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Mazda RX-8 Starting and Stalling Problems



  • we just bought a mazda 323 in excellent shape ,, got her on ther road and have one problem .. you have toaintain a full tank of of gas or it will stall going around a right hand corner ,,, and suggestions plz help ,,
  • freddyrx8freddyrx8 Posts: 11
    You might have to replace the fuel pressure regulator and, or your fuel injectors. (It also could be your fuel pump)
  • cheri3737cheri3737 Posts: 1
    Help.... is the 2009 RX8 a good car to drive 15min to and from work daily. I'm concerned about the rotary motor and the stalling issues. The dealership says no problem but I know nothing about cars.
  • rx8girlrx8girl Posts: 5
    the stalling issues are normally in the 2005 RX-8's. Driving it for 15 mins depends on where you live, but as long as the motor is warmed up before you turn it off it will be fine to drive. Just be sure to put premium gas in it.
  • t007mt007m Posts: 1
    My son has one of these things (RX8).

    I've been trying top help him with the flooding problem. He knows all the tricks to shutting it off but I have an idea. It seems like the fuel is still being injected when the car is shut off.

    Do you think that putting a fuel shutoff valve in line with the fuel pump might eliminate the problems of flooding? Here's how it would work. Instead of shutting the car off with the ignition/start key, turn off the fuel to the car off and that would result in burning off any fuel left in the system. Then..................after the engine stops, turn off the ignition key. What do you guys think?
  • I have the same problem, full tank or it is going to stall as soon as release the accelerator ( mine is Manual Transmission) last time I had stalling problem and when I full the tank, I did not stall from that moment and I thought a miracle happened and now when my tank is half it stall again.

    steventerri what part did you change or anybody please and suggestion.

    plus, my AC is running with no stop, on technical booklet says it case stalling too,
    any idea and suggestion please,

  • Is there a definite starting procedure for a flooded RX-8?
  • it is probably flooded,this car seems to easily do that,pull out fuel pump fuse and proceed to try starting,push gas pedal all the way then let off a bit repeat this proscess until starts will take a little while,when starts put fuse back in
  • frustrated with this problem! Any help to get the car started? Stalled on the top level of a parking garage. Has been sitting for a week!!
  • Mine liked to randomly not crank when the battery was drained. You probably need a new battery with more cold cranking amps. I got the diehard plat. with the highest amount of cca's possible that we could squeeze in. Haven't had a problem since.
  • I have a 2008 RX8 with 33,000 miles on it. My car wouldn't start. I got it to the Mazda dealer, and they said there was a blockage in the catalytic converter that didn't allow all the exhaust to get out and damaged the engine. Now they are going to provide me with a re-manufactured engine with new parts. It's under warranty. My concern is how the new re-manufactured engine will work. I'm wondering whether I should do a straight trade of my RX8 for a Mazda 3 (since I have about $15,000 left on the loan). I wanted to get anyone's opinion on what I should do and if they've ever had an RX8 with a new, re-manufactured engine.
  • I had an '05 that at the time had approx 40k miles on it, and they had to replace the motor (they weren't able to tell me why, they had no idea) and I got a re-manufactured motor, I drove it for about 1 more year and decided that the RX-8 was a money pit and traded it in. I decided that if I was going to throw money down a hole, that it was going to be to a boat or something that I could at least enjoy upon occasion.
  • Hey you guys i need help..... i replaced all the spark plugs with new ones on 2005 RX8 but know it turns off on me when i come to a stop. answer as soon as possible
  • The only thing i could think of is maybe one of the cables are not making proper connection with one of the spark plugs or your idle air control valve needs to be replaced (or if you disconnected the battery you might have to bring your car to the dealer or a mechanic to reflash the computer. (NOTE bring to dealer to reflash not any mechanic)
  • yea disconnected the battery to take off the spark plugs. what do you mean to "reflash" the computer? does the dealer charge for reflashing the computer?
  • Your car is only programmed to go so fast and to allow a certain fuel to oxygen ratio. to flash your car means your changing those ratio's allowing your car to perform at it's true unrestricted performance. when you disconnected the battery it probably threw the computer off, the dealer might charge $100-$150 dollars to flash the computer. The same happened to me when I changed my battery, when I slowly came to a stop no problem (but i could see the idle needle go down slightly) but when i came to a fast sudden stop the car would shut off. I hope this info helped good luck.
  • Ok thanks man. I have a other question..... would the car turn off if it had a radiator or thermostat leak problem? Because I took to my mechanic told me it had that, he said that's why it turn off.
  • It's possible if the thermostat locked restricting antifreeze flow, or if you had a leak anywhere like a hose that would cause your car to overheat and shut off any time, not when you put on your brakes.I'm assuming your car was working just fine until you disconnected the battery to change the spark plugs so i don't think it's the thermostat or radiator, (but that's only my opinion) I don't want to mislead you about the mechanics honesty but the mechanic could be right he probably found that other problem while checking your car.
  • linhvlinhv Posts: 2
    I have the same problem I press couple times on the cluth and engine started try it.
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