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Mazda RX-8 Starting and Stalling Problems



  • Try changing the air filter. Mazda uses platinum spark plugs. replace them with (NGK laser iridium spark plugs) this should solve your problem. if the car still don't start check the fuel pump fuse! Open the hood to the right of the air filter is the fuse box there are two blue fuses on the bottom it's the one to the right.
  • I've sold several over the years, and it seems to be that the harder they're run, the btter the rotary motor does. They are certainly very sensitive, anyone remember MG, triumph, etc?? They need to be warmed fully when run, good gas is a must, and the rotary is a high RPM motor by design, the harder I've run mine, the better they've been. And I"m with the prior post, 3000+ RPM seems to help too
  • You might have to replace the IAC motor ( idle air control = DEALER ITEM) that's what keeps the idle steady when your stopped. After about 60.000 miles it starts to fail, also replace the coils and spark plugs. All that might cost you about $1200 at the dealer!
  • If you go over to the rx-8 owners club forums, you'll see that many people have 100k, 150k and even 200k on their rx-8s (that's a lot of miles for three and four yer old cars), with few or no problems.

    The common element: They all bought manuals, and drive them hard and fast, the way the rotary was meant to be utilized.

    The best thing you can do to a rotary is redline it. The worst thing you can do is lug it. If you're spending most of your time above 4000 RPM, your 8 will thank you.

    Make sure you redline it a couple times a day.
  • johnrvwjohnrvw Posts: 2
    I have just purchased a used 2004 Mazda RX-8 with 88,000 miles. I am having an issue where, while driving the car the check engine light and the TCS/DSC Indicator light will come on. When it does the the car will stall - mind you this is while driving down the freeway doing 60+.
    Can you help me trouble shoot this?
  • johnrvwjohnrvw Posts: 2
    Drove it to my nearest Mazda dealer to have checked.
    Throttle Control valve and gasket needs to be replaced. ($436 just for the parts)
  • jjerryva20jjerryva20 Posts: 4
    The same thing happen to my mazda rx-8.I have only 27,000 mile.
    Like when I came to a stop light the car tendes to bog and then pick up speed and then it stops.i took it the the dealership and the clean the carbon out and it will run good for awhile and start doing it again ..In a week I will take it back to the dealer and get it check out again its a never ending story.the is a problem in the motor and someting is going on with it
  • shady7shady7 Posts: 1
    I tried to start my RX8 and it sounded like the solenoid was clicking but the engine did not turn, is this a common fault and is there anything i can do ? help please.
  • Hey,
    There is a problem with the stock starter. and dealer replace my starter with a high torque starter from mazda is your car still under warranty and does you car wont start when its cold.
    let me know
  • freddyrx8freddyrx8 Posts: 11
    When you turn the key and you hear a clicking sound more than likely the battery is dead, try charging or replace the battery. But if everything works like the head lights and radio and you still hear the clicking sound then (it's possibly the starter?) (NOTE: If your gonna replace the battery you will have to take the car to a mechanic so they could re flash the computer.)
  • hesusehesuse Posts: 1
    Hi there,
    my name is Gary and i am about to purchase a used '04 RX8. i am getting scared though of all these customer reviews with all these horror stories about flooding engines and broken this and broken that and A/C not keeping the cabin cool enough. I just read your post about how you have to keep the car above 4000rpm most of the time. So, does this mean I have to drive the car fast all the time or can i just drive in lower gears? Because if I start getting a lot of speeding tickets my wife will kill me. LOL.
    I only work 7 miles from home and it isn't a "fast" road. so i can't speed on it, plus cops are always patrolling the road. Any suggestions as to what i should do? I really want this car but I don't want it in the shop all the time like all these other idiots! LOL

    So, again, would it be ok to ride it in lower gears for that higher RPM?

    Also, is it shouldn't turn the car on and then turn it right back off? you should let it warm up a bit? what about winters? is it hard to start if it has been sitting in my parking lot at work for 3-4 hours in 25 degree weather?

    thank you for ANY advice you can give me!
    if you want, you can email me at with anything you have to offer for advice. i want to keep this car pristine!

  • yes it your starter is you car is out of warrenty?
    If you disconnect the battey and reinstall a new battery auto matic you computer will reset itself..and then out have to do thid
    1) turn on the ingition turn your wheel clockwise all the way and then turn it counterclock wise and that should reset you steering

    let me know okay
  • lth1954lth1954 Posts: 1
    I have a 04 RX-8 - 72,000 miles and Mazda just replaced the engine. Got the car back and the car stalled every time you came to a stop once it warmed up.

    Took Jeff Haas Mazda some time to trouble shoot, but here was the problem - the rubber hoses to the automatic transmission were weak and when they got hot, they would basically close up when coming to a halt and the torque converter would not have full pressure - the car would go from 800 RPM to 400 RPM because it was still trying to go a little and then die.

    New hoses - problem solved. The way to trouble shoot according to the dealership was to watch the engine temperature and the transmission fluid temperature. Once the hose started to collapse - the transmission got hotter - and when you stopped, the fluid did not go through the lines as it should - causing the engine to labor and then quit.

    Mazda covered all of the repairs under warranty - at least for this situation right after a new engine.

    Hope this helps others!
  • ok get this i have a 04 AT 8 it was parked in the morning went to leave later that night and it wont start all the lights and radio work, tried jumping it nothing still motor turnes when trying to start but it seems like theres either no spark or maybe no fuel, but it has a full tank of gas plus i checked and replaced almost all the fuses get back at me if you know whats up

  • Try and check your ignition coils thats most time the problem they will go first before the plugs and wires
  • freddyrx8freddyrx8 Posts: 11
    Thanks i all ready knew about turning the wheel clockwise then counter clock wise and you have to turn the car off then back on again to get the DSC light to go off but when i disconnected the battery and reconnected it the idol went very low when i took it to the dealer they said they re flashed the computer to get the idol back to normal. I find that hard to believe but thats what the dealer said. Thanks again for your advise.
  • rx8girlrx8girl Posts: 5
    Did your motor ever "flutter" or vibrate real hard prior to this? Mine did the same thing randomly . . . if it did, I hope its under warrenty, because you need a new motor. Sorry.
  • Ok. I bought a used 04 with 54,000. It is beautiful, silver, GT with all the bells and whistles. It had a vibration above 50, so they said that I needed to replace motor mounts and rear drive shaft. After much screaming...the dealership replaced them. No charge,,,2 weeks down time, still has the same exact vibration. Now, last Sat. it lost power on the freeway, bogged down, and sounded horrible. Had it towed to dealership. They informed me today that I needed new ignition coils, wasn't sparking properly,and air filter was "really" dirty. (bought this car 4 months ago FROM dealership). After agreeing to pay $330 to fix these problems, I get the next call that I need a new engine. Which they will cover since its under Mazda warrenty. But what else should I ask them to check before I accept it? The converter? Hoses? What else goes out with this problem...and why? Any guidance would be apreiciated! Thanks
  • rx8girlrx8girl Posts: 5
    Yikes! Sorry to hear that. Yet again. . .my 05 RX-8 did the same thing. (Sorry everyone. . .you will probably get tired of me saying that. . .) Make sure they replace the solenoid valves. It is a common thing to need to replace the coils and spark plug cables also. That is because the oil is used at the same rate as the gas. The rotary requires a lot of attention. Don't just take it for a quick run to the grocery store, you have to heat it up before you turn it off.
  • freddyrx8freddyrx8 Posts: 11
    No actually the engine was very quiet and running smooth the problem was when i was driving and i suddenly stopped the car then it would stall, but if i braked slowly the car stayed on. The dealer fixed the problem when they replaced the spark plugs,coils and iac sensor.
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