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Honda Civic Owners: Meet the Members



  • tazereli - I have the 99' 5-speed Civic EX coupe. I learned from my last car (91 Toyota Celica GT automatic) that if you have less than 6 cylinders, get the manual tranny!
  • kwelsskwelss Posts: 21
    Hi, I'm Karin from California and I own a 1991 Honda Civic sedan.

    It's been the most reliable and fuel-efficient car I've ever owned-- I'm at 144,000 miles and still using my original clutch. I recently had my very first breakdown at 11 years and 143,600 miles.

    I have a five-speed manual transmission and get about 34mpg city/36-40 highway (depends whether my air conditioner is running). If you live in the SF Bay Area, you may have seen me-- I'm the one with the white Civic with big blue and green paint splat decals all over it. *g*

    I finally bought a new car last month-- I very badly wanted to fall in love with the CR-V, but after test-driving a CR-V, a RAV4, and a Forester, I found myself seduced by a red Subaru Forester S+.

    It was a difficult decision-- I've been so happy with my Civic and believe in Honda as a quality carmaker. But Subarus also have wonderful reputations for reliability and economy, so it really came down to how the CR-V "felt" (power and ergonomics) versus the Forester. And I really didn't like the CR-V's swing-out rear gate design.

    I'm still driving my Civic every workday as a commuter, and plan to do so until it falls apart... probably at about 260,000 miles or so. *g*

    Pleased to meet y'all.
  • My 1992 Honda Civic CX has 107,900 miles, I am the original owner, it has 5-sp manual, change oil every 2500-miles/3 months, and use regular unleaded (87 octane) gas.

    I’ve replaced:
    two batteries (no headlight buzzer reminder)
    one CV joint boot band
    One exhaust muffler (rust)

    I’d buy another Honda Civic although the 3-door hatchback model has been discontinued for 2001 in USA. It is a great freeway commuter that is reliable, gets good gas mileage, cheap to insure, runs on cheap gas, easy to work on, and has good resale value.

    On my 92 Civic I drove 900 miles in a day driving from Susanville east of Mt. Shasta to Eureka then back to LA. I took it out on a road trip to Grand Canyon-Meteorite Crater-Clovis-Carlsbad Caverns-Durango-Moab-Sedona-back to LA all during summer. The car never overheated once, from Mojave Desert (gateway to Death Valley) to Molas Pass (elevation over 10,800 feet) north of Durango.

    The 92 Civic CX has 10-gallon gas tank and I got 34-41 mpg during my trip.

    I’ve also owned a 1985 Civic S (bought new) and 1989 Prelude Si (2 years old used), both fun and reliable cars.

    I used to post on messageboard on Yahoo!

  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • oops13oops13 Posts: 16
    I've had mine since December 2000. I have already put 6500 problem free miles on it. I'm getting 38 mpg with a 90/10 hwy/cty mix. I refuse to follow the dealers recomedation of 3750 miles for the oil changes. I will follow the manual recomended 10,000 mile interval. I won't be going 20,000 miles between oil filter changes though. I have not been affected by any of the complaints or TSB's yet. I replaced the OEM tires with GOODYEAR AQUATREAD 3's at 500 miles and am much happier with the ride, wet traction and cornering ability now. Those factory Firestones really hold the car back from it's potential. This was my 2nd new car purchase (many used vehicles)in the 12 years that I have been driving, and it is the first Honda product. I'm hooked. The quality compared to the Saturn that it replaced isn't even in the same ballpark. I love the car and look forward to the day that Honda sells a full size truck.
  • elownerelowner Posts: 1
    I got an Aura 1.7 EL with green metallic color.
    It is a good value for the money.
    I have 1000 kilo on it. No problem.
    Before going for an Acura EL, I was looking into Ford Focus, Honda Civic and VW Jetta.
    Acura's/Honda's reliability is proven.
    In Canada, We don't get Honda Civic Ex in sedan style.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
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  • dash400mdash400m Posts: 55
    This wagon is in excellent condition with 243,000 miles. I purchased the car new in May, 1985 from Wilde Honda in Waukesha, WI. The only options ordered with the car were AM radio, AC unit and floor mats. Total price was ~$8900.

    Maintenance Summary:

    * Replaced carburetor floats @55,000 miles.
    * Replaced automatic transmission @130,000.
    * Replaced alternator (Bosch) @140,000.
    * Replaced front axle assembly @175,000.
    * Replaced ball joints/radius arms @210,000.
    * Replaced front and rear struts (KYB) @210,000.
    * Replaced 1.5L engine with Jasper re-man
    @235,000. (The engine was running fine until
    the camshaft popped.)
    * Miscellaneous -- I've gone through four sets of
    CV boots, two starters and the clutch assembly
    on the AC unit. To date, I haven't replaced the
    AC compressor.

    What else can be said? The car as no acceleration with its rated 75 H.P. The car has its original carburetor, burns 87 octane (Shell), and averages ~35 mpg. The AM radio is analog, has excellent audio, and has very little interference from engine noise. 1985 was the last year that Honda offered an "AM-only" radio. This car looks almost as good as it did when it arrived in Milwaukee from Japan. It also has ample cargo space. Enough said...

    Spotsylvania, VA
  • numufflernumuffler Posts: 1
    Hello folks! I have a 2000 Civic EX coupe for about a year. Started with 10 miles on the odometer, it now has experienced 9,000 of well-cared-for miles. I have questions in the following areas:

    1- windows: the powered windows to be a bit slow on the up run. Is this 'normal'?
    2- the car tends to hesitate a bit in the second gear. I had thought it was the fuel injection problem but my thought was dismissed by Honda service people. They didn't know what it was and didn't seem to care. I wonder if other owners experience the same behavior?
    3- My Civic was made in Ohio. I noticed several poor workmanship in the exterior and interior of the car. None seems to be of serious nature but it's a bit annoying to see have a sloppy rubber trimming of the headlights on my car. Why is it that the American can't seem to have the quality standard in workmanship like the Japanese??
  • lchiallchial Posts: 5
    Hello! I'm trying to decide between a 2001 auto CIVIC EX and a 2001 auto JETTA GLS 2.0. Any suggestions?
  • I'd like some help in deciding what car to buy. I currently still own my first car,a 93 toyota carolla and was thinking of buying a new car. I thought of getting the 2001 honda civic lx because i've liked driving my sister's 2000 civic ex around. However after reading about the problems on here, i'm wondering if i should reconsider and get a 2002 Carolla le instead. I would appreciate any suggestions. Also has anyone been able to get invoice price for the civic now that the 2002 models should be coming out soon.
  • Hello I recently purchased a 1989 Honda Civic SI from the original owner. A 34 year old woman who kept the car garaged 80% of the time in California. She shipped the car to New York where I live. She's moved back to Cali but didn't want to take the car. I purchased the car and fell in love with it because it's CHERRY (Immaculate condition) The car has 109,000 miles, Red, Sun roof, PGFI 12 valve 1.5L HO, Original clutch, EVERYTHING is original. The car starts and runs smoother than my parents 1996 Toyota celica. No ticks, dings or clanking sounds. Never crashed and drives straight as an arrow on the high way when you release the steering wheel. My question is; What is the value of a (possible collector) car like this one? It's the last year of it's boxy body style. Is it worth more than the blue book value to a true Honda enthusiast??
  • Hello-
    We just bought our first Honda over the weekend. We have been Nissan family since 1981(when it was still Datsun), but decided to take a walk on the wild side and try something different. I count cars on my way to and from work and Honda always out numbered Nissan's. I know this is a strange reason to buy a car, but...Anyway, we are hoping to get more EXTRA special miles out of it than our 94 Sentra, which is still going strong with 151K miles and almost all original parts. Wish us luck!!
  • Hi Everyone,
    My name is Linda. I just bought my first car a month ago (at the tender age of 38). I wanted to love the Mazda Protege because I had read such great reviews and they were having a rare financing deal (0% for 48 months). I test drove the 2001 Civic EX 5 speed manual first for comparison and loved it. I drove the Protege next and found it extremely uncomfortable. So I went back to the Honda dealer. I live in central Illinois and paid $300 over invoice and got 6.7% financing for 5 years over the internet (Honda offered me 7.3). I had an easy, no-hassle, no extra sales pitches experience and feel that I got a good deal on the car. The Edmund's TMV for my car was $200 over invoice, but I still think $300 over is a good deal.

    My partner has a 1995 Honda Civic EX, 5 speed manual and it is interesting to note the differences. I thought that the conversations about the Macpherson struts versus wishbone struts were for gearheads only, but we both noticed the difference. I like the suspension better in the '95, but like everything else about my 2001 better. The shifting and acceleration are both more fluid and the change in design makes it much more comfortable inside. I only have about 460 miles on it right now, so I can't say anything about the mileage I'm getting, but I really like driving it.
  • Hello everybody,
    i just bought a 2001 Honda Civic LX sedan,i only have 400 miles on it.When i start my car from the parking lot or at a light, and take my foot off the brake very slowly, the whole underneath of the car makes a creaking noise, this is my first car ever, so..maybe this is supposed to happen.
    if not, please let me know how to fix this.
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    What are the most important factors in your car-buying decisions? The Chicago Tribune is looking for a ranking of concerns such as safety, price, monthly payment, styling, quality, etc.

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  • Replaced my '91 Camry 4dr with a 2002 Civic EX sedan. I like it a lot, but it just doesn't seem to feel the same as the Camry. It feels cheaper. I couldn't afford the Accord. The suspension on the 2002 Civic feels quite firm to me. I've seen complaints that the 2001s were mushy and hopped too much, especially around corners. The 2002 seems to hug the road. The day after I drove it home, I discovered a leak in the Power Steering pump. Took it back to the dealer, and they replaced some sort of seal. My first tank of gas yielded 38 MPGs.
    My experience with the dealer was great. I dealt with the Internet manager, and was able to negotiate a deal over the phone. I got the vehicle for $16,400, which included destination. The dealer was Ontario Honda in Canandaigua, NY.
  • cwliangcwliang Posts: 54
    bschwager - I'm just like you, I went from a '91 Camry (blue DX) to an '02 Civic EX sedan... The interior seems to be similar (some more conveniences in the new Civic, like map lights and a sunroof), but it definitely rides firmer than the Camry, handles much better, and is jolted by potholes a lot more... And to think, it cost about $5,000 MORE than the Camry did back in '91... Gotta love inflation. :)
  • I bought a Civic DX coupe a couple of months ago. I would like to make a few
    modifications to boast the performance of the car. It is an automatic (though
    I wanted 5-speed). Can anybody help me with a systematic way to achieve this.
    I don't want to make a race car, and with this model, I probably can't. I would,
    however, like to reach the full potential of the car eventually, but a little at a time.
    What should I start with? Thanks for any help.
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