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Freestyle Problems-Lawsuit Filed in May

emmaureremmaurer Posts: 7
A class action lawsuit was filed in May against Ford regarding the throttle body issues on the Freestyle...hoping they also tack on transmission issues...both have caused accidents. You can go to for more information. The more the attorney hears from us the better the chance they will add the transmissions issues to the suit. They are expensive to repair and parts makers are not making the needed parts for repairs and getting it replaced is out of the questions because the CVT transmission is no longer made by Ford...and you can pretty much only get a Ford dealer to even think about repairing or replacing the one else will touch it. The lawfirm will put updates on the website about the case as thing progress.

If You would like my contact at the law firm message me and I will send it to you. I encourage you to call him regarding your transmission issues as well.

You can also go to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Board and file a complaint at this will help the government get involved in demanding a recall. the NHTSB site also has service bulletins put out by Ford that are "fixes" for problems they know about and all of the bulletins are sent to Ford Dealerships around the country so the service departments will know about problems and fixes!! Don't let them tell you "They can't duplicate the problem" take the bulletin with you and tell them how to fix it from the start! Hope this info. has helped....Good Luck!!


  • debbiew75debbiew75 Posts: 19
    I have done all that I can do. Tried filing a with a lemon law attorney, already filed with the highway safety board. I have had my throttle body replaced twice. Transmission replaced at 75,000 miles. and my back brakes replaced 3 times.
  • I would love to talk to an lawyer if they are legit. Just gove me the info and I will be glad to join the cause.
  • I have a 2006 Freestyle. 36,000 miles. When the outside temp is 20F or below my doors won's close. There was a recall for this. It was done 4 times and still the problem is still here. I called Ford and they told me my car was out of warentee, I told them this was a recall that did not work, got no help. Tried the Better Business Bureau in Boston, they said my car was too old. Tried the NHTSB. Filed out paperwork. Never heard back.
    This is my last Ford...
  • The dealer has told me I need the motor mount replaced and the throttle worked on my 2006 Ford freestyle. This is expensive and am told there hasn't been a recall. My brother in-law is a retired engineer from Ford and said this should not have happened. Any advice?
  • FYI....I just read the other day the the NHTSA is currently investigating Ford on this now. I also have been experiencing problems with the lunging, and for the break system. After 2 years had to replace the front brakes and now at 55,000 miles the right rear break has gone out. My lunging problem occurs when the AC is on while parking or backing out of the driveway or a parking spot. So far I have not experienced any of the transmission issues...and while reading these blogs have discovered that apparently it the main computer that tells the throttle body what to do and in turn that tells the transmission what to do. So if I am understanding correctly that is what needs to be replaced. I hope a recall comes out soon as we have been through 2 job losses in the past 3 years and have been struggling from pay check to pay check, and I cannot afford any major repairs such as this and it's the only family car we own. My other vehicle is a Ford Ranger with over 100,000 miles and runs beautifully, however it can't hold two car seats and 2 adults. So we will be royaly screwed.
  • I have been having soooo many problems with my 2006 Ford Freestyle and would love to issue a formal complaint!! Is it too late? This is by far the worst car I have ever owned, and the extraordinarily large numbers of repairs it has needed is outrageous!!!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The way these newer part-time "automatic" F/awd systems work the driveline components are put under undue stress each and every time you accelerate on a tractive surface from a low speed, low gear ratio, the harder the acceleration the more the driveline component STRESS.

    Motor, transaxle, AND rear diff'l mounts/cushions are often the first to fail in these conditions. Even the slightest rotational movement of the engine/transaxle assembly, or the rear diff'l, can/might/will result in the transaxle gear ratio, lock up clutch "confusion".

    Rapid in and out of lockup during sligh acceleration, or decel, at ~40MPH is often the first indication.
  • jhollyjholly Posts: 1
    I have an 07 freestyle. My transmission was fixed (bearings and input shaft) at 57000 miles, it has now (91000 miles) gone out again. The cost for a re manufactured one to replace it is 4700.00. I also have the lunging issues with the throttle body that i have reported to the NHTSB. The brakes and the mounts have also been an issue for this vehicle. I would like you to contact me as I do not have the money for these expensive repairs. My husband has always been a ford owner, we have 4 children and the only other car is a 93 ford truck with almost 300,000 miles on it. My freestyle is not driveable as of today. You can contact me at
  • missmeatmissmeat Posts: 1
    Thanks for the info. I've contacted the law firm. I have a 2006 Freestyle. We had the surging/throttle body issue a few years ago (paid $700 to fix that) and now we are having transmission issues as well. I hope they do add the transmission issues. The problem we had caused a loss of power as we were driving. Very scary. On top of that, they said they "fixed' it (for $1,700). Got the car back only to have the same thing happen again. Now it's been sitting in the shop for the past week as they try to figure out what the issue is and if it is possible to fix the trans without having to replace the whole thing. So frustrating!!!
  • I am interested in this lawsuit. I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle (147,000) and I've battled the surging/throttle issue every since I've owed it. Ford couldn't tell me what it was and I've learned to deal with it but I do find it very dangerous. I know that in the summer I better keep my foot on the break hard or else it might get away from me. I've also had a motor mount replaced and told I have another one cracked. Now the instrument panel is going out. From what I've read it sounds like this could be something Ford is aware of but hasn't done anything about. Knock on wood I've not had the transmission problems but I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I think it could be coming. I drive alot of highway miles to and from work and love the car but don't like the repairs. Any info would be helpful.
  • neroxnerox Posts: 3
    My parents have a 2006 freestyle with not many miles on it. They are an elderly couple and do not abuse any vehicle. Their freestyle had a broken motor would not fix (my brother built a motor mount for it) and now transmission problems. Ford told them that there will not be a transmission until the year 2023. NICE JOB FORD!! This is my parents only vehicle and they have now have not been able to drive it since last October. My father is handicapped and is not able to just get into any car. This has dramatically hurt their ability to function normally and has basically left my father housebound. I am looking for more information for lawsuit. My parents tried to trade the car, however, the reputation of the vehicle....nobody wants it and since it is not drivable it is worth nothing. Looking for any advice or information I can get. Thank you.
  • brendasbizbrendasbiz Posts: 2
    I am interested in this lawsuit too. I have a 2006 Ford Freestyle (89,000) and I've battled the surging/throttle issue every since I've owed it. Ford couldn't tell me what it was and I've learned to deal with it but I do find it very dangerous. I know that in the summer I better keep my foot on the break hard or else it might get away from me. I also have a troll in my glove box. I think it is a stuck a/c vent. There is banging in the glove box once or twice every 15 minutes or so when the a/c in running.
  • emmaureremmaurer Posts: 7
    Here is the link to the lawsuit info. Please don't forget to go to & file a formal complaint with the government....they need the complaints tonprove the cars a piece of crap! I've been in the same not working, & you can't trade it and of course Ford won't help! Good luck!
  • kelleylkelleyl Posts: 1
    seems like it has been an uphill battle to get this car fixed. I went almost 120000 miles with not one issue. Replaced the brakes but I was a road warrior so it did not seem out of the norm. So since I have moved to Nevada I have sunk over 1500 bucks into fixing the car. I took my car to Autozone when the car first threw up the code. Came back as a code that said I needed to replace the MAF sensor. Ordered it through Napa and replaced it myself. Then the CEL came back on. Took it to the shop and the only code that came up was for the MAF. Let the Mechanic know I replaced it, and becasue I did it myself the CEL was not fully reset. He reset it and I was on my way again. Then about 4 weeks ago I was driving and the car just stopped. No warning in the middle of rush hour traffic. Barley got to the side of the road. Called the shop and he had the tow truck come get it. Needs a new Throttle body and a motor mount. Okay, I get it things where out. So we pick it up about a week and a half ago. Runs GREAT. GREAT gas mileage, best in years in fact. We go to Yosemite and back with no problems. Then this past Saturday, we are driving in traffic again and it stops again, on a holiday weekend no less. We have it towed to the shop and I picked it up today. So there is the story and here is what is wrong with this car.

    The throttle body and the motor mount both need to be replaced. If you clean it the probelm will return as the throttle body is tooled incorrectly casuing it to stay open and that causes to much oxygen into the system causing failures. However, the way the new throttle body is constructed, the air intakes and other hoses do not connect in the same way, so if your mechanic is not doing research on how to fix it, you will continue to get these codes.

    Also, your internal computer needs to be flashed. Basically it is the way your car parts "Talk" to each other, and my mechanic did not know that a new version of this "Flash" was available from Ford.

    So I have it back and we will see. I hope this info helps all those out there that are having problems.
  • preet_edmpreet_edm Posts: 2
    I m the original owner of my ford freestyle and can honestly say I ve never had so many problems. My transmissionwas replaced during the warranty period. I remember getting a recall for my doors. Now the shaft that goes from my steering wheel to the front needs replacing. Cannot make right or left turns without difficulty. I also have throttle problems reversing my vehicle in parking lot and if that isnt enough the icing on the cake My whole left rear tire assembly is at an angle. Yesterday While I was driving heard a loud clanking noise my atb light came on and upon stopping on the side of the road found the rear tire/rim protuding out. Dont know what broke but I almost lost control of my vehicle and had my two boys with me. Earlier yesterday I had been going at 110 clicks on the highway I wouldve been a goner and my three kids motherless. I seriouy hate my vehicle Fully loaded my [non-permissible content removed] its fully designed to KILL
  • We have also had the same problem with our 2006 Ford freestyle. I also want to know if anybody has had to replace top engine motormount on there freestyle? I tried to report a complaint on the link you provided for the central server is not available, do you have any other suggestions?
  • neroxnerox Posts: 3
    Yes we also had to replace motor mount. Ford has denied all problems. It has been 10 months since my elderly parents have been able to drive their freestyle. We have given up and have bought a car for them to drive. So proud of ford....what more American than completely screwing your customers. My advice..... Dont buy ford!!!!!!
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11 with interest your posting regarding the Freestyle. As we've had lunging problems, could you please tell me the name of the law firm to contact regarding the lawsuit. I would surely appreciate it.
  • neroxnerox Posts: 3
    The attorney we were given number for was in California. Didn't help me because I am not from that state. I don't have that number any longer, but I did get it off of this sight. Look for older posts...might help.

    Honestly we did not get any help. We finally purchased a different car for my parents (not a ford) to drive as theirs is not drivable because ford tore it apart waiting to put in a new transmission (which they no longer make and have not been able to a new one to put in it) The car has been sitting in the back lot at ford, along with their junk, waiting for parts. It has been there since October of 2011. As for the surging with the motor mount...we fixed that with a new motor mount that Ford denied being a problem.

    With all the summer parades....I urge you to use your crap ford freestyle as a reason to not by fords. They are not safe to be driven....but could make a darn good float! Show your fellow Americans Ford tough...hahahha!

    Best of Luck!
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