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BMW Z3 (All Years/Styles)



  • sjmurray2sjmurray2 Posts: 65
    Hello, there seems to be a lot of Z3 3.0s on the lots in Virginia. Any idea what people are paying? I think a 2.5 Liter would be adequate, but if a 3.0 can be had at invoice, then it may be a better buy. Any opinions/advise would be welcome.
  • tetonmantetonman Posts: 73
    I've been shopping for a somewhat unique car over the past three months. First car I started to get excited over was a BMW 8 series coupe, then passed when I learned about maintenance costs and received some feedback from BMW owners about the car itself.

    After going around on another couple of cars, I'm back on BMWs again! I'm looking at a 1997 2.8 Z3 with 28K miles on it listed at $22k as a daily driver. Car includes heated seats (needed in IL), computer and Harmon Kardon sound system.

    However, before I get too far along, I was wondering what people's experience has been with the earlier Z3s? Any help would be appreciated.


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