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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • I had exactly the same problem with my jgc 4.0 litre. Changed the coil, mps,etc. I also did not have a check engine light. Symptoms were just the same as yours. Finally I had the fuel tank removed and cleaned and a new fuel pump put in. The old one was running at 50% capacity.

    My Jeep is now running like a dream and has been for months.

    I have been told, subsequently, that this is not uncommon. It took me weeks however, to finally find the solution.

    I hope this will help solve your problem. Good luck.
  • kokomowjkokomowj Posts: 1
    I began having an issue where the motor would die randomly regardless of speed or gear. After research on these forums I opted to replace the Crank Position Sensor, Cam Position Sensor and PCM. I opted on my own to replace the Fuel Filter/Regulator and O2 Sensors.

    After all is done I can finally turn the ignition over which it would not do previously but now I get no spark, In fact I pulled the fuel line off the new filter and get no fuel flow. I hear the Fuel pump do it's 'hum' for the second as I turn the key but no fuel flow. I pulled the Air Ductwork off the Throttle Body and turned it over while spraying starter fluid into it to see if I could at least get a hit on the engine to try and start but no luck. Yeah, I know, a little Old School but I had to try. I am at the point of towing it to a dealer and that is gonna kill me. I did check the fuses and relays.

    I am at a loss... Does anybody have ANY suggestions?

    It is the 4.7L non-HO Gas Engine.

    I did try shifting to neutral to start just in case it was the switch in the shifter as I have read can happen but no luck.

    Thanks guys and girls for any advice!

  • rnevillerneville Posts: 1
    Last fall my engine light came on, and I took my Jeep to the dealer to get it repaired. $100 later I was told that I needed to replace my gas cap. Before I could replace it, the light went out. I bought a new gas cap, but continued to use the original after cleaning and lubricating it as it appeared to be in new condition. About a month ago, the engine light came back on, so I then replaced the original gas cap with the new one I had previously purchased. But the engine light is still on, and I'm reluctant to take the vehicle to the dealer for another $100. Is there a way to reset the engine light, or could something else be the problem?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    take it to auto zone they can read fault codes for you prob no charge
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    how does it run with the check engine light on ? details
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    check your charcoal canister, unbolt the canister and take off the hoses on top. pay attention on where they are taken off from as they need to go back on in the same order. inspect hoses for cracks or deteroration, if so replace them. check the canister, if it smells like gas, replace unit. i had a similar prob with my 98 jeep 4.0 and found out by trial & error that it was that. other things you might want to check are the crankshaft positioning sensor & camshaft positioning sensor. let me know how it goes, good luck
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    being in your situation, i would go to a local parts place & pick up a haynes manual for it. the average price is roughly 20 bucks. it has how to for the shadetree mechanic. with basic hand tools & time/patience you should be able to get it running for her. let me know, good luck
  • kh75kh75 Posts: 4

    I hope your are recovering okay. I was rearended in my Jeep and I am now permanently disabled because of the accident, but thats besides the point.

    I have heard of this problem, Jeeps are known for having problems with the transmission suddenly lunging forward even when they are in park. The car wash I go to regularly recently redesigned the entire layout of the wash after a Jeep Grand Cherokee lunging forward(while in park) onto a 4-lane road and flipped over the cennter median.

    Now no one but a manager at the detail shop is even allowed to drive the Jeeps.

    Jeeps have problems with the neutral safety switch and most models have had a recall on this part. My 99 Limited had this recall. I was told that it is this part that causes the Jeeps to jump out of park.

    I know your jeep was totaled out but if you have your paperwork you can contact jeep to see if there was ever a recall on this part and if you had it replaced. If you did and you still had this happen I would contact a lawyer.

    I hope this helps.
  • kh75kh75 Posts: 4
    Try replacing the crankshaft sensor. We are on our third jeep and had this same probelm with all of them. On our very first jeep the dealship told us the same thing and after several months it finally died and then they figured out it was the sensor.

    We have also had problems with the camshaft sensor also.
  • asceasce Posts: 3
    Can someone help me with some troubleshooting?

    I have a 1996 Grand Cherokee V8 and it won't start.

    I've had both the battery and altinator checked at Auto Zone and they were fine.
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    check your cables, if that wont work then see fi your getting spark. pull aplug & stick that into the end of the wire, put it close to the valve cover or something metal & have some one crank the motor. let me know if you get spark
  • btonnebtonne Posts: 1
    96 JGC Lmtd with a little over 200,000 miles on original motor. New computer, fuel pump, fuel filter, water pump, battery, Spark plugs & wires,distributer etc. Did all this before my move from Indiana to Gatlinburg, TN. Jeep drove flawlessly down to TN, the next day my wife and I drive it to the store (about 8 miles away) and notice the engine light is on. On the way back from store jeep starts sputtering like the engine isnt getting gas (starving for gas) and dies. The oil prssr gauge would drop and go back up as motor was stalling and check gauges light came on, all other gauges were fine. After letting it sit about 20 mins I was able to start motor and drive it home. Next day same prob.. So I (not a mchnc by any means) installed new O'2 sensors and a new oil sending unit Changed oil to 10w40. Long story short(sorry) now pretty much same prob minus the oil prssr gauge going all the way down and back up the motor still stalls out after I let it idle for about a hour exactly. Just seems like after warming up it starts to sputter really bad like its not getting any gas(even when you give it the gas to try to keep it running! and dies. wait about 10 mins and it starts back up but dies shortly after. Running out of patience and really dont have the money to take to dealership! Can anyone help?
  • I have a similiar problem with my limited. Its your pump. It has become ineffecient at low speeds and not circulating enough that is why at higher speeds the pump is more efficient....sry so late just joined this site!
  • evoyevoy Posts: 1
    hay man got the same problem would love to know how you got it fixed my next move is new computor thanks steve
  • campymancampyman Posts: 13
    Hey folks, I have a 2005 Grand Cherokee with 4.7 liter V8, 2 Wheel Drive, and the Trans will feel like it slips a little and the check engine light comes on and the code shows P0700 and U0513. It will not shift form 4rth into overdrive, any suggestions?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • I have a 2004 jeep GC Overland. It sounded like it had an exhaust leak and it could not be found It seemed to go away after it heated up. I now have white smoke coming out of the tail pipe but not all of the time. I did a test on the intake manifold with starting fluid but found no evidence of a leak there. Is there any other way for the coolant to reach the exhaust on this model? I have no evidence of leaking from the heater core no leaks in the cooloing system ect..... I am afraid it might have a head gasket going but it still maintains pressure in the radiator. I also get a gargling sound from the under side of the dash board in the passenger side. It sound like standing water and splahes around when I accellerate and go around turns.. This is very puzzling and I do not want to tear into it unless I am sure what the issue is any help would be greatful.1
  • My truck has been out of commission for a while now. I'm thinking that its my fuel injectors after inspecting several sensors. Here is what my JGC does when i try to turn it on:
    1). As I try to turn it on it makes a clicking noise
    2). when it does turn on the motor accelerates as if i was stepping on the gas and the RPM shoots up.
    3). After a few seconds of (step 2) the RPM drops down as the acceleration decreases dramatically to a point were it wants to turn off. It continues to dance on the RPM scale from 1k RPM to 500
    4). When i would step on the gas pedal it wouldn't respond only if i were to press it down several times. but it would come in delay periods in between after i press the pedal.
    5).Finally it turns off on its own or when i try to shift it to reverse or drive.

    It be the obvious thing to take it to the mechanic but money is a lil tight right now so I'm open to any suggestions from anyone out there. :sick: :confuse:
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would try a tps first
  • Sorry limited knowledge on terms. What is a tps or to do a tps?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    throttle posison sencer (tells computer how hard you are mashing the gas )
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