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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fliu02fliu02 Posts: 2
    Hi, celadon
    Can you give me the dealer information in IL? Thanks!
  • lore1lore1 Posts: 7
    Where is everyone finding the invoice pricing for this Car? I was quoted $17200 (includes dest charges), PLUS TTL and $400 Doc fee;s plus state taxes. I was guessing an invoice price of about $16600. If The invoice price is that much lower, I think the offer I have may be too high, based on what I am seing other get.

    Thats Auto Transmission.......

  • Hi trudge,

    Can you ask for the price breakup from the dealer?
    When asking for a quote be very specific that does this price is for

    1. The very specific model you are looking for.
    Example: 2008 Civic LX AT 4Dr. If you miss to mention 4dr, or automatic or Trim(LX, EX, DX)). The dealer may quote you for manual or coupe.

    2. Ask for the following does the price include following
    (a) Dest
    (b) Doc Fees (ask, how much is it)
    (c) Tax
    (d) Title + Reg
    (e) any other fee (VIN etching) or state fee (tire fee etc).

    If the price you are quoting includes all of above, I would say its a very good price to buy. Good Luck
  • Ok, after seeing such low prices... what is the invoice of this car? I paid 17,249 (including $100 accessories)... did I get ripped off? :sick:
  • According to Kelley Blue Book (, the invoice on a 2008 Honda Civic LX-AT 4-door sedan is $16,984.47, which includes a destination charge of $635.

    I found the same invoice price at and at
  • Invoice on a 2008 Civic LX-AT sedan is $16,984.47 (including $635 destination charge). So when you include the $100 accessories, you paid about $150 above invoice. I don't think you got ripped off. Prices vary depending on your region, and I live in the SF Bay Area, where there are a *lot* of Honda dealers within an hour's drive, so there is more competition. Even so, I received 6 or 7 quotes that were at your price or higher.

    My price was extra-low because I was buying two cars (one for my sister and one for my mom). But we were limited to the cars in stock, so we didn't get our first choice of color.

    I reread your post about your purchase, and you seemed extremely happy--great negotation process, extremely smooth, etc. That, in my opinion, is worth a lot. So enjoy your new car and don't worry about people getting lower prices. There will always be someone who gets a lower price. I bought a 2007 Odyssey EX-RES in July and was happy with my price of $28,300, which was the best deal I could get at the time. But I just checked the forums and found that there is now a $2000 cashback etc. so the prices are much lower. Part of me feels stupid, but the other part realizes that I did the best I could do at the time. And so did you.

    So give yourself a break and stop reading the forums. You're done!
  • trudgetrudge Posts: 3
    NJ Buyer,

    Here is the breakdown:

    Sell Price - 17,177.20

    Processing Fee - 66.50
    License Fees - 39.50
    Title Fee - 10.00
    Title Tax - 517.31
    Dealer's Business License Tax - 34.49
    Electronic onLine Filing Fee - 10.00

    Total Selling Price - 17,855.00

    Less Deposit - (500.00)

    Balance Due at Settlement - 17,355.00

    I am going to pick it up tomorrow likely and let you know how it goes.

    By the way, I moved from NJ to VA.

  • Got one for $22,500 OTD. Included wheel locks, mud guards, and all-season mats. I also got the dealer to give me free washes for life (esp. since its a black coupe :shades:) as long as i don't tell his manager and call ahead of time to make sure he is there. since i've had it for two full weeks now i'm pretty confident that it was one of the first 08 Si owned in the entire state of MD. Did i get hosed at this price?
  • Anyone here bought a 2008 EX-L in the Orlando/Central Florida area? Wondering what the prices paid are, if there's enough room for negotiation. I'm looking for a manual transmission. Thanks.
  • I received an internet quote today for a 2008 4dr. Manual EX of $18,355. This includes destination charges, but excludes tax, title, fees, etc. Does anyone know if this is a good price? It's about $700 better then a couple of other initial quotes I've received.

  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    My mom bought a honda civic DX coupe 9 years ago. The MSRP was 13380. The dealer charged her over $17K. I have the receipt.

    If I buy a new Honda from the same dealer today, is there any chance they'd take off money to offset overcharging my mom before?
  • kyfdx@Edmundskyfdx@Edmunds Posts: 25,970

    I'd try a different dealer..

    Moderator - Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    I would be surprised if the same GM was at that dealership now, the same salesperson, or even the same owner after 9 years. Even if they are, they will not care.

    As kyfdx said, that would be the last place to get my future business - go elsewhere and let someone else make a profit.

  • A reporter seeks to talk with owners and serious shoppers of the 2007 or 2008 Honda Civic who are also parents. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Thursday, November 15, 2007 and include your city and state of residence as well as the age of your child/ren.

    Thanks for your consideration,
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  • I received quotes from 17100 to 17500 + Tax from 4 different dealers in Cleveland Ohio area.

    (2008 LX Auto 4 dr)

    The OTD price came to about 18600 to 19200.
    Does anyone have any ideas about the fair price we can pay in Northeast ohio?

  • I haven't see many tales of buying a 2008 EX sedan (automatic transmission, no leather or NAV system) posted, so I thought I would contribute ...

    Did a lot of Internet research, requested online price quotes from Columbus, Ohio-area dealers, etc. I first was interested in the '08 LX sedan (with AT) and the best quote I received was $17,300 ($18,395 MSRP, $16,984 invoice, Kelly Blue Book showed consumers buying for $18,303).

    Then, since I think wheels make the car and the moonroof and other bells and whistles sounded nice, I sought quotes on the '08 EX ($20,145 MSRP, $18,589 invoice, KBB showed selling for $20,044.) The best quote I received was $18,800, so I went to check out that dealer.

    My wife thought she wanted the Royal Blue Pearl, but, alas, they had none in stock, but showed us an LX in that color and said they could "trade" with another dealer to get the EX in that color by the next day. But, we decided (out of salesman's earshot) that the Royal Blue was much darker in-person, and on the car, than it appeared online and concluded we didn't like it. The missus liked the burgundy, but we both hated the tan interior and wanted to stay with gray. The salesman then said if we bought a color off the lot today, he would knock another $200 off, bringing the quote down to $18,600, only $11 over invoice. I pushed him hard on price and with holdback, he said was making $490 on the deal -- seemed fair.

    Apparently, sales are not going as good as dealers might hope around central Ohio. They are advertising "special 10-day prices" on TV. He took us to their overflow lot, to see an EX in black, and it was literally packed to the gills with new '08s. The black, we decided, was it. With the silver grille, badging and alloys, it's a sharp, classy look. So, that's what we bought ...

    Excluding the options (night/day auto-dim mirror with compass and door edge guards), we had the car for $18,600.
    Add about $1,200 for sales tax, $300 in title and documentation fees and we were out the door for a tad over $20K. May have left a few bucks on the table, but didn't consider that bad for a new '08.

    All told, a pleasant, hassle free buying experience, no hard sale and the only thing they even lightly pitched was another two years on the bumper to bumper warranty at $715 -- a little steep I felt.

    Car seems perfect in fit and finish, but still suffering from new car euphoria. Will advise ... we're looking forward to breaking in our Civic EX.
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    Thanks, kyfdx and Dennis. It was just a thought. :)
  • anlinaanlina Posts: 52
    I apologize for the double post, and if this topic has already been covered...

    But has Honda ever offered a rebate on a new Civic?
    Is there reason to think they will in the next few months?

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Honda NEVER has consumer rebates on their cars - they think it cheapens the brand. I think they are correct. Look at the domestics and all the big rebates, consumers figure out quickly just to wait until there is big money back then buy a car. Honda will do dealer incentives, which most folks don't know about. Dealers can use them to make better deals and offer more for trade ins while keeping up the appearance of not selling the cars at a deep discount or with a rebate. Honda will also do discounted finance and lease deals and target certain states to help move more cars.

    I don't recall the last time I saw dealer money on Civics, but they have it pretty often on Accords. They do have discount finance deals on Civics right now in a lot of states.

  • Stan,
    What is the name of the dealership that gave you the quote on the 2008 LX Civic 4dr sedan.
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