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Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



  • halo2halo2 Posts: 11
    Since I posted this-- I drove a new one at a dealership and it is doing the same thing-----I then took it to a small town dealership and the service manager rode with me and felt the hesitation---He went on the computer and found a company tech notice that described the problem to a tee. the fix was to re boot the software in the jeep computer with a fix. they tried but found that it had already been done, which I was never told about. It did not fix it. My jeep has a serios heart problem and his is continually skipping a beat. the service manager at the small dealership stated that the diagnostic computer will not find software issues, just mechanical. Chrysler better get a fix---I am very close to making a lemon law claim---This is my 4th Jeep---This 2011, I love everything about it except the engine issue. Please keep me posted.
  • During the recent check they did take a look at Service Bulletin # 21-004-10 Rev A which I was hoping, like you, would fix the problem. Unfortunately, I was told the same thing. The DTCM software and flash reprogramming had been done as well with no improvement. I have made three visits so far to Jeep dealer who sold me the vehicle... Not sure if I should try another Service Dept to see if their techs are any better. Thanks for the update and I will keep you posted on my progress, if any.
  • I am having the same problems with the gargling/sloshing of coolant from behind the passenger dash/glove compartment. What did you find out was the cause? Thanks.
  • Anything new on your issue? I have Overland w/hemi and found when new the miss was noticeable but after having the updates, I believe it is actually worse and is constantly getting worse. About 9,000 Km on it now. It has been back three times and no answers. My belief is that there is not a fix for this issue and dealers are just trying to put people off untill Chrysler comes up with the fix. First time in dealer told me it needed the updates, second time they said it was just because it was going into ECO mode and this last time, no explanation as of yet except to say they may hook up scan tool that I will drive with for a couple days so they can see what is I said, stall tactics untill a fix come from Chrysler. It feels like a fuel mapping issue IMO. Definitely not just when going into eco mode as I can get engine to miss while loading it up with brakes on fully (not moving) to 1300 - 1500 RPM, No way the system would be trying to go into ECO mode under this circumstance. Only recourse is for all to demand a fix from their dealers and if unable, then get in touch with Chysler and screem. These are great looking, great driving vehicles they have come up with but no way anyone should have to put up with this issue on a vehicle we paid a good amount of money for.....We could have a 10,000 fing Hyundai that would not have this running issue.

    All...keep posting info on these forums and push dealers and Chrsyler for the fix. Just my 2 cents!! DB
  • I had a blown head gasket
  • DB
    Thanks for jumping in with your situation. I've been back to the original dealer who sold me the vehicle and now a second Jeep dealer with similar results and stories from the dealers. They are now trying to give me the same story that it relates to the EDO mode function. I will be talking to Chrysler rep tomorrow to voice my displeasure. As you mentioned, we paid serious bucks for this brand new vehicle and it is totally unacceptable to have this constant fluttering/hesitation. New Jeep GC 2011 buyers beware...
  • DC,

    Please let me know what the Chrysler rep had to say to you about this. Mine is scheduled to go back in on Tuesday the 25th. I have told dealer in no uncertain terms that I want answers....whether or not it does any good I will see. Even if Chrysler would just own up and say there is an issue they are working on, it then wouldn't bother me near as bad.

    On another note...have you checked your front tire wear? I found feathering on the front tires starting around 3,000KM. It was to be checked last time it was in and they indicated alignment was NOT in spec in "Auto" mode (which is the default ride height setting) but when they switched it to "sport mode" it came into specs. I screamed bloody murder at them for this also and they are suppose to have answers regarding this also. Makes no sense to have alignment specs set in "sport" mode which lowers the ride height a bit especially when the default setting is in "auto".

    Thanks for the reply and look forward to reading what the rep told you about running issue.

  • halo2halo2 Posts: 11
    I went back to the dealership and service advisor said they had no other complaints. One of the mechanics was sitting there and he told me that it was difinitely the MDS system and there was no fix for it at this time. I have done a lot of research and there are a lot of blogging about this issue in all Chrysler/ Jeep/ Dodge vehicles with the Hemi MDS system I f you put it in tow/haul mode it will turn the mds off. I tried it and it seamed to work---but as we know I shouldn't have to do this. Also, they are saying that Jeep service can turn the MDS system. Apparently it will affect gas mileage a little. Bottom line, I am going file an official complaint under my states Lemon Law and see what Jeep says. Please let me know what you find out.

  • Filed a request for a Lemon Law buyback through Chrysler Customer Service last Friday. Received a call from Chrysler Regional Dealer Rep on Tuesday and again today. Asked to set up appointment to drive the vehicle next Wednesday. Thanks for passing along the latest information on the MDS. I'll give it a try tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes next week and please post any new updates on your situations. Together maybe we can finally get to the bottom of this problem since it seems at least the dealers are still in denial there is even a problem.
  • halo2halo2 Posts: 11
    I have not filed yet--let me know what he says---I really dont want a buy back--just want it fixed---but will do it if I have to---Thanks for the update
  • khullingerkhullinger Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    I am working on a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.7L engine, I had the heads off because of the vehicle overheating and had the heads milled and all valves and seats replaced, while into the engine I replaced the timing chains and guides, now I can't get it set up right, I keep bending the intake valve on cylinder #1 and I don't know what I am doing wrong, I have all the timing marks lined up according to my information from jeep, with the crank marks at 12 and 6 o'clock and the cam sprockets lined up with the L on the the left side and the R on the right side, then after rotating the engine 2 revolutions the v8 marks are at 12 o'clock and the crank is at 12 and 6 o'clock, but I still bend the valve, any suggestions on what i am doing wrong?
  • My 1994 jeep Gr. Cher. Loredo starts but will suddenly die. there is no fuel pressure at the fuel rail. Sometimes it will start after a while. Very intermittent issue. Not convinced it is the fuel pump b/c the pump makes the right sound when ignition is turned on.
  • Since the problem is very intermittent you could have something that is being sucked up and clogging the pickup tube or fuel screen of the fuel pump. After the vaccuum bleeds down the object falls odd and allpws the fuel tankin the gas tank. After the vacuum
  • rbwbrbwb Posts: 1
    Does any one know where to go from here. Misfire on #4 (P0304), have replaced plugs, coil and fuel injector. The after erasing the code, it came back, erased code again. Code stayed off for two weeks then came back. Replaced one plug at #4, swapped coil, run inhector cleaner through and erased the code. Code came back on the next day. Erased code, copde came back on within two weeks. What now?
  • Had a similar intermittent problem with my '04 4.0. Turned out to be a bad wire going to the fuel injector. Seems I over stretched the wire while changing the coil rail. Drove me crazy for until I took it to the dealer.
  • Hello, I recently purchased a 2008 grand Cherokee 4x4 Laredo. I noticed that it is very sluggish. It takes a lot of effort to accelerate the vehicle. About a week later I had to drive a loaner car while I had something fixed. The loaner car was the exact same model just 2 years older. It was 2 identical cars but the loaner car was not sluggish at all. If you step lightly on the has the car would move fast. Why the difference?
  • Sorry for the delayed update.. I finally met with Chrysler west coast dealer rep and engineer who went for several rides and recorded data on the engine performance. Bottom line is that the hesitation / fluttering is not the engine according to the test results. Instead, they "believe" it may be a bad torque converter that is causing the problem. I'm scheduled to have that part replaced later this week. The saga continues....
  • halo2halo2 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the update---Will be looking forward to hearing if the fix worked.
  • i have had the same problem. I bought my jeep in august, had about 30000 miles i got extended warranty i had it three months when it started to act up. it would not start and had the trans over temp message. then it worked fine. one day it would not. had it towed and dealer said it was starter. worked fine for 3 more months. it did it again on thursday but started. worked fine sunday and would not start sunday night. had it towed again, the dealer now said it is a module that will cost me $650 because it is not covered under the warranty i purchased. i now have 35500 miles on it. :mad:
  • I also have a terrible "hesitation" in my 2011 GJC. Its was manufactured 8/10, and I've now taken it in twice and the dealer insures me they have updated it for the flash update. It still does the exact same thing... low speed hesitation and then a quick surge. Pretty sad, especially in snow or wet conditions. Has anyone had any luck with a fix?
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