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Freestyle Problems-Lawsuit Filed in May



  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    Hi, I do thank you for your response. It's really troubling to have vehicle problems that were the fault of Ford Motor and no one gives a crap! I will say, tho', our Freestyle has 125,000 and up to this problem we've been real pleased. I've (77yrs old) always driven a Ford but maybe it's time I change my way of thinking! Again, thanks for your input. I've written to Ford and the NHTSA twice....if I hear anything positive I'll post it!! Mmmm, I do have my doubts here. :-)
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    Hi, I had e-mailed the Gerard Gibbs law firm in California and was totally surprised to get a phone call from them. They are starting a class action lawsuit in that state but have been receiving so many calls, etc. from Freestyle owners throughout the United States they would like all the info they can get...the more info they get the better their chances in court. Also, that would be a big help to the rest of the Freestyle owners. I told them all the details of lunging, etc. and they do want more info if I have any. They are also going to keep me updated. I found the law firm when I googled 'lawsuit, Freestyle'. Thanks for your reply and if I hear anything I'll let you know!
  • jlcjamo28jlcjamo28 Posts: 1
    I been having the same problems with my 2006 Ford Freestyle and yes its freestyling alright.. First i purchased the vehicle used so i made sure transmission and all was good to go. Well I have been having issues with the wrench light coming on and they state its an electrical problem cause the transmission is good. Then the A/C starting slowly going out so i purchased a new compressor, and now that the compressor is fixed all of a sudden my car starts acting up not even a full day later and i was informed that it was the throttle body and they can clean it but eventually it will need to be replaced. Not to top it off the car takes off on its on DANGEROUS, so i cant drive in it with my children anymore cause of the danger. so today husband drives truck to work and it stops on him right in the middle of rush hour traffic. AM I PISSED HECK YEA..FORD NEEDS TO RECALL THIS DANGEROUS VEHICLE FAST.
  • penguin61penguin61 Posts: 5
    edited July 2012
    I unknowingly bought 2006 fordford freestyle car with cracked motor mount after showing engine took it into ford where they told me was not covered under warenty. (When purchasing warenty they lied told me everything was covered I said even dvd they said yes) they said would not replace until broke all the way. By the time my engine was noisy from broken motor mount then then said again was not covered. Very expensive repair. Now my car is surging thank god my foot was on break. Happened several times when idling and driving. then wrench light had come on while going up a hill. The car had no power wouldnt go over 40 mph took it to ford they said it was throttle body which of course is not covered under warenty. I only have around thousand miles til warenty is up on transmission"> I am now very concerned. I have also had to replace my brakes. We are a ford family my daughter has a escape my son a mustang my husband a ranger my oldest just bought a brand new truck not a ford due to all the problems with ford...I love my car but not a ford fan now
  • penguin61penguin61 Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 ford freestyle and am having problems with my car so I am very interested in getting involved. Have had to replace my motor mount that was cracked when I bought my car. Unknown until I showed the engine. Now the car is surging while driving and at rest. Had air condition on and car was idling surged forward while and also backwards almost hitting a car scary took it into ford and said it was the throttle every expensive fix I have to save for. Thank you
  • We are very disappointed in this car. Bought it brand new for the inside space and features since we have kids. It now has only 68000 miles on it.

    In the beginning, it had a brakes recall. All okay until shortly after warranty was out it started lunging all by itself when my foot is not on the gas. It always seems to happen at a stop light or when I am backing up and it gives no warning. I definitely don't drive it if I have to pick up kids at school. Took it to dealership and they said it is the throttle body and it will cost over $700 (this was 2 years ago). They are very rude at that dealership. The 3 years we went there we never felt welcome. We felt like they were always giving us the run-a-round. So, we are mechanically inclined and thought we could fix it ourselves but found out you can't because it has to be flashed. We have more cars than drivers right now so we choose to not drive it all the time, especially in the hot months when it seems to lunge more. On summer vacation, 1700 miles from home, it stalled and would barely accelerate. We parked and let the car cool down and thank goodness it got us home. Took it to a different dealership and they said that was also caused by the throttle body. Now it is over $900 to fix and we just can't seem to pay that since we feel it is something Ford should recall and fix. Also, they tell me the top motor mount is broke. At least this guy was honest and said the lunging has probably broken the mount. We were able to order the mount from O'Reilly and fix that ourselves.

    Since finding this forum, we are filing a complaint with the NHTSA and I encourage everyone else to do this too. They have had an investigation open since May 11, 2011 and I just checked it is still an open case. And I will email the attorney in California and tell him out story. Hopefully the judge rules against Ford and NHTSA decides to recall this issue.

  • I feel the same I contacted customer service at main ford office they don't care. What they don't resize is they just lost five ford customers. We all have fords except my oldest son who just bought brand new Toyota. If they don't fix the problem I will never buy a ford it is a sham I love my car. My motor mount was broke before I had issue with throttle body. Was broke on purchase of car but didn't know it til showing off car. Also had breaks redone five months after buying car. After reading I am extremely worried about cut transmission going out. ...............good luck to Debbie
  • I feel the same I contacted customer service at main ford office they don't care. What they don't relize is they just lost five ford customers. We all have fords except my oldest son who just bought brand new Toyota. If they don't fix the problem I will never buy a ford it is a sham I love my car. My motor mount was broke before I had issue with throttle body. Was broke on purchase of car but didn't know it til showing off car. Also had breaks redone five months after buying car. After reading I am extremely worried about cut transmission going out. ...............good luck Debbie
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    I know exactly how you feel. I contacted the Ford Motor Company and the NHTSA at least three times. I was contacted by the lawyer in California where a lawsuit has begun. He wanted all the info possible from anyone in the US who has had a problem. I urge everyone to pester the Ford Motor Company and also e-mail NHTSA. We've always had Fords and this is the first problem we've had. I guess I should just be thankful we didn't injure anyone because of the lunging problem.
    Again, keep the e-mails going to the government and also Ford.
  • we bought our freestyle last year and have had a problem with the trottle body. we places a used one on it and seemed to run good again till the a/c went out and we fixed it then it started all over again with jerking forward and over reving. it is very dangerous and i am saving for a new car right now. i almost hit a kid in a parking lot because of the (freestyles road rage). i have to keep my feet firmly on the break or somebody is going to get hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want help i am scared on day it is going to stick period in full speed. i do not use the cruise for fear of it. i have even thought out plans if it does. there are a lot of things to be scared of but you should not have to fear your car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you the PAYTONS
  • I was wondering if there are others here in Ohio having the same issues that everyone else seems to have with their Freestyles so maybe we could start a lawsuit as well. I have a 2005 Freestyle and it surges, shifts hard and idles high. I owe as much on the car as it would cost to replace the transmission so that's really out of the question. We bought this car because of the space and like others have said.... I'm afraid to drive it. We don't have the money to fix it and we can't trade it in either so we're stuck! If enough people complain(call Ford directly) maybe we can get them to fix the cars or reimburse owners.
  • jnpkyjnpky Posts: 1
    I live in Ohio and and had to take my 06 Freestyle into the shop because it broke down on the highway yesterday. Had to have it towed to the shop and it is the throttle body.

    When I called Ford, they didn't want to say much. I am hoping that since there are so many class action suits going on and word of mouth that is degrading the company that it will become a recall issue. This same thing happened with Toyota.

    If you get it fixed, go to a Ford dealership because if it does become a recall, then you will get reimbursed. Just hang onto your receipt.
  • I had the throttle body cleanned and that seemed to help but my other issue turned out to be the top motor mount, it was broken(so the engine moved making it feel like the transmission) I didn't take it to a dealership to be fixed because it would have cost me a fortune. I do have a cousin that works at the dealership so I did get the part @ his cost and he charged me $30 to change it. I just won't ever buy another Ford
  • How do i get in the lawsuit. I have 3 payments left on my 2006 ford freestyle and the the tranmission just went (crt transmission) I only have 61032 miles on it. I was excited that there were gonna be no more payments. Just a used one cost 2300. I need a new pump and torque converter. I wonder what that will cost me. Please someone respond to me and give the link to sing up. thanks, chris
  • sorry I meant CRV transmission
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "sorry I meant CRV transmission "

    Are you sure you didn't mean "CVT"?
  • dansa2dansa2 Posts: 26
    Same throttle body issue with 2006 Freestyle,Florida. Replaced twice, now with 77,000mi Ford informs that replacement is necessary again. Worrysome while in car line picking up kids from school.
    Filed complaint with NHTSA today.
    Would like to contact those filing law suit.
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    Good for you....the more complaints the better, although I'm not sure how far it will get us. I also notified the Ford Motor Company. Didn't seem to matter with either one that we came close to running over people in the parking lot! If we all keep the complaints going maybe they'll do something...I wouldn't mind having a $1000.00 refund! Mmmm, maybe I'll just keep sending e-mails to both!
    Good luck....keep us all posted!
  • I just bought a used 2005 Freestyle. I knew about the transmission & brake failures but not the lunging. I was just wondering if I should I return it to the dealer and run as far from it as possible? Or keep it and hope it is OK? I was recently rear ended in a bad accident and do not want to inflict any pain on anyone, especially when I am picking up my kids at school.
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    Hello. might be a good idea to question the dealer, making copies of the complaints you've read on Edmunds. We have a '06 and didn't have a problem until 2010 when it lunged in a parking lot nearly hitting a few people! Also, question the Ford Motor Company. The more enquiries the better it helps the situation. I just keep on bugging the NHTSA (hope I have that correct) and the Ford Motor Company.
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