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Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems



  • thank you both for your concern, i really appreciate it. I don't consider it a defect; a defect is something that needs repair or a recall. Maybe the condition warrants a recall. All cars have "conditions" like the Hondas that were just recalled for faulty or defective rear brakes on their vans and SUV's. My first choice was m35x 5 speed but we decided we don't need a car that big as it will be a 2nd car to the charger. i would gladly get a 2008 g35x with a 5 spd. if I could find one with low miles. Audis are too expensive, BMW's too and smaller with reliability issues. In Buffalo, NY AWD is a welcome option and this option list fits the bill. I think the best way to weed out one with the condition is in a long test drive simulating all the conditions you would encounter in your normal driving. I am not rushing into it, nor am i going in starry eyed. I wont buy one until i find one that meets the standards i am looking for, and does not seem to exhibit the problem. If i cant find one i will wait. Again thanks for your concern and advice and to all you Infiniti drivers with the problem good luck and safe driving to you all!
  • ljelawljelaw Posts: 17
    Perhaps "defect" is a matter of semantics. I actually think it's a defect, as I have never had a car drive the way my old G37 did. Also, it did need several software fixes, so that supports defect.

    No matter. You seem to have gone down the same list I did. I have owned many Audis, and that's what I currently have. It really drives great so perhaps reconsider (I know they can be a expensive perhaps a 08 or 09 A4?).

    The long test drive may not help you. This problem just cropped up. And are there really that many you can test drive? I guess you really want a G37...

    So FWIW I hope you pick something else. I also drove the Hyundai Sonata and thought it was a hell of a good car. Not sure if they offer AWD but if they do, seriously consider.

    Good luck!
  • thanks again for the advice. Yeah lets not get into semantics; i guess anytime you have to take your car back to the dealer to get something done/improved it can be considered a defect... whatever i plan to buy, car, suv, etc. i will test drive it long and hard. My wife is the "soft" driver and she will test it too. The new Altimas are interesting but not AWD but FWD i think and they can be tricky here in deep snow. Most automakers that have a premium line, only have AWD in that line; e.g. Nissan Maxima is FWD to get AWD you have to to to the Infiniti. It seems no matter what you buy that's of late models it will have the multi speed transmissions for mileage. I wonder how the Chrysler with 8 speeds are doing? i will check that forum soon. I am not stuck on the G bu considered it a real value for options and reliability as well as sportiness. As i mentioned before, owned multiple Nissans and had great luck with all of them. I will look at the Audi prices this weekend but i think to be a second car with 25-34K miles they will be too expensive. I will definitely keep you posted! thanks again!
  • i went to my Charger forum; i have an 08 as our main car and did a quick search on Chryslers new 8 speed auto tranny. Sounds like the same problems you guys/ladies are experiencing. (SEE LINK BELOW) The clunk mentioned is also on my car but only if the car is driven differently from the last time you drove. E.G. spirited driving will produce the clunk once or twice as the ECM learns whats going on. As i mentioned before i expect this problem to be widespread across manufacturers as they adapt to new standards using multi speed trannys for mileage gains. Until the technology catches up with the growing pains of these new designs this is going to be around at least for ahwile until they figure it out. BTW i talked to a new 2013 37x owner at the golf range the other day. He had not experienced the problem in his new car. He has owned it for a couple months though and he said its smooth and fast in traffic with no lag. Either his car doesn't have it or they have improved it on the new models. I'll keep checking.
  • I know a lot of you don't care and i don't blame you but here is more info on a Benz tranny problem. The problem is widespread. If my wife wasn't so tired of driving a manual i would go for one!! lems-already.html
  • how weird - i was going to type this -

    2007 C203 Sport shifting question.

    From a Benz forum and this is from 2007!

    Hello all,
    I purchased an new 2007 C230 Sport with the 7speed auto transmission. I have an issue and wondered if any one experienced it.. This is a new car with 1k miles, so i will be taking it tomorrow for the 1K suggested diagnotic service. My issue is that in "S" mode, which is standard mode, I slow the car down to a stop and when the car is stopped at a traffic light, it lunges forward, almost feels like is still in gear and dropping to the start gear ? any ideas ? The service tech thinks its a program glitch and might need to have anew program downloaded. It doesn't happen on "C" mode.

    i will update tomorrow.
  • mrswstmrswst Posts: 1
    I'm ready to purchase a new car and have been seriously considering the 2013 G37x. Is this the same transmission as those having trouble from 2009-2012? I've been driving an I30t for 15 years and love it, thus went to Infiniti first. Now, I'm concerned...
  • fmarkmanfmarkman Posts: 2
    As far as I know, there have been no major changes since 2009 on the G37X. A friend of mine had a 2009 G37 2-door coupe (NOT AWD) which had a 6-speed transmission that seems to be trouble free. Based on my experience with the G37X's 7-speed transmission, my advice is "stay away." If you can deal with 2WD and 2 doors, consider the coupe. Too bad, I love everything else about the G37X, but the transmission needs to work! A couple of my co-workers have Mercedes C300 and C350 4MATIC's and love them. No issues with those, as far as I know, and the price is not as bad as you might think. Best of luck!
  • kingpcgeekkingpcgeek Posts: 985
    I have a 2010 Coupe that has the transmission issues discussed on this thread. I also have a 2012 Sedan that has no issues.
  • i have only talked to later model owners who said they dont have a tranny shift problem so i suspect its been worked on and improved in the later models. Good luck?
  • over a year later, is it still fixed?
  • over a year later is it still fixed?
  • How has it worked since February?
  • Do you still feel it is fixed, a year later?
  • in the end, did it get worked out or not?
  • how about now in Sept of 2013?
  • One year after my fix, the car still performs well. However, I reiterate, I will never buy another Infiniti because of the way this was handled (mishandled) by them.
  • I don't feel that it is completely fixed on my 2010 Coupe. I never had an issue with my 2012 Sedan.
  • We should ALL officially post our issues on the DOT NHTSA site that tracks/forces Manufacturer Recalls and Service Bulletins. This will FORCE Infiniti to address these issues.

  • coolpetecoolpete Posts: 30

    Guys, is this issue present in 2012 models? I am considering a 2012 G37X with the sports package, I drove the car and could not detect any lag or shift issues. But want to find out if any of you with 2012 model have run in to this issue. If you are one of the proud owners, please post your impressions, I need to make a quick decision.


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