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Kia Rondo Gas Tank Issue



  • bgwbgw Posts: 116
    We had a 2007 EX V6 that we bought new. We loved it and it was in the garage only once for warranty work. We now have a 2011 EX V6 and it seems to be on track to be as reliable as our 2007.
    One thing about many modern cars and refueling - don't keep pumping gas once the nozzle clicks off. Continuing to add fuel may damage the EVAP system. I think this is what's wrong with your Rondo - the original owner possibly had a habit of doing this, and now YOU are the one having to deal with it.
    For you to say the car is junk is stretching it. You had 2 problems! (Yes, the fuel pump issue and the refueling issue are related) My last Honda, a Civic Si, was in the shop 13 times in the 1st six months! Now THAT's junk.
  • bossymamabossymama Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    I have the 2008 and had the same issue. I bought it used and on the first fill up I had that same problem. Stranded at the gas station for over an hour trying to start the car and it wouldn't stay running. It would shake and stall out.

    I never top off by the way. I just set it to fill until it clicks and that is it. It happened to me and my husband too so it isn't just a girl thing. I was under warranty when this happened so Kia had the car several different times trying to figure it out. They would give it back to me and it would happen first time I filled the tank. It took months and months for them to figure it out and they had to fly in an expert to look at it.

    It turned out to be something was installed backwards. There was a recall on something to do with fueling and when that was all taken care of they installed something backwards... I can't remember what it is though. Sorry. Evap sounds familiar. When they told me about it, I didn't really understand so that is why I forgot. But it is fixed now. If you call the Kia dealership on Mitchell Ave in Cincinnati, they might know.
  • Is it true the fuel filter on a 07 Rondo V6 is inside the tank?
    And if so, do you access it from inside under the rear seat? :mad: :cry:
  • conwelpicconwelpic Ontario, CanadaPosts: 600
    edited October 2013
    yes, its in the fuel pump, accessible through the access door in the middle just behind the second row seat in the 5-seater model, you can see it through the gap as you tilt the seat back forward.
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