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2014 Chevy Impala



  • GM wont give you that option I don't believe. I'm glad you like the car. I would buy one but I don't like the colors of the interiors they offer. Do you foresee any mechanical issues with this car?
  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14
    After a quick 3000 mile trip last week, I have not detected a single thing that I would change. All the write-ups on the new Impala are dead on. This car is quiet comfortable and fairly economical for a car of this size. I traded in a 2011 Avalon which had not given a moments trouble in 50000 miles. I had simply grown tired of it and wanted a new car. I also wanted all the new tech stuff available today that wasn't available three years ago. Although I had been ready to buy a new Avalon, after a test drive in one the bad ride turned me and my wife off. I also was not in love with the current styling the seems to be Toyota'a thing. After the last trip I am confident that I made the right decision. This Chevy in quieter, rides better, and gets as good or better fuel economy the my old Avalon. Now if it can pass the reliability record the old Avalon racked up I will be very happy. Need I mention the size of the trunk. Seems like a cave and if 19 cu ft isn't enough you can also fold the rear seats down.
  • Fully loaded LTZ. 19 inch tires. Test drive lasted about 20 minutes. Wind, road, and engine noise was noticeable. Small details like exterior window trim rubbing against the door jamb made me a little Leary. The big eyesore was a large yellow bow tie on the front grill. Could not get as comfortable in the driver seat as I would have liked to. For 39 grand I expect better. This car has not experienced is first winter yet. Wonder if the Goodyear Rs tires can hold the road. Kurtis still out on this car for me.
  • ferg79ferg79 Posts: 5
    All I can say, "You never intended to like this car from the beginning. Twenty minutes Huh! What a laugh."

    One of the finest cars in this category on the road. Have had ours since May and love it!
  • Go back to bed. I don't need to justify my opinion to you.
  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14
    I don't know what vehicle you would be comparing the new Inpala too, but in comparison with the old 2011 Avalon that I traded off, this car is ( not a lot) but somewhat quieter, rides a bit better and in most ways a better car. I thoroughly enjoy the new technology the new cars have. This would include most if not all the new cars. Options such a cross traffic alert and blind spot alert are some of the new tricks. Down south in the desert we don't have to worry to much about the ability to drive around in the snow so that is not much of a concern to me. FYI I did drive in the snow for many years. Didn't enjoy it. Tried to avoid as much as possible.
  • vakmere1vakmere1 Posts: 13
    edited October 2013
    I was comparing it to 5 other 2014 LT's and LTZ's I test drove in the last 3 weeks along with my 2011 Lacrosse. (My Lacrosse aint all that either). Each had their own set of differences in ride and quietness. The last one I drove had flaws in which couldn't justify the price. I didn't say the car sucked. Some folks (Ferg) get upset if I differ from their opinion. If I ain't diggin it in the first 20 minutes of a test drive then park it. If I was diggin it then the test drive would have been longer and I would have considered the purchase however there are other factors to consider before running to the bank. I didn't get much of a muted road or engine signature when in the most recent 2014, I felt it could have been a little quieter. Some exterior trim detail flaws that should have been caught at the factory before it left make me wonder if they are just stamping these out and baiting people with looks instead of quality workmanship. Better choices of interior colors could have been offered. (some people like all black, I don't). I read reviews on the current Goodyear Eagle R/S tires that are being put on this car and I am hard pressed to find a good review on them.
    I guess it all depends on what the standards are of the person driving the car, what they were used to before, and if they dont mind paying over 36K for a 1st run Chevy with no reliability data that has not seen its first winter yet. I would like to get one but I'll wait a year and if this car is all that then all the great reviews will have been justified. Looks aside, this car is a serious upgrade from the past Impalas however let me know how you still like it 3 years from now.
    Oh, the big yellow bowtie on the front grille? Really?!? Half the size would have worked just fine.
  • I just passed 3000 miles and I am thrilled with my decision to buy my LTZ. My last three vehicles were 2010 CTS, 2008 ES350, 2006 A6. The driving position, interior comfort, and ride I feel are better than the three previous vehicles. I drive mostly highway and MPG since day 1 is 25.9 MPG. Everyone has their opinion but I can say that I am very happy!
  • Interesting on Car Guru's the number of used 2014 Impalas already. Anywhere from 4000 to 11000 miles on them. Wonder why folks are unloading them so soon? Prices dont really reflect what the dealer gave the previous owners but I bet it was significantly less than the selling price.
  • ... can someone measure the width of their 2014 Impala with mirrors? We have lifts and I need to know if it will fit between the posts.

  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14

    At the 6000 mile mark this car has not beem back to the dealership. GM suggesting going to 10% or below before doing an oil change. With the meter reading 22% right now I won't be taking it back for another month or so. No problems so far. No rattles, creaks, or wind or road noise. The Goodyears seem well suited to this car. At this time I am very pleased with the decision to purchase this car

  • tourbustourbus Posts: 14

    6500 miles and the Impala continues to impress. No, repeat no problems to report. the new tech stuff which was a major reason for buying this car, keeps working with no glitches. While I had a few reservations about all the new stuff on the car its seems as though GM worked out the problems beforehand. Mileage is improving with added miles. Now up to 32 mpg on the freeway. Steady at 21 around town. Very happy with this car. This is a 2LTZ with the 3.6 liter V6. I don't know where the performance comes from. As a much younger driver in the muscle car era I thought a mid 14 second trip down the 1/4 was pretty quick. All this with 12 to 14 mpg. I am very sure that this car would keep up with most of the muscle cars of the late 60s. Possibly beat some The steering on this car has to be experienced to be believed. No bump steer at all, just a smooth track around the corner

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    Hi tourbus,

    We're glad to hear that your dealership was able to address the issues with your new Impala. Hopefully, it'll be smooth driving from now forward. If you have any future questions or concerns about your vehicle please do not hesitate to send us a message.

    Amber N. GM Customer Care

  • jerrypetjerrypet Posts: 1

    With a little over 5,000 miles on my 2014 2LTZ, I can tell you that I have never owned a more impressive automobile. I am comparing the Impala to a 2000 Linclon LS, a 1990 Olds Tornado and several Pontiac Gran Prix and Cadillac autos over the years.
    This car rides so smoothly it is hard to believe you are not in your living room, the handling is terrific, it has incredible looks and the electronic toys all seem to perform as expected. An 1900 mile round trip to NC was a pleasure throughout. Have not quite hit the 31 MPG highway yet and the Forward Collision Alert lets you get too close to the car in front before changing from green to amber, but the feature the projects red lights on the windshield when you are coming up too fast on the car in front works great. Oh - and the "Bowtie" is a little too big - even for a car this large, but no doubt it is a Chevy coming at you.
    Want to buy the best value auto on the market today - the 2014 Impala is your answer!

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