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Kia Sedona Strut Issues



  • joancjoanc Posts: 26
    Hi all..
    ..just wanted to let everyone know that I, too, just got the fix as well and my 03 sedona rides much better. Not smooth as glass, mind you (not that I expect that with a minivan!), but much of the harshness over small bumps has been greatly reduced. Print out the TSB and take it in to your Kia dealer if your ride is excessively rough. It really helps! Joan
  • Hi all,
    I have searched for the TSB about the struts but can't find it on the net. Can anyone post a link here? or email it to me at:

    Thanks for any assistance

  • boxwrenchboxwrench Posts: 55
    Here is a partial description of TSB #KT2007020501 from the KiaTech website. Just refer your dealer to that TSB #. If your Sedona is still within the warranty it should be at no cost. Mine was with 30k on the odometer.
    Try this site for info



    TSB No. KT2007020501 TSB Type General
    Language English Published 2/5/2007
    Model Sedona [GQ](2005) Area N. America
    Gr./Sys./Comp Suspension System / Front Suspension System / Front Strut Assembly
    Symptom SSN001 - Noise
    Subject 2002-2005 Sedona Strut Mount Improvements (Chassis - 015)

    Some owners of 2002-2005 Sedona vehicles produced from 5/1/2001-8/31/2005 may complain of front suspension noise over rough road surfaces at speeds between 18-31 MPH. To reduce the noise Kia has redesigned the strut mount with a modified rubber composition to improve the overall sound dampening in the affected speed range. However, all other suspension components should be checked for performance prior to installing these replacement strut mounts. Concerns with worn out struts and/or rubber mounting components should be addressed before installing these revised mounts. This TSB should only be used for customer complaints at speeds between 18-31 MPH.
  • Hi Boxwrench,

    Thank you,

    I signed up at:

    Got it all and are too kind.

  • bwaynbwayn Posts: 13
    Hi there,

    I have a Sedona '02. Looking for a pair of struts and seems unavailable after market. I have google and found nothing. Would you please advice me where to get them in reasonable price. Preferable online. May be a part number or something specific that can help me spot it. Do I need to get the strut mounts and dampers?

    The struts vibration issue discussion on this thread has been a year by now. Is there a fix for that yet? The problem seems getting worse.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.
  • metchemetche Posts: 1
  • bwaynbwayn Posts: 13
    Thanks metche; they don't have it.
  • jimmyy43jimmyy43 Posts: 8
    I have been reading the post about strut issues and the "fix" for harsh ride and bumps. All of the post that I have read seem to be for 2005 and earlier. I have the same complaints with my 2006, as in harsh ride over bumps etc. Does anyone have the same problems with their 2006 and if so is there a factory bulletin out on the repair of the 2006?
  • onedmconedmc Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 Kia sedona. I had front passenger side "clunking" and took it to local Kia dealer in Trenton, NJ. They first replaced front "sway bar"? and clunking still persisted. On 2nd look they had to replace the whole engine"cradle" which is a 4ft. x 4ft. square piece that the engine and other suspension parts are attached to. Clunking noise is no longer there. This was a 2 day repair and they gave me a loaner during the repairs.
  • jimmyy43jimmyy43 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply. We too have had the back engine cradles replaced and that cleared up that particular noise. Soon I'll go to the dealer, who by the way has been very good, and investigate an noise coming from the rear of the van. Its hard to explain and not real loud but it's there non the less. If it were a rear wheel drive, I would say it was coming from the differential. Kind of like a low hollow constant noise...very faint but now that it has appeared I notice it constantly. The type of road I'm on doesn't seem to make a difference in the sound. Always there and only when the van is going down the road so I'm reasonably sure it's not the fuel pump noise others complain about. Maybe a wheel bearing? I'll call my service adviser and have him research any strut issues also. This van simply does not ride smooth and hit any seams or imperfections in the road with a Bang! Again thanks and I'll keep people advised. I might wait until my next oil change which is about a month or so away.
  • Hi there!

    My wife and I purchased a 2006 LX model in early '07. It started making the same (at least I think the same) thumping noise and riding pretty rough recently.

    Was the repair you mentioned covered under warranty ( I hope?)

    In going through my warranty manual it doesn't look as though it would be, without a very serious fight.

  • jimmyy43jimmyy43 Posts: 8
    Sorry I will not be of much help. The Sedona has a lot of nice features but we were in the shop so many times that after 2 years we lost confidence in it and traded it in. After the last visit, for failure to start I drove out of the shop, hit a small bump in the road and there was that thud and I said I am not going back!
    Interestingly...we have had our next vehicle (not a Kia) for 8 months and 6500 miles and NOT ONE issue so far!
    Good luck and sorry I offered no help.
  • onedmconedmc Posts: 5
    My Kia was repaired under warranty . I had to pay nothing out of pocket and no more issues have come up. I had my 30,000 mile service done in the mean time and it cost $350.00.
  • bwaynbwayn Posts: 13
    Based on my experience in care of my 2002 Kia Sedona with over 100,000 miles, here are some info on the "strut issure" mentioned above I thought may be helpful; as for me, it took care of the problem. The van has been used more like a truck. I have the middle sits removed for hualing heavy cargo up to the roof besides hauling children sometime.

    Tire ware, alignment, and struts are associated with the issue which you may like to pay attention to. At around 50,000 miles, you may have them mantinence check; that is abut the time that the ride gets bumpy and a bit out of control. Meanwhile, inspect the struts for oil leakage. At about 70,000 mile the struts needed to be replaced reguardless. You will notice a better ride.

    Strut Part # (2002-05) Front Right W0133-1658525
    Front Left W0133-1658526

    Kia calls them:(02-05)FR 0K52Y34700A
    FL 0K52Y34900A

    For DIY individials, they are available in the web but Kia dealership often costs less. The right strut often cost much more then the left. Actually, they both are exactly the same strut; the only different is the location of the brake line and abs line brackets as the left is the reverse of the right. The purpose of the brackets are holding the lines sturdy. So, if you like to save the money, you can just get two left struts and push the lines an inch or so further and pop them into the brackets on the right strut side. If you didn't think the lines can reach, just strap it down with wire tights.

    The rear shocks are available everywhere, Amazon is one of the good source but not eBay. The Part # MoMonroe Reflex 911272 REFLEX LIGHT TRUCK Shock Absorber. They can be easily replaced by removing the shock mount bracket which fasten on the frame by 5 big screws.

    Hope this helps.

  • carfan19carfan19 Posts: 3
    Yes, the repair will be covered under warranty. My 2006 Sedona EX was making same bonk/thumping noise when going over small bumps at slow speeds. When I took it in to dealer, I mentioned to service Rep. what I had read in the blogs regarding the engine cradle. They said they'll look into it. Got vehicle back same day in the afternoon. They replaced rear subframe bushings and stabilizer links. I'm assuming the stabilizer bar is the same as sway bar. Result: Noise is gone and vehicle feels tight and not as shaky and loose as it did before. Besides this issue we love our Sedona, it's been great so far. Hope this helps everyone who's having this problem. :)
  • There is 4 ways that they go in. I have been having tire wear issues. How do I know if I have them installed correctly
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