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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • josegbjosegb Posts: 1
    i ran my jeep unknowing it was out of oil, i need a short block asap. i'm from dominican republic and it's hard and expensive to get. i'll appreciatte your recommendations
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    ticking noise where
    by engine when running?
    front or back of engine
    pep boys
    or auto zone sell a mech stescope with a long rod on the end, touch parts of engine (BE VERY CAREFUL THAT YOU DONT TOUCH MOVING PARTS) as it is running and the tapping will be isolated then maybe able to help you find prob.
  • intermitten starting problem replaced fuel pump still the same,any ideas?
  • js93js93 Posts: 1
    Have the same problem. Any luck with your problem? I need to know how to fix it please help.
  • hi I have problem with grand cherokee its dont whona start ?
  • hi my grand cherokee dont whona start its problem with baterry????
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I think you need a new battery.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Still have the problem. No help here as of yet. You have any ideas?
  • I just bought this truck, and it drove fine for 500 miles, I got near my home and the truck started sputtering like it had no gas in it. I let off the gas and it just cut off. The truck started right back up, but once I placed it in drive and tried to drive off it wouldn't get over 20 mph and sputtered then cut back off.

    Once I got it home and let it sit in the driveway for about 40 minutes the truck would idle just fine then it just cut off on it's own. It has no codes or check engine light, can anyone please tell me what steps I should take?

    Thank you
  • Just wanted to see if you ever found out what was wrong with your Jeep?

    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition Laredo. Sounds like I have a similar problem like yours but mine is misfiring in cylinder 1.

    We replaced the coil and spark plugs, and then found out wrong "type" of spark plugs. My husband replaced the spark plug #1 on Saturday with the correct one, even though I think they all should have been replaced. Engine light went out but only to come back on today.

    He also noticed my reservoir for the anti-freeze/coolant was empty. He just put some in about a month ago, when he put the new spark plugs in. No leaks on the ground/white smoke coming from the tail pipe.

    I'm taking it in for inspection tonight since it's due, hopefully, they can tell me what is wrong with it.
  • I also have a 2004 jeep grand cheorkee limited I brought used in 2009. Six months later I had to replace the engine. And now 7 months later my engine light came on reading a misfire in cylinder 7 i took it back to the dealership I purchased it from who also replaced my engine at my exspense of course. It's been there almost two weeks and they have yet to tell me whats wrong. From the reasearch I have done I think it's my head gasket too. I am waiting to get a confirmation of that and than I am going to do more reasearch because something is not right with this suv, I have had it one year 9 months and I still owe on it. Something is just not right. What did you find out about your issue?
  • sgonzasgonza Posts: 1
    edited October 2010
    my jeep needs an engine according to mechanic. It overheated and apparently there was no water in radiator. Its frozen. first of all hes charging me 1,800 to replace engine.Prior to this the computer kept stating coolant engine low. I would put water in it. Then it would say coolant sensor bad. It had been saying this for months now. I would put water in it. It was also dripping water from bottom, but i kept putting water in plastic container that connected to radiator. Thats when it broke down on the freeway. My husband told him to take as long as it takes. Has anyone had this done and is the price reasonable and how long should the duration be for repair. any advice. I would appreciate it!!!
  • First after checking and replacing all normal PM parts, Fuel Filter, Plugs, Cap, Wires AND AIR FILTER, if this does NOT cure the hi-load sluggishness, its your Catalitic Convertor. Replace it - or eliminate it.
    Best test - most economical - is to disconect eahaust engine side of convertor and go do your hill climb.
    Gonna be a bit noisy but if this cures it your Convertor is what is called BLINDED - Plugged.
  • I changed the oil put in 20w-50 after that i noticed the first 15 min of driving the oil pressure shot up to 80psi after 15 min the oil pressure is normal so I changed the oil back to 10w-30 put in a k&n filter and it still does it, could I have messed up the sending unit or is the oil relief valve stuck I had a new oil pump installed 2 yrs ago
  • I am not positive about the 94 model, but on the 95 there is no EGR on the 4.0.
  • I just got through putting a rebuilt engine into my 95 Grand Cherokee and found through lots of frustrating trial and error that the 4.0 will run marginally with the distributor a tooth off. This is due to the tip of the rotor being about a half inch long and the timing being controlled by a delay or advance in the firing of the coil. The thing is, when the spark advances too much (at around 3000-3500 RPM) the spark fires to the wrong post on the distributor. This causes major backfiring and a loss of power. While trolling for answers on the internet I found several posts that said that it would not run if the distributor is a tooth off, so I figured that this tidbit of info would be handy to post.
  • Hi. Got the Jeep from my dad. He apparently had problems with the driver door, because it looks like the bottom hinge has been re-welded back onto the door itself. Now, the weld has broken off, and the door doesn't close all the way. My husband had to take the bottom pin out of the hinge, just to get the door to drop into place. It still does not close all the way, but now, the interior lights stay on. I have taken out the fuse for the interior lights, but the console reading lights, and middle console light stays on. Aside from disconnecting the battery, which I have done, how can I get the lights to stay off so it doesn't drain the battery? I am afraid to open the door again, for fear of not getting it to latch so I can use it for transportation. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  • Good Evening:
    I'm looking for some assistance with the above codes. They are the result of the Electronic Throttle Control warning and check engine like coming on. I've been able to reproduce the codes and warnings with hard acceleration, but also with steady city cruising.
    I've reset the codes, numerous times, and also had the codes and check engine light reset themselves!
    I've run fuel dryer, and fuel conditioner twice, because i thought I picked up a tank of bad diesel, without results. Latest has been to replace the fuel filter. The codes apparently refer to high and low pressure at the solinoid on the fuel rail. Of course Chrysler won't just sell the solinoid and would prefer I spend $1000 for a new fuel rail.
    Has anyone run into this issue with the diesel?
    your assistance is appreciated.
  • halo2halo2 Posts: 11
    Recently bought a 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited---between 30-65 mph while maintaining speed or slightly accelerating, engine misfires/hesitates frequently. Service Dept can't find anything wrong---service manager rode with me and felt the misfires---he stated that it had something to do with the cylinders shutting down to save gas and then firing back up for more power. Maybe so but this should not be doing this as much as it is. terribly annoying after I spent so much money on it. Filed complaint with Jeep customer service in detroit. they contacted the service manager who rode with me. they can't do anything unless they find something wrong on the computer---This is nonsense---Something is wrong with this hemi engine and probably with others---anyone else experiencing this problemChrysler customer service
  • halo2
    Thanks for the post. I am having the same problem with my 11 GC Limited 4x4. Service dept didn't admit there was a problem when I returned it within the first week of ownership back in early Oct. I've finally got them to admit there is a problem but they can't figure out the reason or how to fix it. They are waiting for Jeep Engineers in Detroit to get back to them. Glad to see I'm not alone with this issue... I hope Chrysler stands behind their product!!!
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