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Freestyle Problems-Lawsuit Filed in May



  • I just bought a 05 Freestyle. Took it on vacation (had for less than 5,000 miles and was 1st day of vacation about 9 hours from home!) and was told I need a new CVT for $5,750! It lurches in reverse and sometimes going in reverse turns on the wrench light for the transmission. It constantly overheats.I NEED HELP! Can someone please tell me what to do, who to contact and how to be part of a class action lawsuit...PLEASE!
  • I have a 2005 Ford Freestyle and i have 136,000 miles on this car had this car going on 2 years..I bought this car used and still making payments on this car for another year...I have problems with a loud humming noise coming from the CVT tranny and my AWD malfunction light stays on all the time now..I am on permanent disability and i dont have the money to put into this problem that is fords fault..I did take the car to a tranny shop and they said that they cannot fix the problem cause they dont have the tools to fix it...I contacted ford and they said it was the sensor on the tranny that is going bad...But all i know is there is 100's to 1000's of people that they said the same thing to..I was quoted close to $400 to do this...I now are having the humming noise coming from the tranny.Sounds like that are never good..Im sure the tranny is gonna fail soon...Im not sure what i will do since i cannot afford this fix and a car payment on a broken car..FORD NEEDS TO FIX THIS THEY PUT OUT A FAULTY TRANNY ITS NOT FAIR THAT ALL OF US HAVE TO SUFFER...I am very upset on this and i will never ever buy another ford....
  • sassebosassebo Posts: 1
    I would like to get more information on how to contact someone about the class action lawsuit. I am trying to help my son and his family because they purchased a new 2007 Ford Freestyle (78,000 miles now) and it has been sitting in their yard for the past year due to the transmission issue. My son is a Deputy Sheriff living on a minimal income and it is draining their finances having to make not only a monthly vehicle payment but also to continue to carry full insurance coverage on a vehicle that does not even run. He has not even been a ble to get a break on the insurance as he has been told that he HAS to continue to carry full coverage. They cannot (and from what I have read do not want to) purchase a replacement transmission. They have been forced to purchase a much older vehicle just so the family will have a means of transportation. Any advice would be much appreciated!
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