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Jeep Patriot Maintenance and Repair



  • david314david314 Posts: 3
    Seriously, consider not getting this vehicle. It is a dog. Maybe the Liberty or other have merit but the jeep is rubbish.
  • david314david314 Posts: 3
    From my experience it is the inevitable slide into a pit of despair as your jeep patriot slowly decays into a useful and embarrassing lawn ornament. I am selling mine before it dies again, and the dealer abuses me further.

    Unfortunately I bought a Jeep P N and it is not a true off road machine. at best it gets your groceries reliably when it snows. that's if the tranny and clutch and everything else works. I have owned cars for 35 years and never had the bad luck to own such an unreliable piece of rubbish, nor to have such inept service and diagnosis as I received from Comox Valley Dodge.
    I suggest you do as I will, and sell. at least before you have the issues I have had, unless you have a fondness for engine trouble lights that mean nothing, or something, nobody knows. Not sure if I will buy another 4x4 or get a car that is better on the highway, maybe look for an old Land Cruiser or something. But unless I shop out of town I will avoid that dealer, our only one, so no more abuse for me from them.
    Sell, before it disappoints. Leave her before she leaves you!
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