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Infiniti G35 Audio Questions



  • I bought the new nano that is released this september and i have attached it to my 08' g35xs and it doesn't work. it can't play and won't recognize from the device. anyway this can work out?, any new adaptors or something??
  • I've got the same problem on my '03 G35 sedan. Did you get an answer on how to fix this? other than going to the dealer. I got the same pricing - in the $500+ range...
  • I just posted this same question to someone else (#330); did you ever get an answer on how to fix this without going to the dealer? otherwise, I got an estimate at the dealer for $500+, and I think that pretty stiff...
  • launlaun Posts: 1
    1st day with the G35x. Super psyched! I loaded CD's into the Music Box but can't seem to sort conveniently by artist or by album. It seems that I need to scroll through entire collection to find artist or album that I want. Can this be possible? Am I missing something?
  • Hey has anyone tried or know if the compact flash will play videos on the nav screen?
  • rhard49rhard49 Posts: 226
    any particular type
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    I wish they had put in a way to fast-forward within a song on CD, in Music-Box, or in Aux (i.e. , memory card). Sometimes I want to listen to a portion of a song over, and you have to play the whole song again. My older Jeep Grand Cherokee system allowed this.

    Also wish there was a way to scroll through the tracks display without changing the song playing. This situation occurs as the display show 6-songs, of which one is playing, and you want to see which track is your favorite song, that unfortunately is not one of the 6-showing on the display, therefore it is on the next page. Only way to get there is to scroll down, which ends the current song playback.

    And of course, not having the 'Select (Artist/Album)' menu disabled while the car is moving (apparently done for safety purposes). I have tried to convince myself of the safety factors, but find this disablement more of safety distractment than if it were available while moving. Why can't a passenger search for you, for instance? I actually look forward to 'red lights' at times because of this feature. But as luck would have it, I seem to always hit all the greens at those times. (Maybe this should become my secret for getting places quickly...just find a need to use 'Search'.)
  • I believe you can Fast forward on a song by the seek buttons..just like searching for a radio station. :) Hope this helps
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    > I believe you can Fast forward on a song by the seek buttons..just like searching for a radio station

    Yes. You're right. Thanks for the tip.
  • rag133rag133 Posts: 25
    Yeah I HATE that you can't do anything really unless stopped. My passenger can do it in 95% of cars but not this one. NAV is crap too because of this, you have to pull over and stop to try to find a restaurant or gas station by searching. This is junk and to me makes the NAV and Music Box USELESS. They need some kinda feature where they unlock the block if a passenger is in the car, like what they do with airbags. Why can't they just have a warning about using while in motion and allow it? Hell ALL aftermarket NAVs let me access it while moving and so do most cars. If I had known this i would not have gotten the NAV, waste of $ now.
  • kb124kb124 Posts: 60
    It would be nice if you could choose the option of having the NAV/Musicbox enabled/disabled. They could record your response on the harddrive and then absolve themselves from responsibility.
  • I just noticed a weird thing happening the other day with the stereo in my '08 G35 Journey, Premium no Nav. It seems that when I start the car, no matter what music source I was listening to when I shut off the car (AM, FM or XM), upon starting the car, after a couple of seconds it switches over to the iPod source (though it doesn't start playing). That is to say, the iPod menu (songs, artists, playlists, albums, etc.) pops up on the display screen. It didn't do this the first couple of days that I had the car (I just bought it a week ago). Not that big of a deal, really, but it's annoying. Has anyone else encountered this? I tried shutting off the car and unplugging the iPod, and then when I restarted the car, it stayed with the radio station. But if the iPod is plugged in, it will switch over to the iPod.
  • Hi everyone, ive recently bought a g35, and im struggling to connect my ipod nano to it. i want to connect the ipod such that the control is through the car's console and not through the ipod. would that mean using the composite cable connection? what devices would i require?
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    The black cable that came in the car's glove box. If you have the premium package this should work like a charm. If not consult your dealer.
  • paulo6paulo6 Posts: 93
    The only explanation I have is that your connection to the Ipod is loose? Cuz when you are listening to another source other that IPOD and then simply connect the Ipod, it automatically switches to the IPOD source. On my car, it starts at the last source I shut the car off with.
  • thanks guys for the valuable advice. ill look for the black cable in the glove box (funny how ive not yet opened it). i hope this works.. thanks again!
  • I think I figured it out. It will only do this when the iPod battery has run out. I still don't know WHY it does that (maybe to alert me to the fact?), but that's the only time it happens. It was through this that I discovered that the iPod itself doesn't shut off when you turn off the car. It stays on, though apparently without draining the car's battery (otherwise, the iPod would be getting recharged).
  • As someone else mentioned, the car should have come with a connecting cable. Mine was originally in the trunk (in a plastic bag) when I test drove the car; however, the salesman put it inside the center console (where it plugs in) as part of the final prep of the vehicle before handing over the keys. This is all that is necessary to work the iPod through the steering wheel and console controls. I'm surprised that your salesperson didn't go through all of these things with you; mine did (and would have set up the Bluetooth system as well, except for the fact that I do not yet have a Bluetooth phone).
  • After using my iPod Nano 4g for a few weeks, I admit it was a pain to recharge. I usually had to charge almost twice a week. I didn't notice any significant battery drain when the G35 was off.

    The solution was an iPod power adapter by Scosche for an iPhone 3G. It can be purchased from a well known, large internet retailer. It worked perfectly with my 4g Nano. Now I only remove the iPod when I load more content. It's as if the iPod is part of the car now, and I don't think about it much.
  • i have the same problem. not only did my salesperson not tell me about the cable or put it in the front, i don't have this connecting cable! :mad: though i would try to go back to the dealership and inquire, but can you please tell me what kinda cable is this? maybe i can look for it in some regular apple store (easier than going back to the dealership). for now i am using an AV cable to connect my ipod but i cant control the ipod through the car controls. Thanks!
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