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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    Do the invoice price on edmunds and yahoo include destination fee? i,m looking for a 06 Civic LX auto, the quote i got from a couple of bay area dealers are around MSRP, which is quite bad i think. cause i bought an Accord last year for 1500 under invoice. i know its not possible to get the similar deal for this one, but paying MSRP feels bad for me. Anyway, i could hold on for it cause im not in a rash. just wondering how much others pay for the LX in Bayarea CA.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    You're correct, both Holler and Classic are owned by the same parent company. I've heard since Classic was all remodelled that they don't deal at all.
    Oh, and I did have a bad experience at Classic. I traded in a leased Odyssey, negotiated an out the door price, and they forgot to charge me sales tax, even after I questioned them on that. Long story, but it was ugly.
  • Any idea if the Si carries a bigger insurance burden?
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Don't know for sure, but I would imagine it does. High performance usually is more expensive to insure.
  • Just checked insureance. Only about $40/year difference between EX and SI
  • widow1widow1 Posts: 39
    Non-internet, face-to-face purchase of atomic blue 2006 Civic EX sedan automatic for $500 over invoice at Williamson Honda in Lincoln, Nebraska . Bought from just arrived allocation. No miles on the car besides my test drive. For another $100 fee I disposed of my current 2004 Civic EX sedan ( bought at $250 under invoice also from Williamson) through a Dealer Pass Through sales arrangement with the dealer. Got $14,100 for mine from my private buyer who purchased my trade from the dealer. A trade directly to
    the dealer would have netted me only in the low 12's for my car. Saved an additional $100 + on salestax over against a standard trade-in to the dealer.
  • I dropped off the desposit, I will forward all the info I have after (hopefully) the deal goes through (Monday?)
  • Jetlap:

    When asking for the price of a car, always ask if the quoted price include the destination fee or not. Edmunds list a MSRP National Base Price, and a MSRP National Base Price including destination charge.

    Also Edmunds mentioned a regional adjustment price depending on the region of the United States the car is located. The Invoice Price is listed 'in Invoice Price without the destination fee charge', or 'with the destination charge'.

    There is also a true invoice price after taking into account dealer holdback, which for the Honda Civic is 3%.
    This is the price after you have taken off the 3% holdback from the listed invoice price.

    The various ways of the seller listing the prices are many. The list price may or may not include dealer advertising fees, document processing fees etc.

    It is very confusing, and it is meant to be confusing. The buyer has to be very careful. And must asked about clarification before taking a long trip to the dealership.

    I had been quoted a prices of $500 above invoice for a civic EX, thinking that it was a great deal, then I found out that I must add $550 destination fee to it, and some other dealer's fee, which is also about $500.

    Then listen to this, since I have to get the car through 'Dealer Swap', there is a $500 added delivery charge for the car, and then there is the fee for the search for the car. (The delivery charge is because the car has to be on a truck, carried from the other dealer.)

    The 'search fee' compensates the dealer I went to, who requests the swap. Because it was explained to me, now the dealer I went to, owe the other dealer a favour, and must be compensated by me. (Besides, time has to be spent to locate the car as well.)

    To have it clarified I had to ask repeatedly to speak with the highest ranking manager on site over the telephone. I had to ask many times. The Dealer Swap fee and the search fee I did not know about, until I was actually in the Dealership. No one wanted to tell me before.

    I did not put my money down for the car there.

    Hope that this is helpful.

  • widow1widow1 Posts: 39
    To be told you have to compensate a dealer for doing a dealer locate is a complete scam. Should never let them get away with that one !
    On a dealer trade $400 to transport a car via a truck is quite typical over longer distances. I've had many delivered for $100 or less by having the vehicle driven (Minneapolis to Omaha, Kansas City to Omaha) instead of trucked. I've even talked dealers into letting me do the driving on dealer swaps to save myself some money.
    As for being quoted a price at so many dollars over invoice, here in the Midwest that always includes the shipping cost. Recently, I priced some cars on the East Coast and the destination fee was never included in the price quote. In several inquiries I was not a told that, but, if you know the invoice price thanks to Edmunds and other consumer car buying guides, you should immediately be aware of that when you hear the quote.
    As for dealer doc fees, the Honda dealer in Lincoln, NE has none. In Omaha the 3 dealers charge $35 or less. We do not see $300/400/500 doc fees as you find on the coasts. I used to drive 3 and a half hours to Kansas City to buy Subarus from Jack Miller Subaru for they have no doc fee. Nor will you ever see "Additional Dealer Mark-Up" stickers next to the manufacturer's window sticker in this neck of the woods unlike in Sarasota, Florida where I saw a $2000 ADM on every car in an Acura lot. If you complained, the dealer immediately agreed to sell you the car at MSRP and hope that, relieved, the buyer would be sucker enough to buy at that price. Heck, I even saw $400 doc fees in Sarasota at a Ford dealer that would not honor a price quote given me by a manager over the phone, but tried to raise it $500 when I came to the dealer's lot. Oh, its so much better here in the Heartland where business practices are not so sharp. At a car dealer it's always "Buyer Beware," but there are vast regional differences in the level of awareness required on the part of the consumer
  • mldj98mldj98 Posts: 378
    You said it all.....take it from me....I'm in Florida....and the fees are B.S.!!!!
    Back to the heartland I go.....can't wait!!!!! :o)
  • Just put a deposit down on a Silver Si w/Navi since I was going to have to wait on an EX anyhow. Don't even know the price. I haaaaate waiting.
  • Widow1:

    I remember this conversation from a back up salesman, who came up when the other salesman walked away to get reinforcement. " To be Completely on the Level, this is how it goes. In the end this thing is all about money and pricing. When you buy a pound of orange, you would go down to the next stand because it is 50 cents less a pound."

    "For a hard car to get, when it arrives and if the boss gets another buyer, who offers more for the car, he will give the car to him over you. And you still will be waiting." Therefore if I was wise, I better hand over the dealer location fee and the delivery truck fee.

    I really did not feel like being taken because of money, and because of principle. I have been trying to purchase a Honda Civic Ex with Navi and MT since September. Have not succeeded yet.

    Thanks for the information. It is all helpful.

  • earthearth Posts: 76
    Got mine at $100.00 below MSRP finally. They threw in a pin strip, door protection, mud guards, and window tinting, and three free oil changes on the 06 Coupe EX with NAV, here in Clearwater Florida. Thought I got a bad deal, bought it anyway, than learned two weeks later that another guy bought a silver coupe with nav for about $2,000 over MSRP. Could not believe this, but a couple minutes later, talked to a finance guy, and he confirmed that this other guy bought the nav EX coupe for $2,000 over MSRP.. Guess some are really hungry for this thing.

    So far the car handles well, slight heavy feeling at start up, but drives well on the road. The brake handle does not bother me in the least, nor does the head rest. Don't ever want to sit in the back seat, since my head has to be leaned forward in order not to hit the ceiling. Nav works great, and so far it has not steered me wrong. Got the Galex Gray, and really like it. Carpet got dirty within four days, and glad that I did not get the ivory interior or it would have gotten dirty in one hour. Now have a carpet over the original carpet to save it from dirt.
  • I just did a strickly online auto purchase. Just called to confirm purchase and gave deposit on the phone. After emailing with over 15 dealers from the Oklahoma area to as far away as Wisconsin, I finally got the deal I was looking for. The coupe in galaxy grey with the following options: Auto Day Night Mirror w/compas, Leather Steering, Moonroof Visor, Fog Lamps, Splash guards, Wheel locks and Window Tint for $21,827 out the door. Comes out to be $739 over invoice. Couldnt find any better deal the car is instock..pick up next week.
    Can't wait to pick it up! Now I just have to sell my 98 Civic before the end of next week, lol...

  • And $21,827 out of the door. Unbelievable. How much is the sales tax in Oklahoma? And how far do you have to travel from your home? Fog lamps, Splash Guards, and Window Tints are accessories. I am not familiar with Night Mirror w/compas, is it part of the EX standard equipment?

    Anyway around the New York City area, that is what they are
    going for before taxes.
  • The things that they throw in, pin stripe, door protections, mud flaps and window tinting and three free oil changes aren't really worth much, except for the oil changes and perhaps the window tinting. It makes the close to MSRP price easier to stomach.

    Are you sure though that the finance guy is right, that another guy bought it for $2000 over MSRP. People might be desperate, but even desperate car buyers do not part with their money easily.

    Having gone through my experiences, I do not easily believe anybody that works for a dealership. It could be another propaganda tool they use to sell their cars at MSRP.
  • 3.25% Excise tax. thats it! Its a 2 hr drive...big deal for the cost savings...

  • earthearth Posts: 76
    You could have been right, but there was two individuals within minutes of each other in different parts of the dealership that said the same thing. One was the internet sales rep and the other the finance guy. I don't know why both would say that about one guy just a few days prior unless it was true. Most of the time, I would not believe the dealership, but in this case, I think I would
  • This is the first time I've ever paid MSRP for a new vehicle, but I saw the 06 Civic in Jacksonville, Florida and they were charging $1,000 over MSRP and made you purchase door guards and mud flaps in addition to the $1,000 over MSRP. I live in Warner Robins, Georgia and paid exactly MSRP. The dealer threw in custom pin stripes (with honda logo) and mud flaps...probably because the car already had it on and was shipped from another dealer. I'm hoping the car holds its value well and lasts. My other car is a Toyota Echo and I haven't had to do anything with it other than oil changes and 1 fuel injection cleaning in over 5 years.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Just curious, where did you buy yours? I got my '05 Civic from Autoway Honda, easy transaction, not the best deal, but they were upfront with everything.
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