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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • billnickbillnick Posts: 10
    Hey John,
    I do believe that this will also work, I also changed the thermostat, and temp sensor, they were not expensive so I did them first and then the Fan Relay!! Your stalling problem just might be the IAC motor, (Idle Air Control) if not fuel injected, I'd go for the easy stuff first, fuel filter, EGR valve. With FI fuel filter, IAC, Mass Air Flow, last the fuel pump. If you don't already have one get yourself a chiltons or hayes repair book, I also use the inside cover and back to keep a log as to date, repair, cost mileage, and parts. Just make a small grid of the page and as you do things log them it. It's an easy way to keep track of what when and how you did the repair. Sure hope this helps, Good Luck Be Well Bill
  • john1991john1991 Posts: 3
    hey thanks bill for the tips. I have the inline six-cylinder w/o fuel injection. And I do hve a haynes manual for the thing. I'll try the fuel filter and such
    thanks!! :)
  • strohldestrohlde Posts: 5
    Thanks for the post Bill! The random overheating had been driving us nuts. My wife found your post and fixed our jeep more or less by herself in about an hour.
  • juzjoshnujuzjoshnu Posts: 3
    I took my 2000 Jeep Grand cherkee mudding and after a while it overheated all the way into the red. I got out and saw that the radiator was caked with thick mud. After spraying it down it still overheated but generally only when going up hills. It cools back down just below the mid mark (210 degrees) during normal driving. I took it to the dealership and they replaced the clutch to the fan. It still overheats and now it makes a noise thats hard to explain. Its a loud blowing or air noise that usually only happens when I first start it and the first few seconds of driving; but now it does it all the time (during acceleration) no matter how long i've been driving it. I replaced the thermostat and it still overheats at most about 220 when going up hills. Does anyone have any suggestions to why its overheating and the noise. And what is the normal operating temprature. And is it normal for it to get hot when going up hills (I've never noticed this before but maybe just because I wasn't paying attention. Its a limited 4.7L V8
  • john1991john1991 Posts: 3
    My mother had an accident and totaled our overheating jeep a few days ago. she's okay but we are both so glad to be rid of that jeep. it was a complete :lemon:. i wont be investing in another jeep anytim soon.
  • billnickbillnick Posts: 10
    OutStanding Doug!!!!!! :D
  • billnickbillnick Posts: 10
    One thing what size thremostate did you install? And it normal to get warm going uphill but not to overheat and blow all the coolant all out. If it overheats at a stopsign or in slow traffic I'd go after the relay. Keep the raditator clean and I wouldn't worry about a 10 degree increase going up hill. Sorry I couldn't be of any other help. the noise that is a new one, but I will check my sources and see....Be Well Bill
  • juzjoshnujuzjoshnu Posts: 3
    Hey Bill. The thermostat I replaced was what Schucks auto supply recommended. It is a Stant 195 degree thermostat part number 36369. I say overheat but what I mean is it gets hot. It stays about 195 to 205 during normal driving, at a stop sign, slow traffic or just at an idol. It only gets hot when going up hill (up to about 220 - 225). As for the noise; I have owned a 2002 Jeep Liberty, 2002 Dodge Durango, 95 Dodge Ram, 97 Ford F-150, and of course the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm not sure about the liberty but I do remember the rest of them made the blowing noise when cold during the first few seconds of the first acceleration and then it went away; I figured its an SUV and Truck thing. My Grand Cherokee does it every time during all accelerations. It never used to make that noise all the time untill after it overheated. I didn't notice this untill the Jeep Dealership replaced the clutch to the fan. Do you think it could have something to do with that? And Do you know what the normal operating temprature should be?

  • shiloh33shiloh33 Posts: 2
    I have replaced my fan relay yesterday for the second time in under one year. The fan worked yesterday when I drove the Jeep and then stopped and today does not come on. I was in a drive thru yesterday and the car was idling and the thermostat went all the way to 260+. I have no idea what now to replace or where to replace it. I have heard that the coolant fan fuse or circuit might be the problem but seem to be at my wits end. Any help will be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • billnickbillnick Posts: 10
    I sure hope you got the 2nd one free, the after market relays are known to go bad sometimes that was the only reason I went and paid the shot for the jeep part, by any chance did you try and hot wire the fan to see if it will come on with constant power? You unplug the fan wiring beside the fan shroud and run a ground to the frame and a hot lead from the battery and see if the fan will come on and stay on. I have looked in the repair manual and it talks about a fuse but the only one I found was a breaker type in the power box under the hood, I'm not sure right now but I think it's right next to the abs fuse. I hope that helps you. Bill
  • juzjoshnujuzjoshnu Posts: 3
    In addition to the last message I posted I noticed today that when the ac is on the Jeep gets hot as well. It seems that any extra strain on the engine causes it to get hot. Any ideas?
  • afftafft Posts: 2
    Hi If its working at all then i recommend you to go to a local workshop and show it. dont wait wasting time replacing the parts which have never gone bad. i had the same issue.It use to heat up wn the car was idling on lights....i plannned to replaced the fan relay..but thing went wrong brfore that and my nightmare came true...the headgasket was gone...which costed me around 600(labor+parts)...there are lot of parts in cooling system which could have issue and you will find number of resolution on net with different solution which finallly confuses you more.. :)..m reallly sorry if i have confused you...
  • shiloh33shiloh33 Posts: 2
    Thanks to all who have responded to my post. I have hot wired the fan to the battery and it does not come on. So I will be taking it in to my mechanic tomorrow to diagnose my problem. Thanks again. :sick:
  • hayhayjenhayhayjen Posts: 3
    I am having some trouble is there anyone out there that can help me. I just had my relay switches changed and thermostat changed out and when I idle my vehicle is starting to overheat and I can't seem to leave my A/C running since that is what is making the gauge go past 210. Help very bad.
  • mf15mf15 Posts: 158
    Water pumpbad ,clogged cooling system,low coolant,theromastat in backwards if that is possible/bad theromostat.
    I had a overheat problem in my 02 with an I6, turned out to be bad head or head gasket, had head machined under warrenty and all was well. If you see white smoke from exhaust, shut it off and have the dealer pick it up to prevent more damage. Did this start after you replaced the thermostat, Why was thermostat replaced. Old Mike
  • hayhayjenhayhayjen Posts: 3
    I guess everything went down hill and did not stop once my relay switches were replaced by Firestone. I feel that nothing has been the same with my vehicle since then. I don't think I have a warranty anymore since it was a used vehicle. I changed the thermostat since my service light was on and did not go off and I took it to an Auto Zone to see if they could diagnose the problem and once I changed the thermostat the light went off and now this overheating issue is back on. My vehicle hates idling also.
  • I have an 05 JGC ltd. and love it. All except for what I perceive to be an engine misfire.
    It is not horrible but it is aggravating and is affecting my gas mileage by 3-4 mpg.
    The dealer has been as helpful as they can be but they are clueless and get no help form the computer.

    The engine appears to misfire at all speeds but is most apparent from 40-60mph when the mds is engaged. You can't feel the misfire if you stomp on the accelerator and apparently this is how most service techs look for problems. I finally drove with my tech and told him how to drive in order to feel it. You typically feel it most under light acceleration. It does seem to be more noticeable early in the morning when the engine is cold but I live on back roads where there are more hill and conditions are better. On flat highways you have to pay close attention to the engine to notce it.

    It feels like a classic engine misfire but with electronics controlling every part of the system I was not sure. I think some folks describe it a transmission surging but there is no real change in rpm.

    So...I have replaced the spark plugs and wires set. Added fuel system/injector cleaner. I have also had the transmission flushed, PCM flashed and the dealer paid for the torque converter to be replaced but nothing seems to help. The dealer thought it could also be a bad valve spring and I did notice a layer of carbon in the throttle body but have no idea if that is normal.

    If you have the same problem or any ideas that I could test on my own let me know.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
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    tidester, host
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  • I have been looking at a cold air intake system for my 2005 JGC 5.7. I have seen a few versions. What I am looking for is some testimonials and or complaints. Do they really give you more HP, and do they help with Gas Mileage??? What about dry vs. oiled??? Thanks for any input you may have, I greatly appreciate it.
  • I have been looking at a cold air intake system for my 2005 JGC 5.7. I have seen a few versions. What I am looking for is some testimonials and or complaints. Do they really give you more HP, and do they help with Gas Mileage??? What about dry vs. oiled??? Thanks for any input you may have, I greatly appreciate it.
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