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Dodge Sprinter Electrical Problems



  • I have a 2004 Sprinter 2500 Cargo van that seems to have problems on the right side that's associated w/ moisture. If it rains the right turn signal both inside and out, both ends remains on. If I turn the headlights off so that the daytime lights are on everything works normal but if I turn the lights on- left sde flashes normal- right side and hazzard on but no flash. :( :cry:
  • I feel your pain, I have gone threw about 7 headlight bulbs, Just blew one on thurs. Before that I lost one, then the other a few days later.
    Also, Now I keep blowing the fuse on my backup camera. Sent monitor back and they said it was fine. Any body else having light problems, Tom :mad:
  • FYI, Just noticed today rust under the mud flaps I just had my van repainted 8-9 months ago. Took it to the dealer that painted it. They said bad design,,, The flap just sits and rubs till it rusts. So you might want to check yours before it happens. Tom :mad:
  • Hi, I bet you buy the best High Intensity bulb available. Just like with house bulbs The brighter they burn the quicker they die. Add on to that a slightly high running voltage and full time running lights and you will be putting in new often. I got some Volvo long life halogen lamps on ebay for $4 each. I keep spares but 2 years now and never a problem. I still keep the super bright (Philips Money Makers) in for the High Beams
  • I have a strange problem, If i turn on my parking lights with the key off ,only the parking lights on the passenger side come on. If the truck is running all works fine. It is a 2003 sprinter 3500 with daytime running lights. All the fuses are good. Does anyone have any ideas?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    Check carefully for ground wires and grounding screws loose on the driver's side.

    This is reported as fairly common, but the results are mixed... bulbs don't light, do light but burn out sooner than expected, etc.

    KenB :sick:
  • k1of7k1of7 Posts: 1
    I leave my radio on now to be sure I have turned the key completely off.

    I have a 2006 2500 & sometimes I take the key out & the radio stays on. So I stick the key back in & firmly turn it off and pull it out, waiting for the radio to go off.

    I'm also on my 3rd headlight in 6 months - I'll ask the dealer to check the grounds.

  • kurt6kurt6 Posts: 22
    Cannot help you on radio,but headlights is a ground problem.Check ground connection (firewall above battery) splice extra groundwire into existing ground close to headlight and connect to clean bodypenal.
  • andy111andy111 Posts: 1
    You are not alone. I have been having the same problem. It is certain it will not start monday morning and occationally during the week. The dealer in my area said nothing is wrong with it so for a while I would call the service writer everytime it died. It is now in the shop again and when I get it back I am going to call for a jump start every time it happens until they find the problem. My van is a 2007 with 14,000 miles and did not start doing this until the weather turned cold.
  • Hi to everybody,
    2004 sprinter turbo diesel. Dealer "fixed" this problem /in Title/ last week, yesterday I have to call a tow-truck to bring the car back to them with the same problem. Any idea?
  • kenbakerkenbaker Posts: 239
    wondering what they fixed? what was the "fix"?

    Just guessing from the little info in your post, but sounds like either the Glow-plug module is going/gone out, or the computer thinks you have attempted a start and wants you to turn off completely and re-start the start up problem.

    Kenneth :shades:
  • mcinnismcinnis Posts: 4
    Where can I find and electrical engineer to reverse engineer the modifications to our Van (100amp additional systems load). Lasers, cameras, radar, computers, warning lights, second alternator, invertor, 110v, 12 and 420 amp hr batteries. We need experienced eyes to review and comment on our highly modified van.
  • Hi, my 2004 dodge sprinter 2500, 2.7l - 5 cyl. Mercedes engine does NOT start every time. I left the engine OFF for 5h. and all turn signals went ON and I have NO idea why. My battery died and I can NOT start the vehicle. Does anyone have any idea if it is the manufacturing alarm? Why did all signals (front and rear) turn on "after about 5-6h.,when I did not drive anywhere? Thank you in advance, Boris!!!
  • Hi, I can not start my 2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500 2.7l Mercedes engine van early in the morning when the temperature is below 50F. Once I start it, I don't have a problem at all. If during the day I turn off the engine , it starts again without any problem. I checked all fuses and relays in the cab and I don't know if there are more somewhere around the engine or battery. I bought a new battery, I drove the van for 2 000 miles without a stop but when I came home at midnight and left my van, 8am the next morning it did not start. I belive it is an elecrical problem but I don't know what alse to check.
    The starter is good - checked it in autozone store
    The battery is good - 12,8 (14,5 from the alternator)
    The fuses and relay are good
    All grounds are good (body, engine e.t.)
    Does anyone have an idea??????????
  • I had the same problem with my 2006 sprinter. I just pulled the fuses out that run the daytime running lights and the took care of the problem. I think I had to pull at least two differnt fuses. Easy fix
  • My 2006 Sprinter keeps blowing out both the Mass air sensor and the EGR valve sensors. I think ive had them replaced two or more times each so far. Does anyone have the same problem if so how was it fixed?? Any help would be greatly appreciated, What can I do to stop the problem? My srinter just hit 51,000 miles
  • Thank you jconsoleo, but I don't have those fuses, I bought the van like
    this, when I run my van my daytime lights are NOT ON, and I have like 4
    more fuses which says that are for daytime light and I took them out and
    still no even crank the engine. Ones the engine crank it will be started for
    sure, Any other ideas? :( :cry:
  • Do you have a start error on the dash display?does the engine crank?at 50 deg the glow plugs should not be a problem,the most likely causes are low fuel rail pressure or a crankshaft plausibility error,i see this all the time in the winter,have someone pull the codes and look for fuel presure or crank/cam sensor faults.also look for fuel leaks at the high pressure pump when the engine is cold
  • This is normal,sprinters are built with this feature for the european market,law requires you to have thes lights on when parked on the side of the road at night and they drive on the left side of the road.
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