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Freestyle Problems-Lawsuit Filed in May



  • Thanks for that advice. I've been losing sleep over this! I will call and ask the dealer this morning. I actually bought it at a Toyota dealership, but they should have the record of the work they did to get it resaleable. The carfax is clean - one owner, no other recalls, low miles, but apparently that doesn't matter with this problem. I will still question the NHTSA and Ford, seeing as how dangerous this is.
  • Just wondering if you have specific contact info for Ford. I called the Toyota dealership where I bought the car, and they bounced me back to Ford as well. Might have expected as much.
  • Before I ask about my latest 2005 Freestyle problem, I thought I would give a little testimonial regarding the "surge" problem. I read about it elsewhere and the simple $5.00 cure seemed to work. That is, I took the throttle body off and used some carburetor/throttle body cleaner on it and it seemed to have cured the problem. Less than an hour for someone with basic skills like me. Maybe I'll find out for sure next Spring when we start using the air conditioner more often.

    Now, to my latest problem. I noticed some leaking towards the front of the car and at first couldn't figure out where the few drops were coming from.

    My wife just drove in the garage from a short trip and I looked while it was hot and most likely to be traceable. It appears to be coming from the front, lower motor mount.

    Anybody have any experience with that?
  • I wish all owners of Freestyles would continue contacting Ford Motor Company and NHTSA if they have/had a lunging problem. It bugs me to no end when I see Toyota, etc. recalled but NHTSA doesn't give a hoot or a hollar about the Freestyle. Can't help but wonder if Ford Motor Company paid them off. Nothing would surprise me.
  • I got a letter today from Ford Motor Company(after many complaint emails and phone calls) stating that my warrenty has been extended so that I can get the throttle body fixed! If I had paid to have it fixed already then I can get a refund!!! If you have not had any luck.....keep on them!
  • I got the letter too!
  • Own a 2006 Freestyle for 6 years and have 165,000 that's the good news bad news car rpm revs one day while passing then dies out. Told this is a catalytic converter problem was wondering if this is related to the warranty extension we just received from Ford regarding rpm lunging. Have others experienced similar problems. Would like to fix but black value of running freestyle maybe less than cost to repair.
  • Perseverance does pay, doesn't it!!! I also got a letter...about time. I do want to thank those who just wouldn't give up!
  • pbodrpbodr Posts: 1
    We started having problems with the freestyle. The wrench light comes on and then car does not accelerate properly. When you turn off the car, and then turn on again, wrench light is off and all is back to normal. Its been happening more and more. :mad:
  • dibbzdibbz Posts: 4
    I purchased a 07 freestyle in 2011. My transmission went in September of 2011. It was fixed by the dealership where the vehicle was purchased. July of 2012 the transmission has gone again. Mind you the company that made this specific CVT Transmission is no longer in business. I am pissed off that a vehicle I purchased less than 2 years a go is a LEMON. I contacted Ford Motor Company but they can care less about me cause they already got my money. As I write this message the vehicle sits in my garage, while I'm still making car note and car insurance payments on a vehicle that I haven't driven since June of 2012. When I call the Ford dealership near my home they say the estimation to get my truck fixed is about 7000 and the parts are on back order. I'm a single mother and can't afford this headache. I am open to any and all suggestions. Please Help!
  • dibbzdibbz Posts: 4
    I also would like the information on how I can join in on this lawsuit.
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    Please....notify the NHTSA and Ford Motor Company REPEATEDLY. Perseverance does pay off, believe me! After a year of complaining I, and other Freestyle owners, finally got a response to our lunging problem. I, and I believe others, received a letter from Ford.....we are being reimbursed for the cost to have our Freestyle repaired. Our Ford dealer called Friday to tell us our check was in the mail. Again, DON'T GIVE UP....KEEP NOTIFYING BOTH!!! Good luck!
  • monay2monay2 Posts: 1
    I understand and feel your pain. I'm also a single parent who is paying for a vehicle I can't drive. I'm still paying the note on it and insurance. my car has been sitting since May 2012. I've had my Ford checked inside out and upside down. They told me that they couldn't tell what the problem was. Several times while driving my car stopped in ongoing traffic. This scared me soooo bad, especially when my then one year old god daughter was in the car and there were several cars behind us. I was lucky I was turning on a side street and was about to coast to an opened parking spot. I would like to know if there is an lawsuit in place. Please, please, please helppppppp. :cry: :lemon:
  • dibbzdibbz Posts: 4
    Once on the NHTSA website, were do you leave your complaint?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,982
    edited January 2013
    The "complaint" site at the NHTSA is called They've kind of buried the link from the NHTSA main page.

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • Keep 'bugging' NHTSA and the Ford Motor Company. I and others did when we had a lunging problem. They finally came through with a check after much complaining, believe me. Good luck!!!!!
  • I have a 2007 Freestyle. This car is awesome. We love the way the interior seats work. The bucket seats are a plus for my teenage boys. My parents also have a 2007. I have read a lot of the post here hate to see you are having problems.The only thing I have is sometimes a surge. The same with my parents. This has been happening since day 1. Other than normal oil changes at 3,000 miles I had to replace a battery. My Freestlye has over 300,000 miles on it. My parents have 190,000 with no problems. Its no fluke we have had no problems. With regular maintenance they are great. I can only say this forum has only a few people who have a Freestyle and are not happy. However there are thousands of us that cruise right along. Remember you are a small few. Good luck, Rock on Freestyle!!!!! :)
  • josie78josie78 Posts: 11
    This surge is a problem, believe me. We nearly ran over people in the parking lot at our local restaurant. I'm surprised you haven't received a letter form the Ford Motor Company. This issue can be resolved at your local Ford Dealer. I urge you to either ask your local dealer or the Ford Motor Company!
  • penguin61penguin61 Posts: 5
    Hi I took my car into ford dealer in napa where I bought my car for throttle body issue..they keept car when I went. To pick up the car I looked at invoice all they did was clean throttle body. When I inquired and let them know I wasnt happy I thought they were replacing it....they then gave me a copy if recall it states that you can only have it repaired once. .that was my once I dont consider a cleaning a fix just. A if you take in your car make sure it is more than a cleaning....just a fyi to #71. I like my car too but am upset how I bought it unknowingly with cracked motor mount which warranty didnt cover ...was lied too and throttle body problem. But all I all for my needs I love the car and my family has always been ford fans until now....
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