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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    fuel pump or bad ground at fuel tank
  • We were driving across state and the water pump went. Had towed and replaced. Since then it seems there is an airpocket (Water flushing noise). The car was also running a bit rough.

    The other situation is now it is overheating again on short distance drives, blowing out coolant.

    I am told that more than likely I blew the head gasket and the head needs to be machined as well.

    I have been reading about other scenarios...bad electric fan switch, thermostat..etc, though the mechanic says it is probably not any of those and it is the head and gasket

    Any suggestions. I am looking for the most economical way to correct the problem.

    Thank you in advance.
  • Bought mine in 2004 with 46000 miles. It now has 70.770. So far - all 4 window regulators, a/c and evac, 2 - fuel pumps (1st one was made by Airtec - don't buy) 2nd one is from NAPA. 2 - water pumps, Can't count the times I have replaced the light bulb assembly for the brake lights. Headlights are scratched, scarred on the inside. Those need to be replaced so I will be able to see for night driving. Found some on Ebay for 69.75 a pair. Also, if you need to replace the window regulators, go on Ebay. I just bought the right rear for $110.00. When you send the old one back, you will get a refund of $30.00 (core charge) and a 1 year warranty. I have contacted the BBB and there is nothing they can or will do. For some reason, does not qualify for the lemon-law. I just know that when this one is paid off, I will not buy another Jeep.
  • I'll try to summarize: 2004 JGC 65K
    On a trip, about 5 hours from home, it starting shuddering and losing power. Did this consistently until it would hardly run. Had a mechanic look at it where we were and basically trailered it back to our area. Had local Jeep dealer look at it and they couldn't figure anything out either. Wanted to pull the head to investigate and I wouldn't let them. So, I have it home now. It ran ok home, but at above 55mph it starts losing power again and seems to vibrate. Rough idle also.
    Took it out yesterday morning. Started right up, gave it alittle gas about two blocks away and it sounded like it was faintly backfiring and losing power again big time. Is now making a metallic sound that doesn't really sound like it's internal. From inside the vehicle it sounds like the sounds are coming from the drivers side of the engine. Checked for any codes using the procedure of holding trip reset in and turning the key to on. No codes! CEL is on!

    Any help appreciated in diagnosing this! The dealer sure can't help!

  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds like pluged cat converter
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Did you gas up shortly before this problem started?
  • We gassed up about 2 hours prior to this happening. When we gassed up we filled up from 1/4 tank.

    How do I check for a plugged CAT Converter?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    aut to be under warentt as usuly have 100,000 mile warrenty on emission stuff
  • Jeep dealer doesn't think it's the Cat converter or an emission problem But, they sure want to pull the head to investigate more. Not going to happen! Is the Jeep Converter one that will rattle when it's bad?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    don,t know if cat will rattle when bad or not

    are you sure that the temp is realy over heating or is it just the gage?

    on the left hand of your engine compartment fire wall is where the computer is mounted i would unhook the bat and then plug and unplug the cables that hook up to the computer could have a little crosion on contacks that is causing you prob
  • I will try that with the unplugging of the connectors. All during this problem, the vehicle never did overheat, or indicated a higher temp than normal.

    Odd thing also is that there are NO diagnostic codes saying anything is wrong. Actually, if I use the procedure from the owners manual it actually indicates the OBD is never ready.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    let me know how it works
  • As of today, I need to replace the radiator. As before, I will never own another Jeep.
  • Mine is a 2001 JGC w/about 102K miles on it. Great up to now. The overheating issue seems to have started very suddenly. I took it in to a trusted mechanic and he replaced the old therm with a new 185. He also replaced the cooling temp. sensor. Drove it the next day and while underway at highway speed al is fine. Once in stop and go traffic the needle redlines. The dealer worked on it for 2 hours and could not duplicate the problem (he did not roadtest). the mech. said someting about a fan relay switch maybe bad. The fan runs but I do not know if it running at a high or low speed. Any suggestions? I read post #174 and will rty that. Thanks
  • I went on the web site your suggested ( but could not find the link that shows where the relay is located. I understand in talking to some folks and reading their posts that is buried under or behind the headlight. True? can you point me in the right direction so I can find the correct page?
    Thanks loads
  • So i bought a 1990 cherokee 6 cyl. 0.4l 4x4, it's been running fine for about a month, i've

    replaced a few small things on it, a few days ago however i moved to CO. from NM. and it started

    overheating a little, so i put some coolant in it and it was fine, but after driving a few more hours i pulled over at a rest area and it started

    spewing coolant all over from the resorvour tank. I noticed that the cap of the tank is cracked and i'm replacing that tonight, but i don't know if

    thats the only problem i hope it is. Could a cracked cap lead to overheating since it wouldn't be able to hold the pressure?
  • I've had the wort week this week. I need to replace my radiator and the window cable regulator on my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I took apart the door but it's really hard to get in there. If anyone knows how to replace these, please let me know. I really dont have $1,300.00 to reaplace these. Please email me at

    Thanks :cry:
  • My Jeep GC Laredo4X4 4.7L 2006 while at a stop I was attempting to make a right turn when noticed no power steering. I checked the PS fluid and belt all OK. I also noticed no throttle reponse, I turned off the ingnition waited a minute turn the car back on everything was back to normal. When leaving work I back out put into drive and it happen again. Repeated above steps drove the car home and parked it. Also, there is no check light any suggestions.
  • I have the same make/model/year. How did the change of sensor work to fix the oil pressure problem? My guage is automatically at 40 before the engine even starts and was worried something was wrong.
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