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Mitsubishi Eclipse - 2005 and earlier



  • kidevo1kidevo1 Posts: 31
    He told me that I should remove the governor chip, below the dash. He told me he has a '97 Eclipse (didn't mention the trim) and it reaches 140mph after he removed the chip. Makes sense?

    The only models which were capable of reaching near 140mph were the GST and GSX. The GSX topped out at around 137 though. A GST might have been able to hit 140, but they all came with H-rated tires, hence the 130mph governor. Even though the GST spyder's came equipped with V-rated tread, they still kept the governer in them.

    As far as it being as simple as removing a chip....well, it would actually require opening up the ECU, pulling out a soldering gun and adding a resistor somewhere. thank you! :)
  • rigors1rigors1 Posts: 1
    this is my first post, so please go easy on me. i am very interested in getting an older model of the eclipse to customize. i am looking at older ones due to their unbelievably low price considering how cool they are, and because they seem reasonbly cheap to modify and customize. i just would like any information as to what years i should stay away from, or if there is a certain defect or common problem that many have experienced; i.e. the dodge intrepid and eagle vision often have problems with the transmission because the older models utilized a tranny that was too small for the car to be front wheel drive. some info like that would be most helpful. i would also know how many miles would be acceptable to start off with. thanks for any additional advicve also. peace
  • Last year the door handle on the driver side broke.
    Since my car had only 21000 miles on it, the Dealer replaced it at no charge.
    Yesterday, the door handle on the passenger side broke.
    I contacted Mitsubishi to find out if this was a problem with the 1998 Eclipse.
    They advised that it was not.
    They stated to ask Dealer to evaluate and possible replace free of charge.

    Any comments?
  • rph74rph74 Posts: 14
    If you are looking for an earlier model Eclipse/Talon, buy either a 90,91, or 92 built before April 92. These models had the 6-bolt motor which is MUCH more durable then the later 7 bolt models. Many 7 bolt motors (primarily the 95+ cars)suffer from "crankwalk" which is really, really bad, it will eventually kill the motor. The best car to get is the 92 built before April 92 because it has the 6-bolt motor with the 4 bolt rear end. The earlier models had a 3 bolt rear end which is not as strong, and will not put up with as much launching at the drag strip. I have a 91 GSX with 186,000 miles on it, and I run it at the drag strip, I've done many upgrades to it, including clutch,turbo,intercooler,fuel system upgrades. Any Eclipse aficionado will tell you the early Eclipses are the best ones to buy. I've read somewhere that the 2g Eclipse(95-99) are for ricers, while the 1g's 90-94 own the racetracks.
  • have a 98 gs; found dipstick tube broken from block; is this common? ; how easy/hard is this to fix?
  • My driver side door handle just broke. I think there is a problem with not only the door handles but other plastic parts. My car has 100,000 but has been well maintained. The plastic molding around the interior rear mirror controls are broken on both sides and in the same place. The plastic housing for the electronic windows control broke. All this may seem a bit trivial but the cost really adds up. The dealer wants close to $80 for a door handle.
  • jwackjwack Posts: 1
    i have a 2001 eclipse and recently the oil light has been coming on. the light does not stay on solid but flickers on and off. there is plenty of oil in it. the tech can't find any thing wrong with it. does any body have any idea what i can do? it is also for sale and this problem makes it harder to sell.
  • I bought a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse in March of 2003. In June of 2003, my drivers door handle broke. The dealership was gonna charge me $137 to fix it. In November 2003, my passenger door handle broke. I had no way of getting in the car except to crawl thru the trunk or roll my window half way down. A friend of mine showed me how to open it using the door handle until the door handle just broke off. Well this morning, my drivers door handle broke off. I have an extended warrenty that doesnt cover this, seems to me it doesnt cover anything to be honest with you. I cant find the door handles anyway. I cant believe that ive found 2 people with 1998 eclipse's with broke door handles. I am hoping i can use it as some kind of proof to get it fixed for free. i doubt it. When your door handle broke, did it break in the back part of the handle first? Feel free to email me at anyone for that matter than has had this problem with a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    If you have answers - please post them here so that everyone benefits from the responses...keeping it in email doesn't help anyone else.

  • I will be glad to post whatever i find out on this site but i do not come here much to check if anyone has posted anything, thats why i put my email address so if anyone does email me with anything, i will be glad to post it here. Thanks.
  • I have a 2001 GT with 17 inch alloy wheels and 215/50R17 Goodyear Eagle tires all factory equipment. I have had to have the wheels straightened many times from pot hole damage. One wheel could not be repaired and had to be replaced. Is anyone else experiencing these wheel bending problems with their Eclipse? I am considering a tire with a heavier sidewall to protect the wheel better but I don't know if such a tire is available. This is the only car I have experienced a wheel bending problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  • qrsqrs Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Eclipse, which originally had the same tires that you have and does still have the same wheels. I have had a lot of trouble with bent wheels as well. I've been told that there's just not enough rubber on these low-profile tires to protect the wheels from our driving conditions (i.e., bumpy roads with potholes). It costs $100 per wheel to unbend them, and it's adding up. I don't know what the solution is. Anyone else?
  • kittyykittyy Posts: 1
    is anyone still buying Mitsu Eclipse nowadays? i did not find a recent discussion on this topic.
    what is going on?
  • markcmarkc Posts: 5
    I do not know if my last message went through but I will post it again, does anyone know if the pistons on a 98' eclipse GS are recessed for valve clearance?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    The 2.0 Neon based engine is an interference design, meaning if the belt breaks, the head is trashed.
  • markcmarkc Posts: 5
    The engine light on my 98' eclipse GS went off whenever I drive on highway more than 1 hour and the way I reset the system is to disconnect the battery cable. Anyone have similar problem?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Just take the car to autozone or a similar auto parts store and they can hook up a scanner and read the code for you for free. If the light keeps coming on, resetting it by disconnecting the battery will not help. You need to find out the code so you can determine what's wrong and decide whether its worth fixing. It could be an oxygen sensor giving off bad readings on the highway or a loose connection somewhere in the emissions system.
  • vburrenvburren Posts: 1
    I am currently looking at an used 98 Eclipse RS, and after doing some researches online, I still can't decide if it's a smart choice getting into this car. The past experiences of Eclipse owners range from really hating it to really loving it! I'm aware of some common problems mentioned by many people however the girl who's selling the car claimed she never had any problem with it. Also, a couple of my friends (Honda lovers) suggest me not to get it without explanations.
    I don't know much about cars and since my first car was a Corolla and the past year I had been driving a Volvo S70, I pretty much have nothing to compare to. However I did enjoy the car while test driving it and felt pretty comfortable.
    The car has 57K on it and it's selling for 7000, it's a RS with a few extra added options. I am not a racer, not planning to fix it up either. Should I get it? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • piper2004piper2004 Posts: 2

    I am currently looking at two Eclipse one is a 98 GS w/68K, 5spd for $5500 OBO and 01 GT 17" Rims, is this a good deal and will the rims cause any problems?
    The other one is a 96 GS-T convertible, auto, 75K, $6500, good deal? Does crankwalk occur as much on automatics as it seems to on the 5spd's?
    What are the symptoms I should be on the look out for and would a mitsu dealership pre-inspection be able to find signs of that problem?

    I have had one Eclipse conv 97 GST but it had much lower miles (under 45K).

    I am looking for a car that I can get about 20-30K essentially worry-free miles out of without too much more than proper maint. but I don't have alot to spend and I don't like Civics.
    What is the opinion on either of these cars, I just sold a 01 Z-24 cavalier and it was a nightmare.

    Thanks in advance for any opinons, suggestions and I do plan on getting the vehicle a pre-purchase inspection done by a hopefully reputable mitsu dealership.
  • piper2004piper2004 Posts: 2
    Oh, I am also not a racer, so I will not be doing any type of mods to either car.
    I have been researching this and the 98 GS seems like it could be less problems but once again, please give me your opinions, both cars are one owners with the maint/repair records.
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