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Jeep Patriot Maintenance and Repair



  • Need to change spark plugs on my '08 patriot. What should I know, how many, torque, gap, what kind? Is there one kind for ignition and another for exhaust? Have heard about 4 copper for ignition and 4 platinum for exhaust, is this true? Does anyone know of a repair manual for the patriot out there? Any help would be appreciated.
  • jrinmnjrinmn Posts: 1
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    There are 4 plugs on the top of the block. EASILY accessible. Remove the plastic shroud on top and there they are. Pull the plug boots and you'll be able to get your socket over them. Give them a few light tweaks to see if they'll break loose easily. If not, tweak them IN just a fraction of a turn, then try again to remove them. Don't apply too much pressure to a stubborn plug if it won't come out- you run a good chance of breaking the plug loose from the threads which will be expensive to fix. Be sure to use anti-seize lubricant on the new ones when you install them.

    As for which plugs to buy, any auto parts store that's worth a darn will be able to get you the right kind you need. I wouldn't recommend anything fancy (ie: 2 or 4 post plugs) as they showed zero improvement over the factory ones in my experience with the Patriot. Plus, you'll likely be replacing them in 30,000 miles again, so the extra cost is REALLY not worth it. Save a few bucks and get yourself a set of basic, one-post plugs and you'll be fine.
  • Thanks alot for the input! You made my work and decision making alot easier!
  • I realize you've probably already changed your spark plugs, but I did read somewhere that the copper plug work better in this situation, so there's no need to spend extra $$ for platinum or whatever. Apparently the copper perform better, but don't last as long...but they're so easy to replace and inexpensive, it's easier/better to change them out regularly than go with something longer lasting (that won't perform as well).
  • pal10pal10 Posts: 1
    so far I have replaced 2 sensors, now the 3rd one has acted up after only 15 miles
  • I only have a little over 1000 miles on the new patriot and already the ETC light came on and blinking. I don't understand why it came on but I guess I gotta take the car to the shop tomorrow to see if they can find the problem. Not a good start of a possible Jeep lover. Could anyone out there tell me what could be the normal malfunctions with this vehicle???

    Al :mad:
  • The Jeep Patriot is a useless piece of metal garbage. I bought a new one (2008) from a British Columbia dealership (Canada) in Vancouver and had nothing but chronic problems with the arrogance and ineptitude of the dealership and this stressful hunk of junk. We had it warranty fixed five times with various manual transmission gear chronic problems that were defective, lost confidence in the safety and reliabilty of the lame product and suffered enjoyment loss with immense frustration and down time from both this inane dealership and the head quarters company who merely endorses the action of the car lot in turning a blind eye to our chronic headaches that has victimized us for years. In Canada the government protects the crooked auto industry to the detriment of the consumer whereas, in the USA they have the "lemon aid" law that shields buyers from nauseating car problems and bullying tactics by the auto giants. This car is the worst vehicle I have ever owned and they put on cheap junk in this inferior product. The value of this unreliable vehicle, like all other Jeeps, plummets quickly as opposed to better quality suv's like the ford escape that retain their market value. I have no faith in Jeep Canada or useless programs like the Vehicle Sales Authority or CamVamp which is an arbritration board style body that convenes on disputes from customers with the cars and/or dealership. The Jeep Patriot is a lemon and many would not recommend it despite the Canadian government giving buyers a rebate for its gas consumption. There are chronic problems with manual transmissions with Jeep Patriots and other disgruntled consumers I spoke to had immense stress parallel to ours with multiple efforts to fix their inferior product that fails to live up to its promise and expectations in their promotions of this crap vehicle. It is poorly designed with cup holders on the floor (rear) and poor visibility (hummer like style) of windows for tall drivers with several blind spots which hinders driving habits such as looking to the rear over your right shoulder to see vehicles in the other lane. Quite frankly, the Patriot is a huge disappointment and I would not recommend the product, go to a competitor for something better as the Patriot like the Compass lacks class and dependability. Even the dealership put it in writing we suffered huge discomforts that are warranty defects and Jeep Canada, being spineless, looks the other way rather than make amends to a justifiably angry customer who has been victimized with safety and a peace of mind in a weak product that deserves the title "lemon". I hope Chrysler/Jeep goes down the gutter with their laughable service, joke product, aggressive sales tactics that has a very nasty reputation in this area and the deceit in their bogus claims.
  • dastilesdastiles Posts: 6
    Man Canada.....sorry about your ride. May I ask how many miles on your pat? I have a 2009 with 17000 miles with a CVT tranny. So far so good. No codes, or any problems yet. Just a comment that when bought mine before Jeep dealership went bankrupt they sold my ride with lifetime warranty on engine and tranny. I would now only hope that the body lasts as long as the powertrain. I know my road is different than yours. If you can afford...perhaps a toyota or something else. Good luck
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016

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  • johndunnjrjohndunnjr Posts: 1
    I purchased a Limited Model 2007 and she now has just over 25K on the clock and its a great running Jeep. Gas mileage is very good and its fun to drive. Now dont expect warp speed, but I can assure you, you can get a speeding ticket ! I did, but I still Love My Jeep !


    John Dunn
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 18
    edited March 2012
    In August 2011 I bought a 2008 Patriot auto-trans w/58,000 miles; now it has 61,500. Check engine light's come on and per my mechanic code says tran's in "limp" mode. In much kinder words he says I'm screwed: car is likely suffering from a computer problem & an internal mechanical trans problem. Car drives but from a stop acceleration is very slow & top speed is about 40 (except on the downhill) & RPM's won't exceed approx 1800. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? What di you do? What are my options/alternative fixes? Will I end up having to buy a new transmission? I'm in the Chicago area. Many thanks.
  • borjas85borjas85 Posts: 1
    I had tons of issues with my patriot and I had got the car new at dallas dodge and every time it was towed to the dealership they looked at me like I was the number one problem that the it was going back for repairs like 20 times in 6 months, yea I said it 20 times, ridiculous! I drove like all kinds of rental cars while my car was in the shop and dallas dodge paid for it and they would give me ISSUES that they had to or that it was very obvious that the car was a junk jeep, the messed up part about me bring my jeep pat back to the shop for repairs there was oil stains every were, and it was a new car. yea I paid 23,000$. For my jeep patriot, I sued Chrysler and won my case, oooh and if u wont a complete buy back from the dealership you need to make sure you get a lawyer with in the first year of purchase, new buyers only have 1 year to qualify for the buy back in the state of TX, but if you still want to sue then you can and that is what I did, I was 3 month to late for the buy back so I just sued for pain and what I went through with my jeep patriot and I won and got $ 5,500 and if you ask me it was better then not getting nothing, ooh and keep every single piece of paper work u get from the shop when getting repairs done. “Work orders” the lawyer will need this for the case and if anyone needs a lawyer I have one.

    Alex Simanovsky & Associates LLC, 2300 Henderson Mill Rd, suite 300, Atlanta, Ga, 30345

    Wish all the patriot owners the best!
  • I have a Patriot 2008 2X. Last week I had a light on (the engenie) I went with the dealer and they gave app two day later. At the next day the light went off, I call and they told me it was the gas tap maybe it was not correct close. Anyway now one week later I went to fill gas nearly full, I did 60 km all day and my gas is half. I am so worry what happen!! nearly half tank in 60 kms. Where can be the problem!!!
    Please help me!!
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,016
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    No one experiencing stalling issues?

    Feds investigate Jeep Patriot stalling problem ((Detroit Free Press))

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  • I am writing this so maybe this may help someone else with the same problem I experienced in my 2008 Patriot 4x4 2.4L CVT auto trans. While my wife was driving it the other day it sudden lost a significant amount of power and felt like it was running on 2 cylinders. The ESP traction control light and the ETC light came on but no check engine light. I had it towed back to the house and a friend of mine who is a Toyota mechanic and I looked it over. After gathering some info from various forums and connecting a dealer quality scanner to it we found the culprit: Water in the traction control harness connectors at the module.

    Since it was new the factory sunroof has leaked constantly. It has been to the dealer 4 times but was never corrected. When the warranty was up we stopped taking it to the dealer mostly because of poor service and also because if those brain surgeons haven't fixed it in the first 4 times on their dime they aren't going to fix it on mine. Anyway, several forums stated the sunroof is an extremely common problem with these as is corrosion of the wire harness. We removed the drivers side kick panel and lifted the rug to check the harness and found about an inch of water in the floor pan, no surprise here. It has a drain plug so we pulled it so it could dry out. We followed the wires up to a silver module with two separate plugs going it by where your left foot would rest( you don't need to remove the kick panel to see it just stick you head under the dash ). This is the traction control module that communicates with the trans module AND the ECM. we unplugged the connector from the module and noticed some minor corrosion on the module pins but the big surprise is when we used compressed air to blow out the connectors. A ton of water blew out from both connectors! We then sprayed some of that electrical dry out spray on the pins and connectors and let it dry. About 10 mins later we plugged the connectors back in and started it up. It ran perfectly! Upon further inspection we came to the conclusion that judging from the visible rust behind the kick panel water was leaking from the sunroof and traveling down the drivers "A" pillar (windshield post), following the wires straight down into the connectors, dripping off and continuing on down to the floor where it collects under the rug. Drove it 40 miles to work today and no problems so far. This has been a problem child and only has 33k on it so we are definitely trading it in on a Toyota in a few days before this problem destroys the module and it gets really expensive. I hope this helps other Patriot owners!
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 18
    edited December 2012
    Thank you for your post (message #48.) Our 2008 Patriot suffers from the exact same problem only we don't even have a sun roof. The trouble shooting information you provided is much appreciated. Would it be possible for you to post links to the "various forums" from which you collected your additional information? Thank you!
  • type in "Jeep Patriot loss of power" or "Jeep Patriot water in harness" in yahoo search engine and they all should come up. I personally don't think our sunroof was the problem I think either the windshield was leaking or more likely the roof rack hardware that secures the roof rack to the roof weren't sealed properly. The only way to find out for sure would be to drop the headliner and all the A, B, C, D pillar covers and put a hose on the roof and wait..a day after we fixed we traded it in on a new Toyota while it still ran correctly. Its a shame to see what jeep has become:( Good luck to you.
  • elrlawelrlaw Posts: 18
    Sounds good. Thanks.
  • david314david314 Posts: 3
    Unfortunately I bought a Jeep P N and it is not a true off road machine. at best it gets your groceries reliably when it snows. that's if the tranny and clutch and everything else works. I have owned cars for 35 years and never had the bad luck to own such an unreliable piece of rubbish, nor to have such inept service and diagnosis as I received from Comox Valley Dodge.
    I suggest you do as I will, and sell. at least before you have the issues I have had, unless you have a fondness for engine trouble lights that mean nothing, or something, nobody knows. Not sure if I will buy another 4x4 or get a car that is better on the highway, maybe look for an old Land Cruiser or something. But unless I shop out of town I will avoid that dealer, our only one, so no more abuse for me from them.
    Sell, before it disappoints. Leave her before she leaves you!
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