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Nissan Altima vs Toyota Camry

car111car111 Posts: 24
edited May 2 in Nissan
I am comparing new 2007 Altima with 2007 Camry in terms of handling, reliabity, safety ,depreciation, etc. If anyone has any input, please let me know.



  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Strangely I have a 2007 CamryXLE V-6. I get a new car almost every year. The car I am considering is the new altima. I have done a lot of research, test drove one, and consider the Altima to be an excellent choice top replace my Camry. The Camry is a fine car, well built, very quick, a nice interior, but just isn't as tight in steering as the Altima. The Camry also gets excellent gas mileage dispite the large V-6. I can get 30 plus on the highway and 20 in town. The altima has a bigger trunk, but smaller back seat. It has come down to steering, color of the car, and looks for me. The Camry is a keeper if I don't find what I want in the Altima. It will not disappoint me to hold onto the Camry for longer. I did tint the windows and put new wwider tires on it so it looks very nice. I put about 24K miles on a car a year, and it is really my offcie so I like what I'm driving in. You'll just have to ask yourself what is more importanat to you, I truly believ you can't go wrong with either, but if mileage, quickness, refinement, and interior are important then the Camry. If steering, looks and trunk space the Altima. Good luck, either way, "enjoy the ride".
  • car111car111 Posts: 24
    Thanks. Please see my input today under the discussion : BMW vs Altima. Don't know if the CVT that makes the car go faster or the softer pedals ? Find the Camry easier to maintain the speed and also very responsive, especially on slopes.
  • vmokhutovvmokhutov Posts: 23
    Hello 2007 altima owners. It looks like altima's ground cleanace is lower than camry's. How do you find it's groud clearance when laden with 4-5 people and something in the trunk. Looks like it's gonna touch the smallest bumps on the road?
  • drjamesdrjames Posts: 274
    "I have a 2007 CamryXLE V-6. ... The Camry is a fine car, ..., but just isn't as tight in steering as the Altima."

    Why not get the Camry SE V6 instead of the XLE if you wanted a taunt suspension and "tight" steering?
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Well an SE Camry may have done the trick and your point is well taken. Probably thought at the time he XLE was fine as it was such an improvement over my Avalon.
  • After 18 years and six CamryXLE's, I made the switch to the Altima 2.5SL. Since my 96 Camry, I have felt the quality of the car has gone down: the steering is loose, leather cheap, more road noise . I had 4-cylinder engines and was very happy with the mileage.

    I just got the Altima and am very happy. The car is tighter, the back seat is comfortable, the leather seats are leather and not the cheap leather trim of the Camry. It is quieter and rides well. I like the larger gas tank.

    I am disappointed in the radio (minor), not sure if I like the push button start from a safety aspect. and it is too early to know if the mileage will be as great as the Camry.

    Both cars are good choices but I am happy with my change to the Nissan.
  • neil0311neil0311 Posts: 8
    Well this thread is very timely considering that I own a 2007 Camry XLE V6, and I also was within minutes of trading it for an 07 Nissan Altima SE 3.5. My Camry has had its share of issues, including needing a replacement transaxle due to the shift flare, so I've been considering alternatives.

    I went to my local Nissan dealer and test drove an Altima. The car was nice. It was so nice that I took it home for the night and drove it around (with the dealer's consent) to get a more in depth feel. In the end, I decided that the difference wasn't worth taking a hit for thousands of dollars. The fact that the Altima needs 91 octane fuel kind of sealed the deal. A few mpg less is one thing, but that combined with 20 cents a gallon more was more than I was prepared to do.

    The one thing I have to take issue with though is the comment regarding the leather seats. I found the seats in the Altima to be stiff and "thin" feeling, whereas I think the leather in the Camry is much softer and more "luxurious" feeling. The seats in my Camry are a lot more comfortable. The Camry feels a lot more "solid" than the Altima to me as well. Bear in mind that I want to ditch the Camry and was prepared to buy the Altima, so I have no agenda.
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I almost bought a camry too. I don't think either of them realy stands out that much from the other,(both are quality cars) and would have been happy with either. In the end, I more or less picked the atima simply because Nissan's have been very good to me, and I like the nissan dealership more than the toyota dealership. And a little bit because toyota's are everywhere now. Its nice to be a little different.
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    Having now owned my Altima for 3 weeks and have 2,000 miles behind me, I had 20,000 on the '07 Camry when I traded it in, I think both these cars are great, but the Camry is more elegant inside, the Altima handles better, but the ride is firm and at times jittery. The Bose stereo is awesome, but so was the Toyota JBL system. The Altima is a lot sexier, and I just felt a bit old manish in the Camry. I have experimented with the premium vs. regular gas debacle. I have had several cars that "require" premium, the Altima recommends it. The car isn't going to explode if you put regular in. If you burn regular, still get a tank of premium about every fifth fill up. I never get spark knock, I do lose some horsepower, and I also lose about 2 miles to the gallon. But I save at the pump about 20 cents per gallon as you suggested. Both these cars are very nice, but the push-button start and seamless CVT tranny sold me on the Altima.
  • car111car111 Posts: 24
    hi, what is your safety concern with push button. i am thinking if I should get that in camry - "seems it can interfere with pacemakers, etc".
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    I woudl have to agree with you. I owned a 89 Camry LE, 93 V6XLE, 97 Avalon and 07 Camry and Toyota quality is no where near what it used to be. I noticed the decline in the 97 Avlaon it was not quite as good as the 93 Camry, which was built like a tank. The 07 Camry felt poorly assembled and like all the parts were loosely fitted in comparison. Interior squeaks and rattles were bad due to sloppy design in the fit and finish dept. I have driven the 07 Altima twice now both times 2.5 SL with tech package and find it to be an awesome machine. I think the Bose is as good or maybe better than the JBL and both are far better than the wimpy 5.1 ELS in my current 07 Acura TL. The place the Altima looses ti for me is in the wimpy, numb no feedback or road feel steering. I find the Camry provided betetr steering than the Altima and Nissans should be a bit more sporty than the Toyotas. I coudl easily see me going form the TL to an Altima if they get the darn steering to haev some feedback and road feel.
  • jaeger1jaeger1 Posts: 43
    I took a look at the Camry when I was shopping - both the XLE and SE versions. Not only did it not come near to the Altima in my assessment - it was 4 or 5 down the list when it came to final ranking and voting with my wallet.

    The handling on the XLE is boatlike and floaty. The SE is quite a bit better, but quite a bit behind the more sporty sedan offerings (Mazda 6, Altima SE, TSX). The V6 motor in the Camry is strong, but the experience (like everything about the Camry) is muted and unexciting. You could have a small sewing machine under the hood for all the audible delight it offers.

    Toyota is a company that holds driver isolation as a virtue and driver involvement as a vice - an outlook that is evident in everything about the Camry. If your outlook is the same, it should be a very good choice.

  • arthwerksarthwerks Posts: 14
    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Just joined and wanted to chime in. I fuel up Nissans everyday. Yes, some Nissans do say on the inside of the fuel filler door "Premium fuel reccomended for maximum performance" but we put 87 octane in them everyday and according to Nissan, that is just fine. Look at it this way. You can get the 5.6 liter V8 in a Pathfinder in 2008. It has the label on the gas door. Yet the same V8 comes in a Titan and Armada with no label. Another thing to remember is, at least when it comes to the coupes, these are 2008 mileage ratings you see on the sticker. All cars will go down as soon as the 2008 models come out. If you go to you can see what stickers will read on the 2008 models. It seem that Nissan will be the big winner next year. Most models will have more power and better gas mileage.
  • mikolasmikolas Posts: 1
    So... I'm rather new to cars and know very little about them. I've just got my license and will be choosing between two cars. I would rather get a used car as my first, but my mother is insisting on getting a new car because I will be driving it in the snowy region of Buffalo and she wishes it to last longer so that my sister can use it in about 3-5 years. Based on those 3 factors, that one I am inexperienced, two I'll be using it in snow, three it will need to last long enough so that it won't break down on my sister, I'm not sure which car to pick.

    The choices are 2007 Camry LE vs 2007 Altima 2.5S .

    From the research I've gathered or "general knowledge", the Camry is suppose to be far more reliable and longer lasting. The convenience package that it comes with seems far better then the altima's. But I've heard reports about some engine issues/ acceleration delay in the 2007 model. The 2007 altima however, seems more appealing with the keyless entry, CVT transmission, and from what I heard, a pretty powerful torque/horse power for a 4 cylinder car.

    I ask you guys who are far more experienced and knowledgeable, which would you prefer if you had to pick between the two, and why? I personally like the Altima, but my mother (who is paying for much of it), had some bad experiences with Nissan with our old time Nissan quest, thus doesn't trust the reliability of Nissan. If the reliability of Nissan is that poor, I would take the camry to ensure my sister has a safe car when she keeps it.

    P.S. Have any of you driven them and know the actual mpg of the two cars? From what I've seen, the numbers they give in the advertisements aren't accurate. Thanks!
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    If your buying for reliability and longevity, then go for the camry. not that the altima won't last a long time, or aren't reliable, but toyota owns reliabitly. But, if you wan't a car with some soul, thats actully fun to drive.....then get the altima.
  • cirrusscirruss Posts: 87
    Well I had a chance to rent a 07 Camry 4cylinder couple months back. At first, I was so excited that I can rent one but once I started driving it, it was the most dissapointing experience ever. Trust me, I am not that picky when it comes to cars because I travel every week and rent different vehicles every time. Even a Hyundai Sonata or the Pontiac G4 is better than this camry. Of course the Altima is even better!!! The 4cyl Camry I drove is so sluggish and sloppy, it felt like I was in my old 1995 Corolla. I do like the styling on the outside, the inside is boring and the handling didn't match the styling cues.
  • kvwaterkvwater Posts: 3
    I've owned 2 Nissans. A 1991 300 ZX and a 1996 Maxima. They were both extremely reliable. Just the normal wear and tear stuff like breaks and tires. I recently test drove the Camry and the Altima. The Camry was nice, but boring. My father has a Camry. The Altima was fun and had features that the Camry didn't. Like keyless entry and CVT. I'm currently driving a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I purchased it because I live in the Syracuse NY area. Very close to Buffalo. I don't know where you live now but snow is an issue up here! SUV's are great in snow but I personally felt more control driving in a car.I recommend getting snow tires and a standard shift if you know how to use it. A standard shift is great for driving in the snow and fun for when the weather is warm. Good luck!
  • bv050506bv050506 Posts: 97
    I've made a couple of prior posts on the topic as I've owned both. I did test drive the 4cyl Altima and was impressed with the car. You should read consumer reports of about 3-4 months ago that did the comparo of these two cars. They loved the Altima and spoke very highly of the 4 banger. The Camry is truly reliable but lacks sole. It's basic transportation at its best. The Quest did have problems, but Altimas have faired much better. Sounds like you're fairly young........get the Altima and still get great gas mileage and have a car with some sexiness!
  • "You should read consumer reports of about 3-4 months ago that did the comparo of these two cars. They loved the Altima and spoke very highly of the 4 banger."

    Message #381 in 2007 Altima:

    For the March issue, Consumer Reports magazine tested five family sedans (Kia Optima, Saturn Aura, Pontiac G6 and Chrysler Sebring), titled it Leaping Ahead, with the sub-title The Redesigned Nissan Altima Accelerates to the Top of Our Ratings. Also, they tested both four cylinder and V-6 versions in this comprehensive test. The four cylinder won almost all the acceleration tests--only beat by .2 of a second by the Saturn Aura 45-65, had the best gas mileage of all. The V-6 won ALL the acceleration tests (0-60 6.4), (45-65 3.9), 1/4 mile 15, and got best mileage of all tested. It begins by saying "The Altima 3.5 SE virtually ties with the Honda Accord V6, our top-rated family sedan. The four-cylinder Altima 2.5S is relatively refined. Both are coupled to a smooth continuously variable transmission, which helps them attain commendable fuel economy." CR continues: "Both engines deliver strong acceleration yet get commendable fuel economy. The 175-HP 2.5-litre four cylinder accelerates better than some V6s and returned 25 MPG overall on regular fuel. Although it requires premium fuel, the smooth and punchy 270-HP 3.5-litre V6 returns 23 MPG (I'm actually hoping for better) overall, comparable to some four-cylinder engines. Both are mated to a smooth CVT. Braking performance is very good. Both halogen and HID low beams perform well but have a sharp cutoff." About the interior it says "The Altima has nicely textured, well-fitting materials. Drivers have plenty of room in the cockpit, even with the optional sunroof. The steering wheel has an awkward telescope adjustment and coarse tilt settings. While rear-visibility is hampered by a high rear deck, the 3.5 SE's optional backup camera works well. The Altima's bright back-lighted gauges are easy to read. The controls are straightforward and the optional navigation system is easy to use." I will have to say, on my first highway trip, I did find the seats harder than usual, as some others have pointed out, but not badly so.
  • The reason the 2007 Altima's steering feels that way is that Nissan is shooting for less torque steer otherwise known as the steering wheel which has a mind of its own when lighting the tires or doing other maneuvers. I own a 2007 Altima 3.5SE and love it. To me it accelerates, steers and handles like a BMW and cost far less than the comparable 3 Series. Road feel is great, the car is quieter than past offerings but not so quiet that you feel isolated from the road. Whoever rates the Camry above the Altima clearly has not DRIVEN this vehicle and either drives like granny and likes a numb feel suspension wise,or is just looking for a plain Jane daily driver. This car looks classy, has soul and begs you to DRIVE it. the stock sound system is ok, I usually upgrade that sooner or later any way. Go to a nearby dealer and tell them you are interested in test driving this car and really DRIVE THE CAR. Don't just tickle it or as they say, drive it like you own it! :D
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