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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • AT with no NAV
  • yeah 18980 is a really good deal. I got my 06 ex at coupe for 18,600 but thats cuz they were probably trying to get rid of the 2006s, for an 07 for that price is really good. everybody else is paying close to msrp.
  • what is the "documentation fee" for??
  • Hi guys! This is my first post here. I'm 22, live in Brooklyn, NY, and I just bought a 2007 Honda Civic EX (Automatic) without Navigation in Atomic Blue Metallic. Well.. I didn't buy it completely, I left a deposit and the dealership will have it in 2 weeks. My final price was $18,750 + tax ($1,570.31), $70 for registration transfer, $45 for title, $12.50 for some tire waste NY fee, and $10 for NY inspection. Grand total = $20,457.81

    This is my first car purchase. How did I do, honestly?

    Also, does anybody know what kind of rate I can get from Honda financing? My salesperson said he wasn't too sure. I have 800+ credit. I work for a bank and my employee rate would be 6% but I can't find a rate on the Honda Financial Services website. Any input would be appreciated!
  • I think you did pretty good. Personally, I think 800+ credit should have gotten you better interest rate. check with some credit union. they can beat almost any bank and Honda financials rate.
  • The sales person will usually mock up pricings or sales agreement to figure out the numbers if you ask them. I placed an order for 07 Civic LX MT with this breakdown:

    MSRP: 17,260 (will be 200 more since she used 06 prices)
    Tax: 1,121.00
    License: 226.00
    Title Transfer: 33
    Document: 50.00
    Total: 18690.00

    there's destination and handling, but i think that's often included in the MSRP. There will probably added on accessories at the time of purchase like paint/rust protection, warranties, and whatnots that are optional.
  • I'm about to finalize my purchase at the end of the month and need to look at car insurance and auto loans.

    I'm planning to go through either Capital One and Wells Fargo for auto loans. Anyone have good/bad experiences with either ones? Any other Recommendations?

    Similary, the cheapest insurance quote I've gotten online is Farmer's Insurance in Minnesota. Most expensive is American Family Ins. Any experiences or advices will be greatly appreciated.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Avoid Capital One like the plague. They bought the company I have my 04 Highlander financed through and they put all kinds of stipulations for paying online. My wife was one day late with the payment and they charged a ten dollar "convenience fee", even though my contract says no late fees unless it's 5 business days late. They said it's not a late fee, it's a convenience fee...Ha. Like the commercial says, "What's in your wallet?"

    Never will I finance through anyone but my local credit union. Have you tried Honda finance?
  • My salesperson couldn't tell me the lowest rate from Honda financial Services, which kind of surprises me. Also, he said if you take their financing it comes with free gap insutrance for the lirfe of the loan. Anybody know if this is true? I never bought a car before.. is there anything else I should look out for?
  • Just drove home my new Civic last night. I don't have the paperwork in front of me, but it was about $21K out the door (in the Dallas, TX metro area). This included some dealer add-ons, such as window tinting, the cargo tray, and a few other items, which were priced reasonably.

    We financed through Honda, which gave us a rate about .15% less than our credit union. I think we did 7.6%.

    Overall, the buying experience was okay, but not great. It took way too long to close the deal considering that we determined through email that they had the exact car we wanted and we had already settled on a price. We didn't have to test drive and we were pre-approved for a loan. But it still took three hours to get the car.

    The dealership only offered me $500 for trade-in on my old trust Nissan Maxima, but CarMax had already offered me $2,000, so I'll be taking it there to sell it.

    We forgot our checkbook (and it was too far to drive in rush hour traffic to go back home for it), so we tried to put the downpayment on our MasterCard, but the dealership would only let us put $2,000 on credit. I have to go back by there today to drop off a check for the balance of the downpayment.
  • At the time of the order, I told Honda that I'd like to go through my bank. The finances person, seemed a little pushy and gave me an application anyway, told me that they also go through my bank and a few others that are more aggressive in rates. I'm not sure if that's true and he just wants to screw me over with low rates, but a high monthly payment or shorter loan terms. And i'm also not exactly sure what kind of rates Honda would want to give me either, I'm only 22 and it's my first car purchase. I have fair credit with a student in good standing and 3 credits (one paid off in full, two others being slowly paid off by the endof the month so i hope the cards will help my credit even though it's only paid off one month).

    One of the card is a capital one, and they have charge "late fees" if i'm one day late paying online or if it's delayed due to system updates and payment transactions to kick in after 3 days. I figure though if I already have a credit card with them, getting a auto loan would be easier.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    Remember the F&I Manager - the person you talk to "after" you decide to buy the car from the salesperson, and who wraps up the financial side of the transaction - is there to "maximize" the profit for the dealer, and not necessarily there to save you (the buyer) money. Good ones will look for the best financing rate based upon your FICO score, but they're a "post sale" source of a significant amount of revenue for a dealer, including extended warranty sales, dealer packs, etc. Be careful . . . If you've built a relationship with a consumer loan lender at your bank, it's sometimes best to deal with that person directly rather than going through the dealer for financing. For each loan a dealer sells through a third party financing source, the dealer receives effectively a commission. A dealer not only makes money selling cars, but also selling you money (i.e. financing).
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Go to your lender of choice and pre-apply for the car loan. Get your best rate and choose a term that results in a monthly payment within your budget. You should be able to do this online and print it off. Take it to the dealer and have him beat it, chances are they will. But don't let him talk you in to a longer term just to lower your payments as the interest rate will also be jacked up.

    To compare two loans over the long term, simply look at the total amount paid back (monthly payment times number of months).

    Also, since this is your first experience, do you know someone who can go with you, ideally someone with a fair amount of business sense, but if not, anyone at least for moral support?
  • Have a new 07 civic sitting in my garage....rolled off the assembly line last week.....I probably could have done better but needed the car asap.....paid $21,400 OTD ($20,100(19,500+595Dest)+$1,300TTL)....what do you think..?
    I love the car.......only gripe is that darned emergency brake....just like reviewers said....within 5 minutes of driving it it was driving me nuts!!! What were the designers thinking? tried moving the seat back...anything...but NOPE still there poking your leg..... : why not move it back 1 or 2 inches so it doesnt jab you in the leg??? Piece of foam or removing it is my answer...anyway not enough to detract from this AWESOME car....which I think looks like an Acura TL less the extra $10-15000....Did I say I LOVE the civic!?
  • Dealer offers Invoice+750+Destination+TTL

    For LX AT 4D Sedan this would be around 17600+TTL = about 19400

    Does this seem to be a good deal?

  • I got my civic coupe ex 2006 that had stiker price of 20.800 because some paint treatment....

    I finally boutght it for 21.000 with all fee included. :confuse:
  • Do you have to specify custom options and accessories when you place the deposit to order a civic or will most dealers make the changes locally in the service department? I know the usual add-on accessories such as rust proof and whatnots. When i ask about options and accessories, i'm referring to adding alloy wheels, body kits, spoilers, fog lights, tinting, and the such. I'd like to do tinting for sure, but not sure how much they will charge. Body kits and spoilers is questionable at the moment. Anyone have any similar experiences? Thanks for all the help!!
  • Just put a deposit down, 19650 plus ttl, at Brilliance Honda in Chicago suburbs. OTD almost 21000. Some emailing back and forth, not too bad. Feel like the mad rush of buyers may be slowing just a little. Quoted 4 weeks for delivery.
  • Just purchased a silver 06 Civic EX coupe AT(w/mud gaurds and wheel locks)for $19,350 OTD from Crown Honda in Charlotte. The entire negotiation was done via e-mail, very painless, no games.
  • Alright.. last week I posted my OTD price for an 07 civic. I left a $500 deposit on 9/11 at 8pm. The dealer said it might take 2-3 weeks. I called on Saturday and the salesperson said he didn't know when it will be coming, but he said he'll call me when he knows. Is this a normal wait period? :confuse:
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