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Honda Civic Owners: Meet the Members



  • tomsr1tomsr1 Posts: 130
    I go way back with Honda to 1978 with the first ACCORD,then an 80 Civic wagon,then an 82 ACCORD,moving upscale I had
    a 90 Intega,and on and on.I never put more than 90k on them
    except for the 82 which I ran to death. Anyhow I got this 06
    Civic mainly cause gas was over $3 a gallon thinking my wifey would drive it.She hates it because she has long legs
    and has difficulty getting in and out.I was just at the car
    show and tried many cars on for size and the Civic is the
    roomiest of all the cars that get 30mpg city excluding
    Hybrids.So lesson learned when you go car shopping take your spouse so you both are happy.One of the easiest cars
    to get in and out of is the Scion Xb but she thinks it is so ugly.I believe form should follow function but then I am a guy,DUH! ;)
  • Hello everyone. I live in London (United Kingdom), but drive a Honda Civic EX sedan 2004 model. I find it a lovely car and have been driving Civics for a long time. What I need is an owner's manual and service book for the car. Any ideas??? Please help! Car has 14,000 on clock!
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