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Infiniti G35 Audio Questions



  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    What is the deal with XM? Urgh! :mad:

    I have an 06 Acura MDX and when I got it last year, I was totally unimpressed with XM. It sounded awful, and was always cutting out. I assumed it was Acura's shotty integration of XM, since their stereos lack anyway.

    Now I have the G35 and for the first few weeks, everything was good.
    Now, for the past 4 days, XM barely comes in at all.... it's ALWAYS cutting out.
    Is there an issue at XM that causes this to occur from time to time?
    Engineer on vacation, Electronic issues, Solar glare?????

    I had Sirius in my Jeep and MDX for a total of 3 years.
    Except for the VERY wooded 1 square mile around my house, it never cut out.

    I'm at the end of my trial in another month, and I'm starting to have second thoughts on renewing. :sick:
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    slater said "1) The voice interface for entering an address while driving is wonderfully easy, intuitive, and accurate. "

    Don't you think it's f*cking stupid that you can use the voice interface to enter a destination address or a destination based on a phone number but NOT BY IT'S FREAKIN NAME. I mean who honestly knows the address or phone number for a place they want to input most of the time? And with the navigation controls disabled while you're driving you have to literally stop your car somewhere to enter something into the system - I'd rather get lost...

    Infiniti really missed on a lot of little things in this car. I didn't realize it until I bought it.
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    Does the CF playback piss anyone else off? Yes, it organizes your music very nicely into folders by artist, and I know the order within a folder is based on the order you copy to the CF, which is fine as well.

    But there is no way to scroll through your list of music to look for a song before it plays. It just automatically plays the songs that are scrolled over. Also, there is no way to just set the CF card on random and to listen to multiple songs one after another. It seems only beneficial when you are ADD and have to change tracks manually every time or if you are listening to an entire album by an artist. I think with some very small changes the design could have been much better. Infiniti has screwed up a bunch of small things like this.
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    Yeah, it's such a joke that they didn't interface the HDD with the CF card. I mean Infiniti can sit there all day and say this is for copyright purposes but that's the stupidest thing I've heard. I can easily burn illegally downloaded MP3s on a CD, pop it into my in dash CD player and copy them to the Music Box, so what are they really trying to protect?

    I really don't see any purpose for using the Music Box whatsoever. And the interface on the CF card playback leaves much to be desired. Thank god they put aux inputs in so I can just plug my iPod in and easily control the music I want to hear.
  • rajali69rajali69 Posts: 1
    It's an XM specific issue. I have had XM for 2 years and it works great. I received an email from them this morning and they stated that they were having issues with their sattlelites.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Thanks rajali69

    I'll say this.
    I've been very happy with the reception in the G until this past weekend.
    It's SO bad right now, that I figured it had to be something specific on their end.

    Thanks for the info!
  • alfster3alfster3 Posts: 25
    I agree the system is not perfect. But, I found you can play a CF card on random. If you hit the scan/rpt button ( I am pretty sure that is the one) while the CF card is playing it will scroll through a few options (e.g. CF card rpt, folder rpt, CF card mix, etc.) It is in the manual if you need more info.
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    alfster - thanks!!! I will definitely be using the CF card more often now that I know about this. Now if only I could get music off my iPod in MP3 format to put on the CF card it would be great. As it stands now there are too many of the "other" iPod file types (m4u, etc.) and those don't play on the card.

    Anyone know of good software to pull songs off the iPOD and convert to MP3? I tried out some software that did a good job grabbing entire playlists, etc. off the iPOD but it didn't do anything about converting the songs so many of them are missing on the CF card.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    There is software out there, but I haven't played with any of it yet.
    I'm waiting for the next gen IPOD before jumping on that bandwagon.

    You may have better luck finding software to convert your IPOD files to wav and then converting those to straight MP3.

    It's another step, but it'd work well for your needs and the software converting to wav is easier to find.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144 is the best by far.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    welcome to the forum, Hard to believe that you bought a used 07 g35 sedan. Not that you bought one, its a great car and I think you'll enjoy every bit of your drive, but that someone was not happy with the car and wanted to sell it is the surprising part. So far, the car has been great. A few quirks Im still figuring out but the drive has been great.

    again welcome and hope you get your questions answered. By the way, the xm comes integrated with the cars system so the previous owner did not have it installed although it did come included with the package he purchased.
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    Can someone help with me with this category??. I got some of my son's c/d's on the music box so when we go out on your little drive to help him fall asleep. in the category menu there is a section that says kids songs but I have not been able to figure out how to place any songs in that category. the man. is very vague and only says its allows to play kid songs but not how to label them in there. the other cat. are rarely played and fav. which the HDD does automatically.
    any help will be appreciated
  • yyztoolyyztool Posts: 4
    It is all about those Mood Lists..
    When you are listening to the MUSICBOX, you have the option of placing a song on one of four mood lists or dropping it from an existing mood list.
    A mood list is like a play list, it can be accessed from the touch screen or by voice "LIVELY MUSIC".
    Once you are listening to something on a mood list, if you "SELECT BY - ARTIST, ALBUM, REC.DATE" the system selects everything on the MUSICBOX that matches the song you are playing.
    You can scroll through those songs and play what you like,
    If you use the right scroll wheel on the dash, you can access all your music sorted by how you did "SELECT BY" above, starting from the currently playing item, by ALBUM, by ARTIST, by REC.DATE. ;)

    We have two drivers in our car, so we each took two of the mood lists. 90% of the time, I will listen to just the songs on one of my mood lists, but if I ever want to hear the entire albums, or in the mood for an artist superset... It is just two-clicks away.

    You can scroll with the Wheel-button as well, as other posts have detailed.

    Now if I can only figure out how it does the BY CATEGORY, I'm laughing. :confuse:

    6 CD Player - Albums I Love - Essentials From Start to Finish
    Music Box - Albums I Love, - But I delete the odd song now and then, play list by mood.
    In Dash Changer - MP3 files in folders, usually entire Artist Discography, or albums I know I will bore of, I usualy take these with me.
    If it makes my top 100 albums, I eventually burn it to the MUSICBOX.
    CF Card - Usually PODCAST's, or flash-in-the-pan playlists.
    Console IPOD jack - When all else fails !
    P.S. I don't really have an IPOD, I have a SANSA 6GB player which sees more MP3 turn-over than....
    P.S. CD-RW plates work just fine over and over and over. :P
  • yyztoolyyztool Posts: 4
    My "Kids Music" does not even light up.
    Is it because I have nothing tagged "Childrens Songs"
    I also can not figure out Favorites, or Hits yet..
    Rarely played, I think will be just that, after a few years :shades:
    P.S. Why is there no Industrial or Alternative or Indie in the Category tags :cry:
  • yyztoolyyztool Posts: 4
    The SCAN/RPT key works on all music input sources - except the AUX jack of course.
    Whether the MUSICBOX, or the CF Card, or the CD plate of MP3 files, set it to MIX and jump around with the steering wheel selector - you never know what might come up !!!
    STUDIO ON WHEELS - My word ! :blush:
    Your not going crazy - sometimes it changes on it's own and mixes from just a single folder on your MP3 CD plate...

    You can even have it mix your mood playlist, with MIX-PLAYLIST. Just remember that in MIX mode selecting the next item appearing on the screen ain't going to happen - Touch the screen for that :D
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    When viewing the MusicBox screen, choose the Edit button.
    From there, you can add tags to albums/songs, etc.

    Once they are tagged, they will appear under the corresponding category.
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    yyztool, I was able to set it to a CF Card Mix mode, but the only way to randomly go to the next song is with the Scan Forward key. If I use the up/down selector on the steering wheel it just goes to the very next song in the list and automatically removes the random. Is there anyway to maintain the randomness and use the controls on the wheel?
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    I totally agree with kring. I had a 2004 G35 Coupe before my '07 Sedan and although the Bose system was loud, it never really lived up to to my Quality standards. It sounded pretty bad when you cranked it up.

    This new system is kick *ss - it's so much clearer than the old system and the bass output is actually a lot better. I do agree it is very front loaded and actually had a couple passengers make comments, but I'm pretty selfish and since I'm the one driving f*ck the people in the back seat. :) Even at loud volumes the system holds to very good quality.
  • steiny1227steiny1227 Posts: 11
    kring, how do you use this software? I just downloaded the trial copy to try it out but it sure isn't the most straightforward to use. I'm trying to use the options to grab all files from my CF card, convert them and then write them back to the CF card. It says it can do that and preserve folder structures, etc. but I can't get it to find all the folders when I just put the root drive letter in. Help!!!
  • mguralnimguralni Posts: 2
    I am somewhat ignorant wrt cf cards. I know there are different physical sizes as well as different storage sizes. I bought a kingston 2 GB card with a reader but it looks too small to fit in the CF port of my G35. Is there a specific card size i should be using?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Make sure it's a compact flash (CF) card.
  • ssscompssscomp Posts: 3
    I have a 2007 G35S with all the bells and whistles. The bluetooth with my HP6945 works great, connects seamlessly and is crystal clear. I have set up phonebook numbers and they work great. Then I attach a Voicetag to some of the phonebook items and that works fine. Turn the car off, come back and they usually work again. Turn it off again and come back and all the Voicetags are gone and need to be redone. Happens repeatedly. Anyone have a good idea?

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I've heard of this happening to others as well... I'll have to check to see if they found a resolution.
  • mguralnimguralni Posts: 2
    but is it the type I or II?
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Can be either.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Type II is just faster than I, meaning that you can write files to it quicker.
    Both are the same size.

    Remember that once you take the cover off of the slot in the dash, the actual card slot is a little smaller.
    That may be throwing you off a little too.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I can't link you to the other forum, but it's happening to more than just a few people.
    There's no found resolution though.

    We all need to bring it to Infiniti's attention so they can find a cure.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    An informational link is acceptable. ;)
  • triple_7triple_7 Posts: 63
    Dont remember reading this yet so thought i might share.

    when using sat radio, pressing the tune arrow up or down will scan through about ten channels. I think it jumps up to the next genre. example rock to dance to jazz.
    hopes this helps someone out there. turning the knob is to much work these days ;)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    That's exactly what it's doing... it jumps to the next "category"
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