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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I think that would have been a great commercial! But just be prepared. You may get a second chance. In a few days the ground hog will let us know how many days of winter are left. :)

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  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    Unfortunately, I think I have to agree with the engine replacement idea. Of course, have a professional take a good look first, but it sounds like worn out bushings and stuff with all the knocking and noises it's doing.

    Good luck with it. :(
  • Hi, I am currently having the same problem with my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. My mechanic has replaced 3 of my rocker arms so far and now decided to try changing the lifters. I was wondering if you ever solved this problem?
  • You have to understand that these have 3.73 ratio gears in the axels. that means that the propellershafts will turn 3.73 times before the tire turns once. that is what gives us more acceleration, passing , and towing power.
  • Hello billnick
    I know this is a old thread, I have the same problem with my 2001 JGC Laredo 8cyln. I did the same as your thread, when I cut a hole on the bottom of the head light housing all I found was a vacuum box of some kind! Have you heard this ?
    Thanks Don
  • clairwayclairway Posts: 1
    i just recently purchased a 01 GC for my nephew and after a week it is tapping kind of loud and starting to run hot..all fluids are full and it has new oil..when you go to take off , it kind of hesitates , but not from transmission..i took it to a respectedmechanic in town ,and according to his machine , the number 4 cylinder is not working / firing? he says its something internal of engine , and maybe a bad piston? he said it would be way cheaper getting a new motor installed , anyone have any idea what else this possibly could be , hopefully he is sounds like its coming from top half of motor , but im no mechanic..thanks
  • Solved for the moment!!!

    Seems the turn-signal, fanclutch, A/C, and the rear signal are all wired in series. When the rear brake light went out, the system overloaded, Ohms built up to the point to blow the fuze. Replaced first the tail light sockets and then the entire rear light assembly. Seems to be working for the moment.

    New issue, when going above 50 mph, the vehicle will sputter and act like its being flooded out, going to die. Really bad in overdrive. Runs great at slower speeds. Auto zone states check for a 'boogered' vacuum line.

    Someone start a Class Action Lawsuit about this vehicle!!!
  • gcristeagcristea Posts: 3
    Hey anyone--just purchased a '96 Cherokee with the 4.0 motor and 75K miles//vehicle seems to run well with good power and smoothness but am only getting about 13mpg overall which I think is low for this vehicle--am going to take it to my local mechanic for a general check---any thoughts on what he should check for or what is the usual cause for gas mileage problems//I have looked at the tailpipe and there is no black deposit//any help would be appreciated//thanks--George
  • trek87trek87 Posts: 49
    first check the cheap stuff - e.g., air filter, spark plugs. you could also go for a fuel injector cleaner service. even with the low mileage for this age vehicle, the plugs and injectors can still get gunked up over time. good luck.
  • On 3-18-09 - We too have a 2001 JGC Limited 4x4. Early a.m. waiting for school bus with my Grandson; the vehicle is in park & running, as with every morning. While sitting in park I noticed that the check engine light had come on and about that time the Jeep lurched forward as if it had came out of gear. We looked down, but it was still in park! Later on mid-day, went down our lane to the mailbox as always, came back to pull in my driveway towards the end of our home and as I placed it in park, the engine sped up dramatically, I looked up and I was still in motion and it very quickly hit the end of our home head-on. When I looked down in my shock and horror, it was still in park and I had to place it in reverse to remove it from the house. I was literally afraid to place it in park because I thought it may lurch forward again! Me being the woman driver that I am, going to my mailbox normally would not require a seat belt & I am an avid advocate of wearing your seat belt. However, because I didn't have it on, once I hit the house I came out of my seat (leather) hit the steering wheel & knocked the breath out of me; both knees hit the dash and indented it, breaking one of my knee caps; hit my head on the windshield area and blacked my eyes and severely bruising me all over. So there's damage to my home, my Jeep is totaled and I'm injured! Within less than 10 seconds, I went from being healthy, with a car and an undamaged home to this! Thanks Chrysler for not keeping auto owners of any kinds of issues that are detrimental to our well-being. We buy your vehicle out of good faith, however the same is not nearly bestowed back to the consumer!

    Needless to say, even though it didn't look like much damage, the insurance company has totaled my Jeep. The radiator and many of the components on the front of the motor are damaged, inasmuch as the front frame. The vehicle has had so many repairs once we paid it off in 2006; In December of 2007 a new $2750.00 Jasper transmission at 125,000 miles (now has only 26,000 miles on the new one; with a 100,000 mile warranty) New Heater Core; New Blower Switch; New Battery; New TPS sensor; New #2 Oxygen Sensor (there are four); New Tires; New Brakes & Rotors; New Blendors (Heat has been an issue for about 3 years); now the Outside Air Vent door has broken off & was laying on the blower motor preventing any heat from coming through my vents & it needs repaired;

    Any of you Jeep owners experienced all of this in three (3) years? I'm sure that anyone that owns a Jeep finds it attractive and versatile, however, it is a pain in the wallet once you've outlived your warranty. Of course, the warranty is a whole other issue and infatuation. Now they have a lifetime warranty on the drive train. Imagine that!!!

    Any views on buying your Jeep back and repairing it and/or parting it out? The interior is in great shape and has leather seats. Other than these issues, I've enjoyed the comfort and versatility. Its a shame I have to give up what is paid for.

    Thanks for any input ....apologies for the lengthiness of this post!

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That sounds like a nightmare. I'd be interested in knowing how many others have had this happen to them or know of someone else who's experienced it.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper

    Oh BTW ...forgot to add to the list of intended repairs; the repair shop also indicated recently that I will need a transfer case replacement at $1818.00. They told me that 'if' I do not get it replaced in the near future, I will have additional repairs involved at the time of failure. I will not be able to drive my vehicle at all... if it goes out! Really do not like investing $38,000.00 plus interest for five years and then all of the added expenses thereafter. Should have bought a foreign vehicle and I'd still be driving it without all of the additional expenses.... no doubt! :mad:
  • Do you still own your 2001 Jeep? What a shame to have to experience such a shocker! Hope you were not I was!
  • When you start it up (if you can) it spits and sputters for a minute then just cuts off. So I done a tune up on it and it still is doing the same thing. I don't know what to do next. Can someone help!!! :confuse:
  • frumundafrumunda Posts: 15
    Ok..I HAVE had this happen to me. I was parking a friends' 2000 JGC in their barn one evening, and as I waited for the electronic gate to open to let me into the pasture driveway, I placed the Jeep into PARK to answer my cell phone. Suddenly, without warning, the RPMs jumped to about 2500 and then we (the Jeep and I) lurched towards the gate. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to yank the E-brake and we came to a sliding halt(engine straining against the brake).

    I investigated the next morning. The detent and cable bracketry that disallows over or undershifting the trans cable had loosened and actually tipped forward, preventing the shifter assembly from fully activating the cable either way once it became loose.Its like trying to cram a choke cable through a crimped or bent conduit. Sometimes it works, other times it just binds up or flips around. I'd suggest that everyone who owns that year/model to have the TV cable assembly/shifter cable assembly looked at just in case. Been there. Hope this helps.
  • Does anyone have a copy of this technical service bulletin - Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2007? Is it on-line or can it be posted?

  • frumundafrumunda Posts: 15
    I haven't seen a TSB for this; I think Jeep is in denial. Typical of the " If I didn't see it, it didn't happen." mentality of manufacturers.
  • Hi Frumunda - I actually did find the service bulletin! Issue with my Jeep is under "legal consideration" and I have the oh-so-happy chance to scream at the Chrysler lawyers tomorrow!! :lemon:
  • frumundafrumunda Posts: 15
    Good. Yell at 'em about the crappy exhaust manifolds and the plethora of electronic nightmares they have oh-so-graciously bestowed upon the public. Oh..and tell em the four-door Jeep spits in the face of what the CJ Styled Jeeps stand for. Putting flat fenders on that thing doesn't make it a CJ, it makes it a glorified XJ.

    Almost as bad as putting S-10 underpinnings under a Hummer and selling at as some sort of true off-road vehicle. Sacrilege!!!


    I'm fine. Really.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I have the oh-so-happy chance to scream at the Chrysler lawyers tomorrow!!

    How did it go? :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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