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Nissan Altima Brake Questions



  • thank you Smarty666. The Dealship said they will change the "ABS Actuator". Gave me a rental car for 3 days. More to come
  • On Dec 23 I was going 65mph and had a complete brake failure. I posted about it already. Turns out the hose blew a hole. No warning, nothing. I'm lucky to be alive. 2007 nissan altima. 45000 miles on it.
  • Was this a Hybrid?
  • My 2007 Altima creates an rotational sounding 'ekk, ekk, ekk' at about 30 - 40 mph only when cold. After about 10 miles or so it subsides? They checked by brakes yesterday and said I have about 1/2 life left on the pads, and did not think it was a Brake issue.

    Does anyone have an experience like this with brakes , or could this be another issue?

  • How many miles do you have on your 2007 Nissan Altima? I have about 30,000. When I push hard on the brake it feels very rough and acts like it does not want to stop.
  • Nissan has been notorius for noisy brakes. I had a 2007 Altima that squealed bad when braking for a red light or on a slope. Dealer said they were fine but replaced the pads and turned the rotors anyway. I have since traded for a 2009 Altima but this one is different. The 2009 Altima does not squeal when braking forward. I have a steep driveway and when I back out of the driveway the brakes have a heavy grinding sound. It has only 13k miles and I took it to the dealer and of course they find nothing but are going to replace the pads. Its weird because I also have a 2007 Sentra with 33k miles that has never squealed or had a grinding sound.
  • Why would you buy another Altima, after the first one had brake problems. I for one will never buy another one.
  • Why would you buy another Altima, after the first one had brake problems. I for one will never buy another one.

    Noisy brake is not a brake problem...yes, it's annoying. When you need to replace the brakes at 15k like the Accord 2008-2010, that's the brake problem.
  • My wife was hit and totaled the 07 was the reason I have an 09 Altima now, thank you very much!!! Nissan makes good vehicles. I am not here to bash Nissan but to find other owners with similar problems and find the best solutions.
  • Well, some people are really bad in term of bashing other brands..."This is a POS. I wouldn't buy this car again b/c of the squeaky wipers". IMO, if the wipers or brakes are working good but it's noisy, I might try to have it fixed but it's not a big deal that I have to spend days to go after the dealer or manufacturer.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    you know, squeaky wipers is not a reason not to get a car; I do agree, since I have a 10 Maxima that the OEM wipers Nissan puts on suck big time; brand new they consistently leave streak marks and smear the window when in use which is ridiculous

    there is a simple fix for that go to Autozone or online and by Bosch, Rain-X, or Valeo silicon wiper blades and replace the OEM, thats what I did and they work wonderfully; the rest of the car is wonderful though!!
  • No, not a hybrid. I've seen a couple of other posts with similar or the same story, but no one has answered mine until you. One guy said "I want answers!" and understandably ticked off, and it seems that if there are even just 3 or 4 of us who have had complete brake failures with absolutely no warning we should be getting together and making some noise.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    if your having brake problems you all need to band together and confront Nissan; this latest UA and brake problems with Toyota should be a make-up call with Nissan and other car manufactures to start taking customers who are having brake problems more seriously!!!!
  • tunesmithtunesmith Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    On Dec 2, 2009, a cold day in Wyoming, my wife was on her way to work driving our 2008 Altima with only 15,000 miles on it. Upon exiting I-80, she pushed on the brake pedal and got nothing! No slow down, nothing! Unable to stop, she was broad sided on the passengers side by a Dodge pickup doing approximately 55 mph as she went through the intersection. The car was a total loss and she was VERY sore for two months. Had she been struck on the drivers side, there is no doubt I would be a widower.
    Previously there had been no indication of any problems with the brakes.
    How many Altimas have this problem? How many people have to be injured or killed for Nissan to acknowledge they have a SERIOUS problem?
  • sorry to hear tunesmith. Hope your better half is back on her feet. certainly a shaky experience, I know, it happened to me as well.
    do what I did when my 2009 Altima Hybrid had a catastrophic failure IDENTICAL to yours.

    (1) File a case with NHTSA Online.
    (2) Call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-866-799-1690. Open a case with them.
    (3) Write to Nissan consumer Affairs at:
    Nissan North America
    Consumer Affairs
    PO Box 685003
    Franklin, TN 37068-5003

    I had done all this, the dealer told me the ABS Actuator had failed and took 3 weeks to replace. What was the root cause in your case? Did nissan tell you?
    I even called the local CBS station and no one cared!

    We need to make more noise (apparently they dont care for forums) to make ourselves heard. Any Ideas?
  • Did you read my post from 12/23 or 12/24 2009? I had the same problem, (with my 2007 Altima) as have several others. In my case it turned out to be a hole in the brake fluid hose, but it had to have just blown out all at once, because I had no previous problem. I was going 65 and when my foot went to the floor, THEN my brake light came on. I'm lucky to be alive. I've now read a few other posts, and wonder if we should write a letter to Nissan, and maybe some other people. If we get ignored, we can do a youtube video and make a stink- but we need to first get together and figure out what it is we are asking for. All I have for proof is a dated receipt from the mechanic who fixed it.
  • My wife has complained about the '07 Altima we own. This vehicle has been in the dealership at least a couple of times for grinding brakes. They keep saying that they can find no problem. Do you have a suggestion about getting this problem fixed without BS from the dealership? Now that Toyota has been exposed, I'm sure Nissan wants to run and hide.
  • go w aftermarket brakes thats the only solution cuz the 07 brakes from the dealer wont work after 3000 mile the grinding noise come back, now i have a 2009 2.5 sl altima i already put 15000 miles and no brake problems so far but the 07was a nightmare w the brake
  • I know several people have had issues with their Nissan's. Has anyone been successful in getting them fixed? My 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe is just off warranty (36,300 miles) and my brakes are metal to metal for the second time in one year. Any help????
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited March 2010
    here is a little tip, I ran into similar problems with my old FX35! if you guys are having that kind of problems with your brakes and rotors you guys are going to have to take your Altima's to an outside place and get some performance or thicker brake pads and cross-drilled rotors! I had to do it with my FX35! have had no problems since!

    you guys are going to have to do this if you really want to break the vicious cycle; Infiniti and Nissan will just keep giving you the same faulty OEM brakes and rotors and thus the crappy cycle continues!

    wish you all the best!!
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