got lucky though. On the phone the dealer quoted $2,400, A large transmission shop $1,800 and I got mine fixed by a transmission specialist in a small shop for $650.
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