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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems

Hi, I'm new here and looking for some advice on my Jeep Cherokee Sport. I'm not very mechanically inclined so please try and bear with me.

I recently took my jeep in because the engine began vibrating really bad during cold starts (in the morning) and after hot starts (?) after it had been running for over a half an hour, turned off then started again within say 15 minutes. When it would begin to vibrate the jeep would almost appear to be on the verge of stalling but never did. I ended up taking it in to a dealer and after looking at it determined it was the timing belt (mechanic told me it was set ten degrees ahead) and reset it. At first everything seemed fine but after 3 weeks now the vibrating seems to be returning (but no way near as bad as it was before). I'm also noticing that fan seems to be always running (though the heat gauge never goes over half) and what sounds like a pump (water pump maybe?) constantly working. I'm looking for some opinions on what could be going on before I take it back in again. My jeep has about 115,000 miles on it and I've been good about the maintenance. Like I said earlier I'm not really mechanically inclined so I apologize in advance if this seems to not make sense. Any advice is greatly appreciated.



  • My daughter has a 92 Jeep Cherokee in which she was told the engine contol module was bad. I bought a manual for the jeep, but there is no information about the module. Can anyone tell me where the module is, what it looks like, where to get one and how to replace it?
  • The ECM is located under the hood. I don't have an older Cherokee, but on my '01 it is located in the driver side front corner near the air cleaner. The ECM on my '95 Wrangler is located, still under the hood, on the drivers side rear corner near the brake booster.

    The ECM will be a black box approximately 6" tall by 8" long and will have a large wiring harness connected to it. The harness should be fairly easy to trace. I don't know how you can check yours without having another Jeep you could try it on.

    You should be able to go to ebay and find some. Be sure to check with a professional first, but I'm thinking you can use any year ECM from '92 to '95, just so long as the engine and transmission are correct.
  • I just did a quick search for you on ebay by typing in "jeep computer". BTW: I am in no way connected to this auction.

    link title

    I'm not telling you to buy this one. I only provided this link as an example of what you might look for.
  • Well? How'd it turn out?
  • i just replaced my 94 cherokee's 4.0 engine with a new rebuilt engine by hesco. new plugs, wires, rotor, dist cap, gaskets etc. the engine runs great at speed but exhibits a very rough idle. i've replaced the cam sensor, the o2 sensor, and cleaned the throttle body and idle air control. no improvement at all. any ideas
  • Have you ruled out a vacuum leak? The timing could be set too high.
  • howie56howie56 Posts: 21
    I have a new 2005 grand cherokee w/ the 5.7 hemi and 4400 miles on it and within the last month the engine is starting to surge when not under load and the dealer says chrysler said this normal - - Ya Right - - - I t surges up to 200 RPM's when going 68 miles an hour and with cruise on - - anybody else having this problem ??? This is very dangerous . . . . .
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may want to try the main Jeep Grand Cherokee: Problems & Solutions discussion.

    tidester, host
  • jlando22jlando22 Posts: 1
    Hello maybe someone on here can help me , I currently own a 1998 Jeep GC 5.9L V8 limited delux and it is overheating and cant seem to fix it i tried the thermostat so we were thinking that it could be the water pump or somthing but i came to find out that the fan is not turning on can someone tell me what is wrong with that please and thank you !!

  • pliskinpliskin Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L
    I noticed the temp. gauge was in the red and the overflow bottle was filling up.I checked all the fuses and they are good. I turned the heat on to get rid of the prob.; but I noticed that the radiator fan is not coming on at all. What should I check for or do ???
  • ancjeepancjeep Posts: 6
    your problem could either be the cooling fan relay which is
    located under the front bumper cover on the passenger side,
    or it is the cooling fan itself. both parts are known problems.
  • spurlockspurlock Posts: 1
    Two falls ago my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 had a cracked radiator no problem i replaced the radiator. Later that May 2005 i had an overheating problem, the radiator fluid would get hot and boil over more or less through the reservoir tank (sound familiar jeep owners>?) So i replaced the thermostat (keep in mind this is with no AC running at all) i had to replace the hoses, i replaced the water pump. The fan and belts work properly. Now when the weather is 75degrees F and under on the highway cruising at 75mph no problem. Any hotter then that, Jeep overheats!
    In my opinion as a jeep owner, a 1 owner none the less where is this problem coming from. i have around 135k mi and have done all the basic maintenance required.

    Did this raditor shop put in a raidiator for a v6? i never had problems like this before that factory radiator went out, or is it a Bad Jeep design flaw because that grill shure is small to house any type of air flow for a v8 comapred to a like a v8 housing on a truck? hmmm Hopefully we will all find the answer to our needs? (should i install an electric fan) PLEASE HELP US!
  • roger44roger44 Posts: 4
    My battery is being drained while setting in driveway. I unhook the negative terminal, hook voltmeter between post and battery cable and get reading of 5 volts. I pull the 30amp engine control fuse and voltage goes to zero. Is this normal? Is problem in ECM box or in the circut? Whats recommended action? Any help appreciated.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Is that the only fuse that causes the tester to go to zero? I would try all the fuses next to see if I could isolate it better.
  • roger44roger44 Posts: 4
    I have pulled every single fuse...under the hood and under the dash. When I first hooked up the volt meter between the negative cable and the post, the meter read 8 volts drop. I pulled the dome light fuse under the dash and the voltage then read 5 volts. I pulled the 30 anp engine control fuse under the hood and voltage went to zero.There is no fuse under the dash that goes to the ECM that I can see. I reversed the process and same results. I have done my best to look at the wireing going to the ECM but that is almost impossible without stripping the harness covers. I appreciate your help. My question is: can something go wrong inside the ECM that would cause this reaction? Whats the chances of finding a good ECM at a junk yard? Worth a try if the cost is right?
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Well, it's possible the ECM is not turning off the power to one or more sensors eventhough the key is switched off. ECM's for your '92 should be pretty darn cheap.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    You can use an ECM from a '91 to a '95, I'm pretty sure. I know you can use a '92 to '95. Just make sure it's the same configuration as the Jeep, 2wd vs. 4wd, auto tranny vs. manual. Do a search on ebay for a Jeep 4.0 computer or ECM. Here's one I found:

    link title
  • Just a thought and a question.
    Did you put this radiator in during cooler season months and then later when warmer weather came along with it came overheating problems?
    If this is correct' than radiator installed may not be
    correct radiator for v8 needs to keep car cool.
    Recheck radiator size or radiator part number to see if this is the correct radiator. Also if it is' then completely flush cooling system so it,s cleaned out. Could be a flow restriction somewhere. All I could think of.
  • gghostgghost Posts: 4
    Have had recent intermittent problem with Jeep Overheating am getting the following diagnostic codes 0031, 0051, and 00136
  • nateffnateff Posts: 1
    I had the same problem just about a month ago. If I sat to long with the engine running it would overheat, once I stated moving again it would cool itself down. The problem was that the cooling fan relay was faulty. Have a diagnostic test preformed on the cooling fan. Replacement part cost $195.00 for Jeep dealer.
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