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Honda Civic Care and Maintenance



  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    Click on Edmund's Maintenance Guide in the blue sidebar, fill in the info for your make/model. The final results will list the recalls and TSBs.

    If you need any more assistance, let me know.

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  • Hi I just bought my 97 Civic EX about 4 months ago. I had heard that there may be problems with the timing belt on this year, and problems that could occur if I didn't take care of it a 60,000 miles. My car is at 63,000 now and I was wondering if anyone else knew about this or had any experiences!
  • I have a 1996 Civic EX with 96K miles on it. Recently, I decided to change the spark plug wires, distributor cap, and the rotor button. These are simple items to replace....or so I thought. The plug wires and the distributor cap are easy, but inside the distributor cap is a plastic housing that would not allow access to the rotor button. I looked everywhere for a way to get the housing off, but did not see anything. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
  • As for the Civic with 63,000 miles....I wouldn't worry about the timing belt just yet. The timing belt is a very essential item, but I would advise you to wait until about 75-80K before replacing it. I own a 1996 Civic, and replaced my timing belt at 83,000 miles. You should expect to pay around $400 for the service. When you have the belt replaced, they should also replace the water pump, belts & hoses, and coolant. Hope this helps you. Good luck.
  • mgreene8mgreene8 Posts: 8
    Are you using the ammonia/water solution on the inside or outside of the windows?? I'm looking for something that will thoroughly clean the outside of the windows, remove any current/old water spots and not leave any scratches or take paint off the body from the runoff.

    Re engine light,,, have you removed and then replaced the gas cap, tightening it just a few more clicks?? My Civic is a `98 and that happened to me. That was all it took and only happened one other time. The light won't go out immediately, but it will, at least mine did.
  • I have just purchased the 2002 Honda Civic EX. I know that it is required by California Law to install the license plate on both the front and back of the vehicle. My question is ... how am i supposed to install the license plate onto the front bumper? It seems to only have 4 small dents into the bumper. Am i supposed to drill the 2 screws into the bumper??? Please give me suggestions, or advice on how to install my front license plate. Thank You.
  • gman40gman40 Posts: 15
    Bought the car new in 1994. Currently has 187k miles. I Change the oil every 5000 miles. I had the timing belt, water pump and accessory belts
    replaced at 100k. Replaced both drive axles at
    160k. Most recently replaced the exhaust and the rear brakes(first time), I am now on my third set of front brake pads. My Honda dealer is amazed I haven't needed a new clutch yet. Anyway this has been one amazing car. The moral of the story is with proper upkeep Honda's will go a long time.
    Hope this gives some recent Civic owners some insight on the limited amount of maintenance necessary for these cars.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    You could take your Civic Ex back to dealer and ask them to install the front license brakcet for you.

  • knapp3knapp3 Posts: 112
    I spoke with the local Honda dealer about a new Civic this week, and asked about the 10K break in period before changing the oil for the 1st time. After a while he claimed Honda puts Mobil 1 in new Civics at the factory, and that's why they can go 10K miles. I simply didn't believe him, especially since Honda calls for 5w20 oil and Mobil doesn't produce that weight in their synthetic line that I know of. Has anyone else heard anything like this from their dealer?
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    howdy. weird thing just started happening.

    my gas pedal will stick a bit when starting off or after backing off of the pedal completely and then reapplying pressure.

    for example -- i will apply the normal 'gentle' pressure to get going, and the pedal doesn't want to move. the only way i can describe how it feels is that of an unlubricated door hinge. it takes more muscle to get it to do it's thing.

    adding a little more pressure than i am comfortable/familiar with gets the pedal to work, but results in too much of a burst in speed due to the pressure needed to get the pedal to go down.

    i tried to grease up the joints on the pedal itself, but that didn't help at all. any ideas?
  • rangers_frangers_f Posts: 7
    If you go to the Honda web page, you can put in your VIN number of your Honda and it will tell you whether your specific car has a recall on it or not. When I first bought my car, the dealer gave me this service booklet that I "should" follow. The booklet is following the severe driving conditions servicing. At first I went by the thing, until I looked at the owners manual. I am almost at my 22,500 service and the dealers booklet tells me to have the mechanics check out all this BS and the only real service being done is an Oil Change and Tire Rotated. Check this check that. Like they are really checking that crap. So unless you guys are in "severe driving conditions" watch out to the dealers BS servicing. The dealers mechanics are the same crooks as anyone else. They just hide behind the "honesty" of the Honda dealers name. What a joke.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    thinking of buying a 2002 LX auto w/a/c.

    I'm a musician and will be transporting roughly 300 - 400lbs of cargo in the trunk and some in the back seat -- -- on a regular basis.

    No, I don't want a truck or van.

    Question: can the Civic 1.7 liter engine handle carrying this weight, or will it be constantly straining and thus could wear out fast?

    I guess the weight is about the same as transporting 3 adult passengers in addition to the adult male driver, all the time.

    Anybody have any experience to share?
  • bbpalumbobbpalumbo Posts: 9
    Can anyone recommend a particular brand they are happy with, for my 99 Civic LX? I live in the Northeast, so rain and snow are issues.

  • kermit66kermit66 Posts: 3
    I have had service "machine discs" on my brakes 2 times and will be going in for a 3 time soon. Is this acceptable???

    I realize that a rotar should only be machined once, but when I took it in the dealer they said this would solve my pulsing foot pedal problem.

    I drive a little hard at times but all in all I would say I'm a average driver.

    Has anyone else had problems with the discs waring out quickly.

    Thanks for the reply,
  • mixturemixture Posts: 1
    First off, let me start off by saying my 2002 is a piece of crap and will never buy Honda again.
    Within the first week, a weird noise kept going off, sounded like manual steering pump was broken. The dealership replaced. Next week, the noise appeared again, took it back ( Spent 18 hours driving back and fourth to teh dealership and 500 miles...) This time they replaced entirely difefrent part (forgot what). Last month, my seat keeps sliding. I have to take it back.

    This bring me to the LEMON LAW. It is so vague it sucks... it states you get a new car or whatever if a reasonable number of attempts is made on the car. Who decides what is reasonable? This will the third item I fix and i have only had the car since Feb. I am so upset.

    I just got my 2nd oil change today at Jiffy Lube. Crooks! (i had 8,000+ miles) I didn't know about the 10,000 thing, the dealership never mentioned it. Jiffy charged me $35 and put in 5w20. Is this the best oil for the 2002? Anyone? And does anyone know if my experiences qualify me for the lemon law?
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Sorry to hear that you had trouble with your 2002 EX. I am just curious do you know what's the first letter of your VIN? Does it start with J or 2 or 4 or...?

    How far away is your dealer ship? Do you have a closer Honda dealership to take your car to? You could take your car to any Honda dealer to get warranty repair done. Instead of driving 18 hours and 500 miles, that's lot of time wasted it. Sometime you may want to change to another dealer is the first one is incompetent.

    For 2002 Honda recommends to use 5W-20 oil. Jiffy Lube is putting the right oil for your Civic. But for $35 price is a little higher. Our local Honda dealer charges $22-24 for an express oil and filter change. Some dealer ever has very low price to free oil change for first time customer. Check your dealer's website they may have some service coupon on their website.

    2002 Civic Owner's Manual says to change oil @ 10,000 miles for normal driving and 5,000 miles for sever driving condition. You need to read the owner's manual maintenance portion. You could change your oil more often to give better protection to your car's engine.

    I think Lemon law depends on the state you live in. Typical they are talking about 3 attempts to fix the same "major" problem. You may want to check with your lawyer to see if Lemon law will apply to your case.

    Good luck,

  • aat44aat44 Posts: 1
    i have just purchased a 1993 civic ex coupe. i have read the manual and have found the oil pan and drain plug. however, i cannot physically locate the oil filter. can anyone help.
    thank you
  • bostontbostont Posts: 37
    bjk, why did you want to know mixture's VIN numbers and letters? Mine starts with 1H.
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    I am curious where was his Civic assembled? 1st letter or digit will tell which Honda plant assembled the car. Wondering if my Civic came from the same plant or not?

    Mine starts with "J", assembled in Japan. I saw some Civic Si assembled in England.


  • nihao4587nihao4587 Posts: 43
    Hi guys,

    I have had my Civic for about one month now. It did not really meet my expectations. Although the car itself runs ok, the rest is far from satisfactory. The rattles are of the most annoying part. Whenever the road is not perfectly smooth, there are quite some rattles from the doors, backseats and especially from the area that is in front of the driver. I heard there are some bad stories about the illegal imports from Canada. Though I bought mine brand new, it was made in Canada. So if anyone knows that these kinda problems are manufacture-specific. If you happen to have a US made Civic, do you encount such problems, or else? Thanks
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