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Lincoln Continental Maintenance and Repair



  • esmallesmall Posts: 1
    hi every one.on my 97 continental when i close my door the light would stay on until i start driving now my door light dont work at all. sometimes when i put my car in drive or reverse the radio lose sound and when i make turns it sounds like the speakers gets better sound now sometimes if i dont unlock all doors with the key pad the car dont start i change the body computer check all grounds no luck did any one heard or had any thing like this one.
  • No response to my last post. So, Ill try this one. I am losing all the fluid in my washer tank. I wonder if its a tube or what that has a hole in it or is off the line?

    I know I sound like a female and I am.
  • Never apologize for asking a good's a sure sign of intelligence.I had a similer problem with my Volkswagon reserve tank. It could be:

    A) the cap is leaking and lost it's seal. Check this by driving with the blue washer fluid filled up in it and drive over some bumps and take a few hard turns. Look under the hood and see if you see any signs of splasing near the top or leaks. Get a big rubber washer to fix it. Look for at auto parts store or Lowes plumbing dept. poss dealer part too.

    B) The tank has a fine crack in it creating a slow leak. Fill it up and let it sit for awhile (hours maybe) over concrete pavement or some surface where you can spot leaks & drips later. See if level is lower too to make sure you don't mistake it for other drips.
    Use colored water or blue washer fluid. Remeber, it may only allow it to leak if the weather is warm and the engine is warm due to thermal stress on the crack. If you find the leak you'll still have to take the tank out so why not by a new one although it can be glued with the right kind of plastic/nylon or whatever material type glue the tank is made from.
    I'd just buy a new one or if you can afford it. Hope this helps.
  • Had the same problem with my 2000. Turns out that it was the idler pully. Suggest that when you have the pully changed,,,,,,replace the serpentine belt also.
  • How do you remove the rear brake light (in the trunk lid) of a 95 Lincoln Continental, and install new bulb?

    I tried removing the stiff fabric covering the inside of the trunk lid by removing the plastic pins, I found the bulb holder but I could not pull it out to replace the bulb. I also tried to turn it without success. How does one get to the bulb housing to replace a burned out bulb?
  • Up last night turning the interior lights off. It happened the night before and drained the battery. What would cause this? I turned off the automatic switch so they wouldnt come on. Also, when it does this the mileage turns up to 700 miles??? weird.
  • wcuthoodwcuthood Posts: 1
    Hi everyone can anyone help me figure this problem out. First my heater started blowing cold air so a mechanic suggested I get a new thermonstat. Now my car is running hot although before it wasn't running hot I just lost the heat now I have no heat and it's running hot??
  • Have a 2001 LC with only 65K in excellent cond. Six months ago Service light came on, dealer did a costly diagnostic and reprogrammed PCM (?). Was told if it happened again could be catalytic converter. Car's been fine until a few days ago when Serv light came on again. Went to bring it to dealer today and battery was completely drained but nothing was left on to do this. What else could cause Service light to come on ? Any connection to battery being drained ? I appreciate any help. Thanks.
  • blackdayzblackdayz Posts: 16
    The trans shifts fine when cold but hesitates when hot or dosent want to shift at all,also noticed air bubbles in fluid.any help at all would be very much appreciated
  • lintechlintech Posts: 1
    Do you still have that car or do I have it? If you got it fixed will you tell me what they did too it. I have the same problem with my car it is a 1994 I bought it sometime in June.
    :( I am also experiencing low level suspension I checked the switch in the trunk and it is on. So the car look like it getting ready to take off by itself. I have just had my key switch fixed so I can start it with the key. I have had to cross switch it to start it under the hood for a few months till I went crazy and did no care what I had to pay. Well compared to what every one was saying it was not that bad but finding the problem was hell and It was a electical conductor.
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    My 2002 lincoln continental is getting very low gas mileage..My on dash computer was showing 16.5 mpg. but now it shows 13.5. I checke the mileage when I had it filled and it does check out at approx 13-14 mpg. What would cause this low mpg? I had the air filter changed and the tires checked for proper air..but still the 13.5 reading..The motor sounds fine with no cutting out or odd noises..Starts great.
    Im at a loss.. Please, any advice will be welcome before I have to take it to Lincoln distributators..Thanks in advance...
  • 7coins17coins1 Posts: 1
  • Have a 2001 LC and while it was in and out of dealer for the catalytic converter to be replaced my gas mileage went to 12.9 from 17. Back to normal now. You might want to run a diagnostic to check the CC.
  • Once in awhile I noticed, after shutting off ignition, car ( 2001 LC, 65K ) leveled itself. Doesn't do that at all now but gauge indicates ride is normal. Is this OK or is there a problem ? Switch is 'on' ( in trunk ) and have a perfectly comfortable ride. Thanks.
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    Thanks for the input..I may have to have this done sooner or later..Do you mean yu had to have your catalytic converter changed?
  • samiam3706samiam3706 Posts: 8 new to the forums...i got a 2000 continental...109k..runs great. but i was reading the stuff about the miles per gallon...ive had mine up to 99.9mpg, but i average about 17.5-18...its all on how you drive, how much you press the gas....try resetting it on the high way, its pretty interesting...but i got a question about front driver head light has condensation inside of it....anywhere to buy a new seal or a new headlight cheap?
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    What do yu mean by "up to 99.9 mpg..You driving it that fast?
    How can I reset it on the Freeway..Im pretty dumb about this stuff..LOL Now it is kind of acting like it hesitates a little when I push on the gas from a stop so I have an appointment with AAA for next week to have it diagnosed by them but they charge so much that Im having second thoughts..Do you think I should do that?

    I have no idea why your have headlight has condensation..Hopefully someone smarter than me will answer that question for you..Maybe you can check an auto dismantler..Surly someone has wrecked on of these cars at one time or another..
  • samiam3706samiam3706 Posts: 8
    haha yea...i think i was going at least 90 mph...i got a video of my car on youtube, just search samtana3706...but anyways when ur on the highway, press the button to show ur mpg, and then press the reset button....itll give u a live update of ur miles per gallon

    a little hesitant? thats weird...mine kinda slips when the engine is cold from 1st to 2nd gear...but when its warm its fine...i dunno is diagnostics will be able to tell why its hesitant...does it jerk or is it slow reaction u pressing the pedal

    i think i need to just get a new headlight :--/
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    I dont even like to go that fast in a airplane..LOL As far as pressing the button, my computer gives me the mpg. on its own..Maybe that is off..I will do as you say and see what happens...
    No, no jerk, just a slow reaction, when I press the pedal, kind of like pressing on air for a second or two then it takes hold..It may have been doing that all of the time now with the lower gas mileage I may just be noticing it...Maybe I won't get the diagnosis..They want way to much.. Oh yeh, my "check engine soon" light is on now..I think it came on when I hit 40,000 miles..How can I get that off?
    It may be a good idea for you to buy the new part instead of a used one...You may be money ahead that way.. I tried to find you youtube thingy but not succesful..
  • fangio2fangio2 Posts: 214
    You should take your car to Auto Zone or Advance-they will check your engine trouble codes.My guess is a bad COP(coil on plug).They cost about $40.A bad one can cause a miss and lower gas mileage.Mine gets 24-27 mpg hwy and 17-19 in town.The transmission issue sounds like a dirty filter.
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