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Jeep Patriot Maintenance and Repair



  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    I thought I found the OEM/Mopar engien oil cooler was only like $50 plus labor.
  • nosirrahgnosirrahg Posts: 870
    I haven't been able to find one that cheap. Prices I've seen have been closer to $150 plus labor, which involves replacing the radiator hoses. If I could find a new one for $50 I'd probably jump on it.
  • aaron_taaron_t Posts: 301
    Hmm, further research suggests the engine oil cooler kit is $132. Here is a detailed DIY install of it along with other stuff. Here is soemone looking to jus tadd the oil cooler. Note, part number is 1 digit different than first link. I don't know if it's manual vs. CVT.
  • swt2swt2 Posts: 1
    Off-road Capabilities of 5 speed 4X4:
    Compared to a Wrnglr(a 10) and a TrlRtd, off-road CVTL Pat(a ?), how does a 5 spd 4X4(5X4X4) Pat measure up(a ?).

    Does the 5X4X4 have the same drive wheel distribution system as the TrlRtd Pat where the wheel on the ground always gets the power?

    What is the Frdm Drv 1(5X4X4) first gear ratio X final drive ratio on the ground ratio? How low is 5X4X4 low? Compared to the CVTLX4X4 low? I figure <15:1 compared to 19:1. What is possible w/that ratio?

    Is there an advantage to using a CVT4X4 vrs a 5X4X4 in off-road conditions?

    Does anybody have any off-road experience w/ a 5X4X4 or a CVT4X4?

    Thanks, SWT
  • dastilesdastiles Posts: 6
    I just drove my 2009 Pat home from the dealer and had my wife start the engine when she got behind the wheel. The engine died and would not start or turn over. When it started it would quickly die. Then it would not turn over. I left it for 5 minutes came back out and it started fine. This is some voodoo crap on a car with just 19 miles! Is there some on the engine that keeps it from starting? I checked that it was in parks and even pressed the brake pedal down. I'm bummed out here! Any squak about engine starting problems I should be aware of? Thanks all.
  • I've never owned a Jeep before and will never buy another ONE.
    Between 60mph-70mph on a 5 speed manual transmission
    my vehicle emits a high pitch noise that takes me back to my youth A friend of mine had a few mice for pets he built this elaborate maze of cages and in the middle was this giant wheel were the mices could run 360 degrees in the wheel {THATS THE SOUND} OF COURSE JEEP IS AWARE ABOUT THE PROBLEM
    and eventually a fix will be in the works {tell me another story
    easter bunny i sure miss those tales}AND for comfort ,they said hey at least you got 100,000 mile warranty
    Wow wow wow eagerly waiting to buy my next vehicle from some other I DONT CARE car company
  • dastilesdastiles Posts: 6
    Turns out I was using the black non-security key. Perusing the users manual correct that noob mistake.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,931
    Well that never would have occurred to me. Thanks for the update!
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Why would you get a key that didn't start the car? Isn't that a bit counterproductive. :sick:
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 113
    really feel about them? I mean, all I read from the reviews (edmunds, consumer reports, etc.) is that they really trail behind the likes of honda, toyota, and others. How does the engine and transmission work together -- enough power for a full load or lacking? Interior/exterior quality? any warranty issues with Chrysler and does the lifetime power train/transmission warranty still exists and will it now since the bankruptcy? Just would like some honest opinions.
  • dastilesdastiles Posts: 6
    I'm pretty happy with mine. It's a gas saver, got a classic Jeep look and the 158 horses gets me around just fine. Not bad for the 15,500 I paid for it. I think the GAMA world engine is strong and the CVT tranny is responsive. I could have plucked down a few more thousand for a Honda or Scion but this Pat's got a look of it's own.

    Plus the powertrain warranty will be one less headache.
  • 37,000 miles and no real complaints about ours. I've had it in a couple times for minor warranty work and they've been more than accomodating. As far as the warranty still existing after bankruptcy, it is REQUIRED that either the government or the car company still honor the warranty that you get with your vehicle= no worries down the road with the powertrain. I put a hitch on mine and have pulled around my & my wife's motorcycles a few times (1,300 lbs total, w/ trailer) and have no complaints. The engine does run at a higher RPM but it doesn't seem to have any problems. Also, I take the Freedom Drive II 4x4 Pat to work when it snows instead of my 4X4 truck- it is AMAZING in the snow. I've not once felt unstable in it in inclement weather. All in all, we really like the versatility of the Pat. PLENTY of room for us, the dogs, and all of our gear for an extended trip. Gas mileage is a big plus, and you can't beat an unlimited warranty on the powertrain. Just make sure you get the one you want and that you plan on keeping it for a while- resale value on these is lacking!
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 113
    thank you for your replies! I appreciate you taking time for this. You both seem to reaffirm my thoughts that the actual owners are happy with their purchase. I think the Pat. is unique from the rest of the small suv's, as well, making it more eye-catching than the others. I've never owned any Jeep product and have actually always hailed Toyota, but they seem to out-price my income. I might just have to go for a test drive in one! :)
  • profrubydprofrubyd Posts: 1
    I had a scary event happen and the dealereships can't id. the problem. I was on a trip and after taking a break and restarting my car, it started to sputter, especially going uphill. It got worse and turned into "bucking". I was a long way from any town, so I kept going. After a while, it started to accelerate and the tach climbed. The car was at 10K ft. bucking and accellerating uphill with the engine racing and the tach flying up to 5500 rpm. When we leveled off, the sputtering continued and the engine raced. I could feel a surge. I put the car in neutral and hit the breaks. The breaks were hard and did not respond. I put it in neutral and turned off the key. It took 3 hard tugs on the E-brake to stop. I thought the engine was going to blow up. The dealership nearby has had it for 3 days and can't find anything wrong. Apparently it did not even register in the computer.
    Has anyone out there had a similar problem???
    I am afraid to drive the car. I have had it 100 days! It is still under warranty, but they can't find anything wrong!
  • dastilesdastiles Posts: 6

    Interesting problem you got there. I've had a couple of problem where the engine would not start... but after turning key all the way off and retrying .....every thing ok.
    It sounded like you had a sensor intermittent failure for sure and it had something to do with control fuel or air mixture. If you were going through a pass on a trip a barometric sensor may react that way. If it felt like you had "bad gas" I would look there. Do you remember your "check engine" light coming on at all? Good Luck
  • dbee2dbee2 Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem but was in New York during rush hour traffic. Did you notice any lights on? I had a warning light. I was able to pull off the road and turned the ignition off. When I started the car it was fine. I reached for the manual and the only thing I could find was something related to an electronic throttle control. That was the only time it happened. I have a 2007 Patriot with 81,000 miles. My problems now are all about the suspension.
  • dbee2dbee2 Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Patriot with 81,000 miles (yes I travel a lot). I started to hear a thumping and felt a wobble that at first I thought was related to tires. Turned out the car needed front end work - ball joints and control arms. But the noise only got worse. Went to a different dealer - one that didn't charge $120 just to take it around the block. Learned that the right rear ball joint was shot. When they took the tire and rotor off, the rust of the hub was so bad it stripped threads and I now await a new axle. This is insane for a car that is just 3 years old. I had a Cherokee for years, my step son now drives that and it's close to 200,000 with no issues even close to this. What's up with the Patriot? Did they forget about the expectations and reputation of Jeeps? Has anyone else experienced similar suspension issues. Should I unload the car, and if I do is there a new Jeep model that lives up to the old reputation?
  • catncalcatncal Posts: 2
    edited August 2010
    Went to buy a 2010 Jeep Patriot today. Saw my first one 2 days ago, loved the look. Did the research on it, decided to buy if test drive went OK and trying to do my part to &#147;buy American&#148;. Liked everything about it, height, power, size etc, except rear headrests. About 3 blocks into the test drive, I told the salesman I need to pull over and remove the back seat headrests because when I look over my right shoulder to merge, all I see is the 12 inch tall headrest and that blocking of my view is dangerous, (I have them off in my current vehicle as well). He said they are fixed, part of the seat and they can't be removed. This is a change in the 2010 Patriot and it was done for "safety" reasons. What !?. This is definitely not a safety feature for me. This is another example of things being built for men and not taking into account the size and proportions of women, and why we need women engineers as well. The specifics in this case are: Men are short in the leg and long in the trunk; women are long in the leg and short in the trunk. A 6'2" man and 5'8" woman will both wear a 32" pant leg. Likewise when a 5' 8" man and woman are seated, the man will have a head height 4" taller than the woman.(Men also have longer arms than women of the same height, hence his ability to lounge the car seat back and still reach the radio whereas she has to sit upright) This extra seated height gives him the ability to see over that head rest where my eyes hit just about center. You would think design engineers would be aware of these differences, after all any tailor or seamstress knows this. Anyhow, frustration and disappointment aside, the question is, can anything be done about the headrests, like would it be possible to switch out the seats and put a back seat from a 2009 Patriot that has removable headrests in the 2010 instead ? Any ideas, anyone ? :(
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    edited August 2010
    I suggest either putting the back seat down that's obstructing your view, or reclining the backseat backward (you can do both in the 2010 Patriot). Otherwise, try adjusting your side-view mirror to look more toward the back corner of the vehicle - this will move your blind spot farther away from your car and you won't have to look back at such as extreme angle (allowing you to check your blind spot more easily through the rear passenger window).

    I'm 5'7" (barely); my wife is 5'0". Neither of us experience any difficulty in our 2010 Patriot. Good luck.
  • I got my 2009 and I get that same thumping noise on the rare occasion. I stop the care and It goes away. It sounds like I got a rock or something on the wheel. A steady dull thump,thump,thump...... and increases with road speed and not engine speed. SOB driving me nuts trying to locate.
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