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Mercury Mountaineer Maintenance and Repair



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Are Mountaineers known for problems?

    No, they're generally excellent vehicles, in my experience, and I've owned 7 of them, still have an 07. Yours sounds like a mess, and I would take it back if I were you. It's got a bunch of issues, none of them sound good. I've never had one do any of those things.
  • misskatmisskat Posts: 1
    Just purchased 1997 Mountaineer, check gauge light came on. Is this a fuel pump issue? Seems to happen when gas gets to quarter tank even though gas was just put in.
  • dbild427dbild427 Posts: 1
    I just recently bought a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and the Moon Roof leaks when it rains. I had a mechanic look at it he said that all he could do is to clean out the tracks/gutters. He told me that he has seen this problem before and dont have a solution other than to replace the whole unit. I took it to a Auto Glass Shop that actually installs moon roofs and he told me the same thing. Anyone out there who might have an answer to this problem? I am not counting on it too much, because I've noticed that there aren't too many answers to problems in this forum. I'm hoping for the best and that someone may respond. :confuse:
  • djg131djg131 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998. Awesome vehicle. It has served me well since I purchased it in 2000--though I am probably more attentive than most when it comes to regular service. I believe that maintaining an older vehicle is a great trade-off when compared to new car payments and higher ins., etc. I think what your problem needs is a 'soft parts' tranny rebuild. If it is still under warranty, you should insist on this!! The problem is common around 100,000 to 120,000 miles. You can drive it as is for MANY more miles, especially if you do not use overdrive, but that can be a nuisance. The problem is primarily in the high range shifting area, but once the trans is down, you should do the other 'soft parts as well. Hope this helps. Don
  • Check all fuses !!! Do u have at least 1/4 tank of fuel ? remove rear end connection of fuel filter- does gas flow out rear of filter from tank ? U can blow air thru gas :shades: line to tank! Take fuel filter front connector off -does gas leak out ? Now blow air thru gas filter from rear to front! If ANY resistance get new filter Never a purilator!!
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