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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • Well, I took the Jeep to the Jeep dealer this morning so I should know what's wrong by tomorrow. I'll let you know what they find.
  • xu_zxu_z Posts: 1
    I have 1995 Jeep Cherokee, 4.0 L. I drove about 2 miles, the temperature gauge was going to red section. I must stopped to drive the jeep. I changed the thermostat, but the overheat problem still was not solved.

    Please give me an advice.
  • Occassional dramatic loss of power on acceleration. WOT/peddle-to-the-floor seems to initiate recovery. Plugs replaced, rotor, cap cam position sensor and crankshaft position sensor replaced with OEM parts. Problem still occurs.

    Soemtimes accompanied with a "cough".

    Any successful solutions would be appreciated
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    tps bsounds bad tells computer that you sticking your foot into the throttle tells computer to shoot the gas to it
  • Problem solved, Jeep dealer replaced fuel pump and the jeep is running great again.
  • I am looking for a Grille guard for my Jeep. I can't find any good looking Grille Guards online. If you have any suggestions let me know Thanks.
  • I am actually having the same issue with my '99 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am a little confused by what you said above. What is the "tps b"? Where can I get this tested or by a new one?
  • The TPS is the throttle position sensor located on the rear of the throttle body (mounts to the throttle plate shaft). There are some simple tests you can do with a multimeter to check its function. A friendly shop may be willing to run a test for you, as the function is viewable with advanced scan tools. Otherwise let me know and I'll dig out the procedure from the shop manual.
    Regarding the problem of hesitation, I am still pursuing a solution and am aiming at the fuel system as a possible culprit. The problem seems to occur only during warmup and above about 160degF it is not very pronounced although there is some engine "roughness" on acceleration.
  • Haven't had any trouble with my 4.7 on 87 octane, pj95.
  • I also have a 1993 cherokee with a heating problem I have replaced the engine, water pump, theromstat, viscous fan, radiator and all of the hoses I also replaced the fan temp switch located in the theromostat housing and the sender for the gauge it is running around 210 all the time I installed a 160 deg. thermostat no change I blew out the raditator and flushed the cooling system I thought it might have an air lock so I pulled an 8lb vacum on it for about 5 minutes with no change any ideas
  • I finally solved mine by replacing the radiator. I found a guy with a laser thermometer who checked the radiator temperature, almost 50 degrees difference from the top and the bottom. Since the radiator was about 130 bucks at advance auto, he suggested that I just put in a new one rather than sending it to a shop to get it cleaned out. That did the trick, stays below 200 now, even with the air running.
  • I also neglected to add that I cleaned my A/C condenser. Upon close nspection, the fins were not bent, but the spaces between them were partially filled with sand particles and paint that had peeled from the condenser over time, not letting good air flow through to the radiator.
  • Well I know there has been a lot of discussions on the overheating problem but this one is a little different. My Girl friends 99 jeep cheroke sport keeps over heating now I have replaced the thermostate a week ago and it worked fine but last night we turn the heat on and the battery guage went to zero and check gauge light came on then the temp gauge went straight to 240. Of course I pulled over and let it cool down and after 15 minutes it was fine drove for ten and it did it again. No I am not sure if it the drive belt or the water pump or an electrical problem. So any ideas would be apperciated. Oh it did this also before I replaced the thermostate.
  • I am having the same problem with my Cherokee. Replaced the TPS this weekend and it did not solve the problem. Replaced the spark plugs and still the porblem exists. Any other suggestions?
  • do you know where i might find documentation on how to replace the radiator in a 1999 jeep grand cherokee limited 4.7L V8...thanks
  • I had a wreck back in May and had "all that jazz" replaced that is in front portion of Cherokees(mine is '02 Grand Cherokee with 111K miles)It has started to run hot and the gauge will teeter between middle and red line. Finally, this morning it ran hot. I had it power flushed last week and it acted fine for 3 days then started going over on temp again...I dropped it off where i got the parts replaced post wreck to see if they could figure it out but I figured i would get other's opinions. Im going insane with this jeep - Please help me! :mad:
  • I looked at the pressure in the fuel rail and found that when the engine & pump are shut off the pressure falls too quickly and doesn't meet the Crysler spec for pressure after a specific time. This sort of points me to stuck/faulty injectors. A strange behavior also accompanied the missing/faultering today - the gas gauge started dropping and eventually bottomed out then as the engine smothed out it began to climb back to the correct reading of 2/3 tank full. Have you seen ay behavior like that?
    I'm still chasing the problem but don't want to keep buying new parts and finding the problem remains.
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