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Kia Sedona Strut Issues

Has anyone had the front struts replaced on their Sedona? I have a knocking coming from mine over small road imperfections only (it doesn't happen over proper bumps such as pot holes). I had heard it in new Sedona's during test drives and the service manager has confirmed that they all do it and that it isn't unsafe. Regardless the dealer is willing to change them for me. So, has anyone done this and has it made a difference? I would hate to do it and then still have the same issue.


Of note is that the owner of the dealership told me that:


1) he has heard they Kia is coming out with a redesigned strut for the Sedona's to remove the noise, and


2) that he has replaced the front struts with after market struts and the knocking was gone.


Thanks for you input.




  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    We haven't replaced struts on our 2002 Sedona (47k miles), but this sounds awfully familiar. Search the Sedona board and the Sedona Problems board for "struts" and you will probably find some prior posts about this subject.
  • hoyahenryhoyahenry Posts: 399
    Hello again Sedona owners!

    Just passed the 33K mile mark on our 02 Sedona (yes, I know Blue, we don't drive it enough ;) ... hope you are doing well.) The van recently got fixed for the driver seat wiring issue. OEM Hankooks are still in good shape and the interior continues to look almost new - just had it professionally detailed in and out - looks great! The cleaning was a good deal for a charitable silent auction.

    Anyway, we did have the windshield crack develop and the seal on the moonroof gave out last summer. Other than those minor annoyances, still a joy to own, except...

    I've had it with the front struts. Luckily, I don't drive it every day, but when I do.... argh! Has anyone else been successful in having this resolved under warranty. I am going to call the dealer today and see what they say, but wanted to ask the collective charter owners.
  • not feel bad...we only have about 28,000 on our '02 Sedona! I was wondering exactly what the seat wiring recall consisted of...I supposedly had this done and when I looked under the seats a few weeks later it appeared as though everything was the same. I did not see anything different. Is there some new shielding/braiding that can be seen? Thanks
  • philliplcphilliplc Posts: 136
    lol time flies. 4 years sure went by quick. 50k on my 02 LX - no major problems so far, just some minor rear seat rattles. still going on original brake pads. just replaced front hankooks, back still look like they have 50%+ life left. have always averaged 21-23 hwy, ~15 city with heavy foot. cheers.
  • boxwrenchboxwrench Posts: 55
    Is anybody else having strut problems? I read on the 2006 forum that there is a strut problem. What ever happened to the 2005 & earlier strut problems. I didn't find any tech bulletins on the web site. I still think mine are defective, and making noises over small bumps. How do I get the Dealer to address this problem? They have made an adjustment (added larger washers?) to the towers, but it still has the problem! Also said I needed a front end alignment, due to tire wear. Not many pot-holes here in FL. I think it was unnecessary, and due to the struts also! Any Ideas?
  • I have a 2005 and I too have the struts problems. Struts changed 3 times, mounts 4 times, torsion bars and stabilizer links too. No effect. What did help (but eventually degraded) was having the dealer torgue the sh#t out of every bolt on the front end.

    No solution in site. A real shame because its a great van. No problems in a year and a half, really comfortable, safe and superb for towing.
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    KIA has a TSB on noisey front struts!!!!!! They have new mounts that will get rid of the noise over rough roads??? It`s for 2002-2005 SEDONAS.I had a 2003 sedona and it was very noisey over rough roads at low speeds.(TSB#KT2007020501)GOOD LUCK I HOPE THIS WORKS.
  • Thanks redptc - I usually check KiaTech site frequently, and just last week looked for something new, but nothing.

    How ironic that they came up with a TSB on Monday about the nagging problem of strut noise. I had checked out the Kia forum on another site, and there were many, many complaints about strut noise. Called my Dealer, Daytona Kia, and the service Mag. said he would order the new isolation mounts, and call me when they came in for an appointment. I told him I had printed out the TSB, and would give it to him, but he must have seen it himself.
    I've had my 04 Sedona EX in a couple times for the problem, but each time they would try something, but it never did any good. Now maybe Kia finally realized that there was a problem after-all!! Will let the forum know how it works out.
    As a side note, the other day I tried to bounce the front of my Sedona as a test for shocks/struts like we used to do in years past, --you know, - it should bounce once then stop,--- Well.... I couldn't get the car to move at all, not even a slight bit. Which leads me to wonder if the springs, or even the struts are too strong for the suspension, thus making it feel as if there is a solid connection between the wheel and the body?? I tested a few other Sedona's & had the same result, This has to be the first vehicle that doesn't have any movement up and down that I have ever seen. Try it and see what you get. My EX has just passed 30K.

  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Good luck on the new mounts.I had a 2003 sedona which my sister-in-law has now. I`ll have to tell her about this.I have a 2006 sedona now .Really nice ride.Like us know how this turns out. :)
  • vanpjvanpj Posts: 14
    I am having same problem on my 2005 EX. What is TSB? I took mine into dealer and he said that is the way it is supposed to sound. Any help would be appreciated.
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    TSB # KT2007020501 :shades: (TECH SERVICE BULLETIN)
  • vanpjvanpj Posts: 14
    Thanks for quick response. I'll try to get a copy of TSB from dealer and hopefully get problem resolved. Thanks again.
  • Hello! My question concerns coverage for the TSB.
    If your vehicle is beyond the 5 year/60K warranty, does the TSB still get accomplished for free...or must you be in the warranty time frame in order for that to occur? :confuse:
  • TSB means nothing when it comes to waranties, just a published fix to technicians for a common problem. The only way you'll get a free repair is if a re-call was involved for safety reasons.
  • joe131joe131 Posts: 971
    Are you saying a car which is eigible for warranty repairs would not have TSB problems fixed for free?
    A yes answer means the owner would pay.
    A no answer means the owner would not have to pay.
  • redptcredptc Posts: 78
    Check with your dealer first.A TSB is a guide for the mechanic to go by. :D
  • My thinking was that if you were still in the 5 year/60K portion of your warranty and you went to the service manager and spoke of a problem (strut noise, noisy rear A/C expansion valve, alternator, etc...)which is documented by the TSB...then it would be taken care of under the terms of the warranty.

    If you were beyond the 5 year/ thinking was that the solution to the problem came out of your pocket.

    I had no idea if this thinking was correct, however...which is why I posted the original question.
  • Minivanfrank,

    If you read KIA's wording in the TSB KT2007020501, at the end it gives the cost codes for warranty work. I called my dealer, and they have the parts on order. I'll let you know how it comes out.... and if it really fixes the strut problem.

  • Thanks for the info. I am going to look into this also when it warms up around here!!! (and before my warranty runs out in October).
  • Took my 04 Sedona to Daytona Kia today for the strut FIX, along with 30k service. It seems to be FIXED!! No more annoying Bonk/Thump at slow speeds. The Svc Mgr had the TSB printed out and included on the repair write-up. So now we will see how long these new strut mounts work before the noise comes back.
    I did notice as I was driving home that I don't seem to feel all the suttle road bumps at high speed that I used to before the FIX. This is a good thing! It is as if there are softer springs now soaking up some of the thump, thump that you have at high speeds. A different kind of thump than at slow speeds. Time will tell if it is really fixed!

    Now - to the bad news! The 30k service here in Daytona was pegged at $379 plus tax - quite a steep price for the few things that are done. I only had it done at Kia for the warrenty especially for the Transmission. Thinking there would be a complete power flush of the transmission fluid, I soon came to realize that only 3 quarts of fluid were used. After questioning the Svc Mgr, he said only a drain and fill of the trans was required for warrenty purposes- thus 3 quarts.

    Heck, I could have done that myself for much less. That will be the last time I go back to Kia for anything but Warrenty work. It is really a rip off. Total parts used in the 30k svc came to $74 - plus $27 of shop materials!! What a joke. By the time it was all figured up, it was $404.30!!

    To me it was worth about $100 in real value, and that is a high estimate. I have always worked with the same Svc Mgr, and they have addressed all my problems in a timely fashion, and I am satified with their service. But at a unusually high cost.
    My opinion - find a good independent garage/mechanic, and have all your routine maintenance done with them at a fraction of the dealer cost! I used to do all my own maintenance, but I'm getting to old and lazy to do it anymore.

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