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Kia Sedona Steering Wheel Vibration



  • dougvdougv Posts: 19

    I don't remember. I stopped driving the 06 in March of 07 after only 625 miles of driving and left it in the dealers parking lot. I have seen the brochures for the 08s and the only changes they state are some small cosmetic inside like changing some leather to vinyl etc. However we know for sure they changed something to stop the vibration. Also one time when I was in the shop I saw the dealers mechanic changing the timing belt idler on an 06. When I asked him he said that they were changing a lot of them. This certainly would have an effect on engine performance. There might even be a technical bulletin on it.
  • Bad choice to go with 17's if you want tire life. You will never get more then 35K or so on a 17+ rim. Just the name of the game with larger rims. You will have to go down to a 16" to get 60K+ out of a set of tires.
  • abarboabarbo Posts: 1
    Hey Guys, I also have had vibration problems in my 07 Sedona EX with 17 inch wheels and Michelin tires. This problem started with about 1400 miles on van which now has 14600 miles. 4 tires have been replaced and tires have been road forced balanced numerous times without resolving problem. Also, front rotors have been replaced which did not help this problem. Kia reps have been denying they are aware of this problem and do not reply to my calls. I was unaware of these forums until today and now have the ammunion to go back to dealer and show that I am not the only customer with this problem. Thanks for the input and I will post what happens next.
  • Hi Dougv,

    I am so happy for you! And thanks so much for the info. The resolution you are describing is exactly what I had suspected - that the computer is going bonkers and applying the brakes ever so slightly whenever it thinks the car is the least bit "out of control". I have also acquired a lawyer via the internet. First offer from Kia was next to nothing. They still have not responded to the second 30 day demand letter and we are approaching 33 days. It looks like I will be going to court unless Kia has a sudden change of heart. I am scheduled to bring my van to the lawyer's Massachusetts office at the end of the month so they can have their ASCE mechanics inspect the issue and write up an official report that we can use in court. I just wish it was over. Again, I'm very happy for you and your family and thanks for keeping us all updated. :)
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Hey Lacoydr1,

    Thanks for the nice note. I think your best bet is to just stay calm and wait out the events. That is proceed with your case now that you have gone this far. I don't know what else your lawyer is claiming but as I said before I believe that it is their responsibility to assure you that the problem is not safety related. And since the problem is real and they can't fix it!!!!! It's too bad that they are stonewalling this problem. I think they have been very lucky. If anyone driving a Sedona was killed in an accident and a lawyer saw all of these posts there's no way they could say that they were not liable. They are taking a big chance. I'm not sure that the upper management of Kia knows about this. They could be letting the local or area reps handle each case individually. And for every case lost there is probably a charge to the local cost center which is still probably less than a general recall. In my case there was doubt until the very last. That is the Kia rep wanted to take me to arbitration after 9 months of fixing attempts and then that is when my dealer put his foot down and told him that enough is enough. Then Kia came through and sweetened the deal I guess so everybody went away happy. So patience, patience.
  • julieer1julieer1 Posts: 2
    I am currently going through the BBB about my van. Kia tried to settle with me for $900. when the problem still exists. The customer service rep is not a trust worthy person and very rude. I think they ae trying to settle on as little as possible. Not supprised. I have had 5 road force balances new rotors and it took them three set of tires before the vehicle would pass the road force balance. Now I have a new set of tires, but the problem is still there. They tell me now they are working on control arms. They have no idea how to solve the vibration. I love my van, but KIA needs to admit when thre is a problem and do the thing right for the customer.
  • The latest issue gives Kia and Hyundai Minivans low marks on there any wonder why? I have the same vibration issue on my 2007 Entourage. Is this still a problem in the 2008 minivan models?
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Hi Guys & Girls,

    It's me I'm back. I see that KIA and Hundai are still stonewalling it. Like you Julieer1 I love my Sedona. If you have read my previous posts you know I also went through what you are doing now. I wonder if we had the same KIA rep as he really is the scum of the earth. My new news is that since I received my "buyback" Sedona 2008 for my old Sedona 2006 the rep called me to come in and talk to him. Now I am not making this up, he actually tried to get me to give back the incentive that the dealer was giving to all buyers in Feb of 2007 for the remaining 2006's in stock. He said there was a new girl at KIA America Consumer relations and since there was no incentive for the 2008s I should not have got it applied to my new 2008. Is that unbelievable!!! He said if I was a "real man" and had a sense of fair play I would give the money back!! I talked to the dealer and he said it's too bad there has to be a bad penny show up some times and I don't owe anything. Of course all the paperwork has been done and I have the title and the car too. Again as I have said before I believe KIA knows the problem and the beancounters have recommended to Management to stonewall it. I don't know which year your van is or how much mileage you have on it as the Lemon Laws allow a prorating of the cars value according to mileage. There was another poster that had a lawyer and was having trouble as well. I really think there is good justification here for a class action suit if some lawyer wants to take it up. As far as what they did on your van for repairs, my final conclusions were that the problem was in the ESC computer. The ESC comes on and is not sure about applying the brakes and therefore comes on and off and therefore the brake pads are just bumping the rotors. That's why just changing the rotors does not help. I had a service manager in another state tell me that to fix this problem they turn the rotors on the lathe and shaving them down makes them smaller so the brake pads don't hit the rotors when the ESC comes on. So good luck whichever way you go!
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Hi All,
    I am currently at the point of a "state run arbitration". My lawyers said since the issue happens over the legal speed limit in MA that Kia will never give me a replacement or buy me out. They said the best I could hope for is up to a $2000 cash settlement to go away. They want to bring it in before the hearing for another repair attempt but my dealership went out of business two months ago. I'm kind of ticked off :mad: that the "lemon law" lawyers took the case stating I had a great chance of winning even though they knew the issue was reported at a speed above the state speed limit. Dougv, I'm sure you won because the speed limits in Arizona are 75. If Kia does decide to settle for a small cash stipend, I might just refuse it and make it my lifes work to bring it down to another dealer every week to bleed Kia dry. Then maybe they will have thought twice about not wanting to give me a working vehicle. I know I'm probably dreaming and one little fish isn't going to make a bit of difference to them, but who knows.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19

    Sorry! to see no progress. Too bad you have a lawyer! You know how that goes? Not insinuating anything but KIA I'm sure would be willing to pay your lawyer a lot more to settle the case than you are paying him. I think you should go to arbitration. There it really doesn't matter if you have a lawyer. The arbitrator is usually very fair and is probably not a lawyer. I think you have a good case, just show the arbitrator all of these posts. As far as the speed limit is concerned I don't think that is an issue. If you are limited to driving only in MA then they should advertise it in the car sales ads. It is an unusable issue. Again as I have stated before KIA has implicitly agreed that you have a problem that they can't fix and don't really know what it is. Therefore I would claim that they cannot assure me that it is not a safety problem and assure me with evidence that the wheels are not going to fall off at some unknown speed. I really believe this and I think you should tell the KIA people this also. Deal with them direct and let your lawyer go. I wouldn't be surprised if they were more willing to work with you without having to go through a lawyer. Since there is a lawyer involved now their lawyers are probably calling the shots and if it's just you you could get the Consumer Affairs to talk to.
    Again I do believe that they are walking a thin line and if there is a fatality with their car they will have to come up with the evidence that the accident was not caused by a faulty steering system. But who knows. Ford knew that their escort(?), forgot which car it was, was faulty and calculated how much a recall was vs so many fatalities and picked the fatalities as the cheaper way.

    Again, LOL
  • I have a 2007 sedona and the dealer replaced all 4 Michelins there was still a vibration throught the minivan. I then decided to take it to a tire Kingdom to have all the tires reballanced. The tech from tire kingdom told me 3 of the rims were bent
    the back passanger was the worst one. after fighting with the dealer they decided to replace the rear rim. I insisted that tire Kingdom remount it because they had
    better balancing equipment. The new rim was sent to tire kingdom the tech took it out of the box rolled it on the ground and it was hobbling up and down
    (brand new Kia rim Defective) they ordered a new one put it on and still at 60-75 mph we feel vibration. This Sedona ride should be smooth as Glass.
    I recently took it to another dealer with copys of this post he called KIA Corp
    Tech line and they told him to take off 4 wheels & rims off a new 2008
    and put them on my 2007 to see if this solves the problem.
    I'm wondering if the 2007 model rims are defective and thats what could be causing this vibration. I even took this Sedona up to 75 put it in neutral and still
    Vibrates. If anyone would like to talk by phone about this please e-mail me
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19

    You could learn a lot by going back over all of the previous posts to this forum. Many others went through exactly what you are experiencing right now. I myself almost had every moving part on my 06 Sedona replaced, over a 9 1/2 month period, before I was offered a buyback. So far I am the only one that has been offered this deal. I attribute this to the dealer and not KIA or the KIA rep. I am curious also since you have posted your email address are you somewhere in New Mexico as the roadrunner is the state bird. Anyhow if you read backwards you will see how insane the antics are of the KIA people. They obviously know what is wrong but are willing to spend unlimited dollars on repairs that they know will not do the job. As you will read in the past posts I recommend to hang in there, if you have the patience and another car, and work with the dealer. Having a lawyer, as you can read on the other posts was no help. Look up your local lemon law and see if you qualify and then proceed with the steps as outlined in you law.

    Lots of Luck
  • dougv,
    Thanks for the reply, I'm in Cleveland, Oh
    So basically if they give me all new rims and tires the problem will still exist ??
    Do you know if or what ever the problem was did Kia corrected it on the 2008 models ?
  • dougv
    I would like to thank you for your persistence in replying to the people on this board.

    It seems that turning the rotors has worked for a few people, I wonder why the dealers don't do it more often? It seems the mis-applying of the brakes is a safety issue since it can cause unpredictabilty in the handling.

    I have a similar issue to what capecoralbill posted. It has a lungy, bumpy feel at low speeds and works its way into a bumpier feel at increased speeds, literally chugs between 30-35 mph, and at higher speeds is a constant vibration. :sick: There is a rocking or rolling sensation too especially at highway speeds, as if the van sways from one side or corner to the other.

    I am considering having a local auto service center turn these rotors, since the dealers just sit there and shrug their shoulders. If it fixes it, I will be happy, and figure out how to make Hyundai reimburse me.

    BTW...I have a 2007 Entourage SE
  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Well, I'm back for hopefully my last post. I had my arbitration (via my lawyer) scheduled for next week. As it turns out, Kia finally paid attention and decided to settle out of court. I am scheduled to get a $3K cash settlement from Kia. Not even enough to cover the difference between what I owe on my van and KBB value, but it's about the best I could have hoped for as my lawyer said I would have had about a 10% chance of winning since the issue was reported to happen above the legal speed limit in the state of MA. Now I am trying to decide whether I will live with the issue for another 1 or 2 years (i.e. when my loan has been paid down enough to breakeven on a trade in) or to just bite the bullet and go and buy something now, just to unload my Sedona. All I can say is it wasn't worth all of the aggravation (i.e. my time, sanity, etc.). I do so much appreciate everyone posting on this board though as it gave me a sense of "I'm not in this alone". Thank you all and good luck in your cases. ;)
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19

    If your convinced that this is the best you're going to get why don't you take the van to a brake shop and get the rotors (all 4) turned down the maximum allowable by spec. This would probably only cost you about $100 total. This is pretty cheap to get a car that you enjoy driving plus from all thats been posted this is the only modification that seems to have worked in some cases.

  • lacoydr1lacoydr1 Posts: 17
    Hi Dougv,

    That's a great idea. Maybe I'll just do that. Does anyone know how much less time I'll get out of the rotors before they'll have to replaced since I will be shaving them down? Thanks. :shades:
  • julieer1julieer1 Posts: 2
    I was offered $2500 to release KIA from the defect of the van. No way will I except that. I enjoy driving my van around with writing on the windows about how much I hate the van. I will not release them from the liability of my family. They have told me they do not know how to fix it at this time. So I supposed to live with it or take there goodwill money and release them. I dont' think so, not when utube is such a grest rescource.
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    Just like to report a little over a year and 11,000 miles on my early production 06. Never been to the dealer and change oil myself with Mobile synthetic. Been a great van. Extremely safe, comfortable, powerful, and my infant and family love it. Driving it in Puerto Rico - hot all the time, a/c almost never is off, not the most refined roads and very little highway use due to the size of the island. Brakes are holding up great and never any vibration.

    It is sad to hear about others having problems but by far do forum's accurately reflect fair percentages of owners not having problems. In general, people search out forum's to try to solve problems or rant and rave not so much to report how well a vehicle is performing.
  • dougvdougv Posts: 19
    Purpose of your post?? I'm sure it is no consolation to the ones who posted and got a lemon that you got a good one. If you have read some of my posts you will see how I "ranted and raved" about how good my 08 was when I finally got one. Also since you have "very little highway" maybe you never got your Sedona up to 75-80 mph. Anyway if you are happy with your car thats all that matters. I wouldn't go looking for reasons to be dissatisfied.
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