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BMW History and Engine Technology



  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Talk about "from the sublime to the ridiculous", an M3 is a much more highly strung car than a typical BMW, and while the E46 version is relatively reliable compared to Ms of old, they do require more care and feeding than say a 330i of the same model year.

    Personally I'd avoid a second hand M3 unless I had tons of documentation in its maintenance history, better still if I knew the previous owner and how it was driven.

    Best regards,
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Agreed! :shades:
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    "the E46 version is relatively reliable compared to Ms of old"

    Hey, I resent that remark.

    Except for replacing the transmission, clutch (twice), driveshaft, differential, 2 axles, AFM, brake master cylinder, 2 window switches, exhaust from the header back, control arms, tie-rod ends, rear shock mounts (twice), guibo, O2 sensor, sway bar links, subframe bushings, engine mounts, oil cooler, shifter bushings, 2 wheel bearings, flywheel sensors, and the alternator in the past 3 years, my M3 has been completely reliable!
  • haha thanks guys, but im also under a price limit. this is my first car, and my parents are not trying to get me something too expensive.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Then do not get an M3, you'll be perfectly happy with a regular 3-Series. ;)

    Best regards,
  • M series cars also don't have good resale value vis a vis their original premium price.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Agreed. If money is a consideration, do not get an M. They cost more to purchase, and a lot more to maintain/repair.
  • Alright. Good point. i love that kick that the BMW's have, but I'm not sure if the 3 Series will make up for the M3. You guys think I'll still be happy with a regular 3 series? :confuse:
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Funny, none of my BMW's ever kicked...

    I think you should get a Mustang.
  • A 3 series is fast enough to get you put on a highway cleanup gang for life. :P

    The problem with the "M" are that, historically, they quickly become "yesterday's news" and with new technology, what was once a "fast" BMW becomes one that is slower than BMWs normal sedans in the upcoming years.
  • I understand what you're saying. If you guys were to pick a very reliable car/getting a car for the money you pay, would BMW's be on top of your list?
  • Depends if driving pleasure is a factor or not. If it's pure appliance-like reliability one is looking for, no matter how numb the car feels or no matter how generic it looks, then no, a BMW is not the best choice for that highest level of reliability above all else.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    People buy cars for many reasons . . .

    My 2008 BMW 535i is my first BMW. A new convert, the car is my "ultimate driving machine." That takes the car's utlility off the charts because the drive was my top priority.

    I once purchased a 1999 Volvo S80, for the safety features, knowing that the transmission was a Chevy that Volvo used because it was the only one that would fit. Knowing that the tranny was likely to fail and it did -- under warranty, of course -- reliability was not that big a deal. Safety and comfort were my main concerns given the 50 mile commute up and down I-95 that I had to then endure.

    On this BMW purchase, I wanted a great drive, power and speed and at least 24 mpg. Add the styling and the intangible of panache: case closed. As much as I hate to go on record admitting this, reliability is not always important to me (or to others who buy cars). Otherwise, who would buy a Mercedes or a Dodge? :)

    What was the question.? Happy driving.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I understand what you're saying. If you guys were to pick a very reliable car/getting a car for the money you pay, would BMW's be on top of your list?

    Given the above, no and no. If you want a "very reliable car/getting a car for the money you pay", buy an Accord or a Camry. A BMW is a lot more than just what you asked about.

    Sounds like you really don't have your heart set on a BMW, in the sense that "I just gotta have one".
  • I think you misunderstood. I truly do want a BMW, not because I can want one, but because I love them. I'm simply asking if they can be "reliable" cars because I've heard the maintenance can be expensive for BMW's, given the fact I'm 17, also due to the fact that I'm under a price range since my parents are buying me the car.
  • Well since the parents are footing the bill here, I think *they* should be in on this discussion :P

    Bring 'em over!
  • Hahaha God No. They'll get so intense about it, let's just keep it the way it is? What were all of your first cars?
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    You have very good taste. FYI - Car and Driver magazine ran a feature recently re: the best used cars under $20,000. The original 1999 M coupe was dubbed "a prime example of nerd chic: incredibly cool to those in the know." This car is supposedly fun to drive, with plenty of storage space, unlike most two-seaters. I have only seen a couple of these M coupes. Rare is always good. Back to your reliability question -- BMW repairs when off warranty are pricey. That might be a concern in your situation. Good luck with Santa.
  • The world's fastest wooden shoe? :P
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