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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • just to add to my previous post....the msrp on the 08 civic lx coupe with auto in nov 07 when i purchased it was 18,100.00 including destination price as i mentioned earlier was 16,500.00 plus TTT....price for 09 lancer was 17,100.00 plus gave me 16,000.00 for the civic..the lancer's roomier interior as well as the longer warranty will come in handy for my wife and i and our soon to be newborn baby..
  • 08 lx civic 4 dr sedan - $17,250 (incl. destn) + ttl

    islehondas and mplshondadlr, care to think about this ?
    thank you mrcoolguy for all your views and posts.
    others, dont get discouraged, keep looking and you will find good deals.

    honda at dublin and oakland are cheats according to me since they did not respect their emails when I went to them.
  • Awesome price - about $100.00 over our invoice here in the Minneapolis market. My dealer just marked them down to $17685.00 plus TT&l which is $500.00 over.

    Dont bother asking which of the six I work for because I wont tell you!!!
  • 09' civic ex
    got one tonight for 19,700plus tax title license so 21,179 out the door.
  • Let me guess Yonkers Honda or Potamkin Honda....
  • I dont want to ask :-)....
    ha ha ha
  • Nope!
  • A dealer just gave the out of the dealer price for $19,497.91 . Includes everything.
    Is it a good price? I live in Texas
  • Thanks for the kinds words Monsh.

    Where did you end up purchasing your Civic? Did you try Berkeley or El Cerrito?
  • For the LX model I'd shoot for $17,400.00 and a drive out price of $18,708.80 for Texas.
  • $17300 +ttl for 2008 civic lx automatic 4 door sedan....
    Is this a good price?
  • how about the following prices in Los Angeles?Are they ok or too expensive?
    2008 Honda Civic LX Automatic $17,789
    Coupe $17,689

    2008 Honda Civic EX Automatic $19,510

    2008 Honda Civic EX-L Automatic $20,795


    2-ONE BLUE 2007 EX-L V-6 COUPE NEW
  • I just bought a NEW Honda Civic LX Automatic Sedan 2008 for $17,150 + TTL from a dealer in conshohocken, PA. Do you think I got a good deal?
  • Hi csundeal. Is there a dealer in LA that actually has the 09 Civic Sedans? Specifically the EX. Thanks!
  • Great Price! Thats $800 less than in NYC. Who was the dealer? Thanks
  • Conicelli Honda. You should rush if you are planning to buy from there. They just have only couple of 08s left!!
  • I was offered the same price in Dallas but when I went to the dealer the salesman increased the price for the accesories already in the car, bulls....
    They wanted 18600 + TTL, and I left the place.
    People who bought Civic 08 LX sedan AT in Texas, could you told me your OTD price please?
  • btw I did not add any accessories. I just got whatever comes default with LX Sedan.
  • price 17,400 + ttl
    OTD around 18,700.
    San Antonio, TX
  • i didnt try berkeley , tried el ceritto though.
    they werent able to match the price :(
  • texanbarr,

    Did you add accesories to your vehicle?
  • Got an 08 Civic LX sedan for $16976 at Honda of Decatur (AL) at the end of last month. They added mudguards, pinstriping and paint sealant for free. No one else around here would come close to that.
  • What was your OTD price?
  • 08 Civic LX sedan for $16976

    Automatic or Manual?
  • I just put a deposit down on a 2008 Taffeta White Civic EX-L AT. OTD price is $21,900. How'd I do? I pitted 3 dealerships in the area against each other. I got one dealer down to $21,400 OTD for a galaxy gray, but my wife wants the white. Our original price was $22,498 so there was some downward movement. I had to fight for it though. The White car is not on anyone's lot, and they have to ship it in.

    I still have the option to walk out on the deal if I want to. The deposit is refundable. The dealer I'm purchasing from is unnaturally courteous and kind. They noticed that they have a 2009 EX-L AT coming in there next shipment, so they might just give us a 2009 at the same price if getting the 2008 becomes a hassle. They are sticking to the price they offered.
  • I just got an EX-L AT coupe for $20,150 plus tax and registration. $21,900 OTD. I think I did pretty well, though I would like confirmation of that. It seems you could do better, though I am in FL so I don't know how much geographic area has to do with it.
  • I got a civic 08 LX sedan AT in Round Rock Honda for 18700 OTD. It has a pro-pack option installed by the dealer (consisting of splash guard, all weather mat, trunk tray). Dealership in Austin wont match the price.

    Good luck.
  • Very similar.

    I paid 18200 even everything included. (Tax Title Documentation Fee)
    Dealer went down to invoice. He tried to sell dealer installed bull.hit appearance package. I said, I'm not paying for this. Wheel locks, an ugly liner on the side and splash guards, 659! My .ss! I had to pay 300$ documentation fee. Rest is tax which is ~3% in VA. Tag/Title for 2 years is 121$. It's LX AT Silver. Love the car, love the way it drives and feels. I went there to get a FIT Sport but it was too stiff and didn't feel safe. (Too small) For the same price got a much nicer car.
  • 19,454 is the cheapest OTD that I got in Dallas-Texas by Email.
    The reason of the high price is the accesories. Do you think if I go in person to the dealer I can bargain price and get 18,500 OTD?
  • I live in Dallas Metro area and bought a Civic LX Automatic Sedan last September. I emailed or called the internet sales managers at all of the area dealerships to get the best deal. I ended up buying from Red River Autoplex in Denison (50 miles north of Mckinney) because they were a lot lower than in the Dallas metroplex. I payed cash 18,860 OTD including trunk tray, mud guards, pin stripping, window tinting, and aftermarket leather seats. I know prices are up since last year, but you might want to try them. It was worth the extra drive for me. Just call or Email to the internet manager.

    Good Luck,

    PS: I still love the car
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