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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This price is from a dealer in NJ. They want to charge me $349 for DMV and doc fees.

  • I take my car to a detailing shop when it needs to be waxed (which is about right now- eesh!) but I have in the past used Turtle Wax- ick, never again. I'd rather pay out of pocket to have someone do it for me ;)

    Enjoy your new Civic! I'm jealous at your interest rate! That wasn't offered when I bought my 2002 Civic in Jan. '02. Lucky girl!

    Enjoy the Civic!

    Carrie ~ Lovin' her 2002 Eternal Blue Pearl Civic Sedan
  • Well if anyone thinks 02 SI's are hard to buy, lol, you are mistaken. A desparate salesman just left a message on my machine offering the car for $14,500, even though the lowest he would go just a month and a half ago was $15,300. They still must be stocked up on them. If I was still interested in the car I would jump on the deal, but no longer interested (waiting in hopes for a 04' CTR), besides I don't use my car. Maybe I'll buy one of their leftover 02's in May when I'm out of college and they are going for $13k, haha.

    From dealer in NY/CT border.
  • I just purchased my 2003 Civic Sedan EX this weekend. External Blue Pearl, 5 speed with side air bags at invoice thanks to

    MSRP $17,770
    Invoice $16,280
    TMV $16,563

    Zero hassle, a little at time of financing (at 1.9%), but the representative found me the car that I wanted and within a week I drove it home. I live in NYC and had to get a friend to drive me to Union, NJ. The hassle-free experience made it all worth it.
  • Just bought a new EX on Saturday. No side airbags, but it had dealer installed options - wheel locks, pin stripes, mud flaps, and fender molding. Sticker price was $18,320 plus about $500 for dealer add-ons. Invoice was $16,782. I paid $16,380 with 1.9% financing.
  • I'm in central NJ and just bought a 2003 Civic LX Coupe automatic (no side airbags or other options) for $14,500 incl. destination. Total out the door after 6% taxes and fees, etc. was $15,500.

    $ 14,500 price including destination
    + 870 tax
    + 72 reg/title fee
    + 91.50 doc fee
    = 15,533.50

    Good deal and a very pleasurable experience from David Michael Honda in Freehold, NJ. My family has now bought a total of three cars from them since 1991 and I regularly service my 91 Accord there. Overall a wonderful dealership!
  • I used to own a 91 Accord LX, that was a great car.
  • I'm so glad I found this site. I'm in the midst of getting qoutes on a 2003 Civic LX four door, automatic.
    2 dealers here in Orlando have so far come in with 15,300 one with a 359$ dealer fee and one with a 395$ dealer fee.
    From reading this site I know I need to make sure they don't try to add extras at the end....any other advice? Thanks
  • dcddcd Posts: 25
    I would try to get them to come down by at least $100 and to include floor mats. That would match the deal I got on the same vehicle in North Georgia three weeks ago. Since then, I have seen people on here post that they got better deals than me on EX 4dr and LX 2dr's.
  • My 91 Accord is an LX, too. I definitely agree that it's a great car. It still runs perfectly with over 143K, but repairs adding up here and there simply from age and never having been garaged are forcing me to buy a new one. I really hate to part with it, though. No reliability problems at all in 12 years.
  • Stick or automatic? Mine was an automatic sedan, but I'd really like to drive a manual 91-93 someday.
  • We had a 91 EX sedan and a 93 EX sedan both manual transmissions. One of the best cars made if you ask me. At the dealer where I work we regularly see them come in with 170,000-over 200,000 miles and some of them can still pass for new. You almost never see any upholstery tears regardless of the mileage and they all run great. VERY reliable car.
  • agreed. As soon as the used price gets down to about $1000, I'm buying one back.
  • Silver, Automatic, 4D, CD, Keyless Entry, CD, 36000 miles, Excellent Condition, Certified. I offered 11.5K total price (tax, title, etc). Dealer wants 15.5K. What is a fair price for this car in the area code 35803?
  • Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
    According to Edmunds TMV, the dealer retail price in your area should be somewhere around $11,352(coupe)/$11,492(sedan). So your offer isn't that unreasonable.

    You can appraise the value here.

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  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    with the incentives out there and 1.9% financing you can get a brand new LX for about $14K.
  • sirarcysirarcy Posts: 1
    Is $10900 for a used 2002 Civic LX with AT,9k Miles a good deal?
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    That is not a bad price, if it's in perfect condition and it wasn't a rental or demo car.
  • sfuzsfuz Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2003 Honda Civic Coupe HX in Silver last week... got the 1.9% APR financing. Was looking for a DX model the lot didn't have any. We liked the extra fuel economy with the HX, and got dealer-installed a/c for a total of $15,300 + Tag, Title, and Tax... Anyone know if this is a decent or good deal? Haven't been able to compare it to any other HX prices out there.
  • ax02ax02 Posts: 1
    EX, auto, w/o side AB. is $15.5k a good deal? decision pending. thanks
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