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Ford Escort ZX2 Transmission Problems



  • izaclown1izaclown1 Posts: 116
    We had to out a new shift sensor in our 98 ZX2 just last week. It wanted to start off from a dead stop in 2nd or 3rd and would not idle because of that.
  • belinda1belinda1 Posts: 3
    I would love to know who is filing a suit against ford motor company and I would gladly jump on board my 2001 escort zx2 is a piece of s*** !! I have put a few thousand dollars into this car besides the 14,000.00 spent to freakin buy it. Just to keep it running enough to get me to work and back so if anyone knows who and how to sue them I will follow....I am still putting money into this car because I can't afford to buy another one right now..

    Belinda Bradford

    p.s. My Daddy worked at Ford Motor Co. for 26 years and all he got was cancer and died. They need to pay for something and I know he wasn't the only one..Out of the Sheffield, Alabama plant there was 2400 workers and now there is only approx. 400 still living and most have died from cancer.
  • RatonyRatony Posts: 2
    I am sorry to hear about your father.

    Just do a search on "Suing Ford Transmissions" and you will pull up a number of ongoing cases some involving serious injuries and deaths.

    I would also strongly suggest all to file a complaint against Ford at the following web site:

    Follow up on my car, only five months after trans was repaired the trans is failing again. Can I now be eligible to file a case under the lemon law? :lemon:
  • hello all , recent overnight trans failure. trying to determine what happens & repair.
    80k on unit

    reversed out with a bang - going forward- noises until no further wheel movement- Towed home

    raised & inspected- no visible failure, axles& wheels spin in neutral , shift linkage goes through pattern ok, fluid is full * ok.

    day after- when cold trans will operate forward with noises ( like bearings grumbling) then stops movement when warmed up. noise gone - no more wheel spin.

    any ideas internal failures- pump,flex,torque ??
    thanks fellas
  • i bought my2002 Ford Escort ZX2 from a dealer in 2004. i was the second owner of the car. I RAGGED this car out for the last 8 YEARS driving from state to state , and i didnt take as good care of it as i should. This car had 40,000 miles on it when i bought it, now at 180,000 miles, my car has out last every car my husband has bought. The only thing i ever had done was a transmission flush and a filter change, because it was time for it not because it needed it. Sadly my car got rear ended , and now im on the hunt for another car, just might be picking up another one tomarow :) Sorry you had horrible luck , but this car has saved my skin many a times, and as bad as the accident was , my husband walked away without a scratch. :)
  • Sorry for the delay in responding. To me Ford gets lower than an "F". My 2002 Zx2 only has 47,520 miles. It has been throwing serpentine belts at a rate of a belt every 7 months. Today I found out why. The idle tensioner pulley is bad.

    Still can not go on road trips because of the 2 time repaired 5 speed manual transmission that keeps popping out of 5th gear after 30mins of highway driving.
  • bbb2002bbb2002 Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    Have a 2002 Ford ZX2 with 98,700 miles. When I am stuck in traffic, creeping along at 10-15 miles or so, it shifts down to the normal low gear (as it should), but when I speed up (to about 55 miles), it will not kick out of the gear it’s in. At other times, it gets “stuck” in 2nd or 3rd gear and won’t kick out of that gear. The RPMs rev WAY up. When I slow down or stop, it goes back to normal. And this problem happens intermittently.
    I took it to be looked at, and the mechanic could not duplicate the problem. The trans fluid levels are fine, but look a little brown. What could be going on? I am not going to put thousands of dollars into this car. If it’s done, it’s done. I just want to make sure it's safe to drive if they haven't been able to find anything!
  • 99 ford escrot zx2.automatic its been acting weird like delayed on shift times. to start off i have to put it in low and get it hight enough and then hit it into D. this still takes a minute because it revs up high then clicks in and goes. If i start out in D its just reving for a few minutes to and wont go anywhere. Reverse is bad too sometimes itll work sometimes it wont... so i thought it might be a vacum leak or the tranny checked both fixed the leak and just spent 800 on a used tanny and had my buddy put it in. I was hoping it would be ready to be sold the day the new tans went in but not a now im down 800 dollars and its still not working.. its still doing the same thing now fluid was good. but now its got a tans fluid leak so i have to fix that. Im not sure if the shift sensor next to the linkage or the linkage is messed up thats causing the shift problems? Any help please trying to get rid of this thing already.
  • sellsimosellsimo Posts: 1
    My car has been having issues with 2nd gear lately. I have to let my RPMs fall down to 1000 before it will hold. Even then, it seems as though something is preventing it from going into gear. Brought it into a dealership and they said I need a new clutch. Wouldn't I be having problems with all other gears if it was the clutch? I was thinking more along the lines of a synchronizer in the tranny....
  • baicasbaicas Posts: 1
    My car had a problem with the box that was attached to the battery grounding post, the wires busted off, and I was told by the mechanic that it's an obsolete part from Ford, so he had to rig one up, that is what caused my electrical problems, cos that box and wires controls the computer and electrical system in the car, if you haven't done so already have them check this out.
  • alright i have a 2000 ford zx2 and im having tranny problems. the tranny was acting weird like it would shift to neutral when i let off the gas or went around a corner. but it was still completely driveable. so i took it to a tranny shop to see if i could get it fixed before something got worse. well they said the tranny was bad and it was 2200$ for a new one. well the cars not even worth that. so i said screw that. then i left there and barely made it home. and now after that is is not drivable at all. when i start now it goes into gear then pops back into neutral after about 5 seconds. it doesnt slip it shifts good and hard when it goes into gear. and my code reader said it was a solenoid. so i have no idea. i heard that the solenoids are right inside the tranny pan and there are 3 or 4 of them. so i thought about just changing them all. so i dont know if anyone else has had this problem or not.
  • have you tried changing the transmission filter?
  • Wow is all I have to say! I just finally got rid of my automatic 2003 ZX2 today and I can not be any happier! It gave me nothing but headaches for 5 1/2 years. I bought the car in 2006 with 42k miles on it and traded it in with 97k miles. First off my 1st tranny went at about 50k miles and was luckily covered under warranty. My shifter lock also always seemed to be locked so I always had to stick a screwdriver down there for the past 3-4 years def a huge pain! Twice after driving through a small amount a water a belt slipped and the car died... About a month ago the alternator died in the middle of the road and I was stranded in the middle of the road. $500 later im back on the road. Then maybe a week later my 2nd tranny has been doing the exact same thing everyone else has been describing, def not fun and not a comforting thing to happen when I have about a 1 hour commute each way to work. Traded that piece of crap in today for a new Chevy Sonic and could not be happier! To anyone even thinking about buying a ZX2 do your self a favor and DONT .
  • iam having same problem mine delays from 2nd to 3rd it goes in 1st and 2nd good but when it goes to 3rd it acts like it wants to go from 2nd to 3rd then it goes in 3rd .did you get yours fixed.
  • nope traded it in for a brand new car. I didnt even bother to get an estimate and I def dont miss it one bit. Do yourself a favor and do the same trust me its not worth it to get fixed, the amount of money I put into that car in the last 2 years just makes me sick.
  • Hey, mine does the same thing. Did you ever figure it out?
  • Every car has it's lemons no car is prone, the zx2 is a good car 100times better then anything chevy has put out pryer to the cruze, I have a 99 zx2 and love it bought it with 87k and now it has 124k only had to replace the alternator $150 and general maintenance, the alternator doesn't just go out like that it tells you when it's failing
  • I got a tranny from a junk b/c the prev owner didn't know how to drive a stick now I couldn't be happier, it's pretty quick and faster then most compacts
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