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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • come to omaha - the only quote is called MSRP; gonna buy an accord ex-l instead; no decent civics even on the lots of 5 local dealers;
  • vinijinvinijin Posts: 28
    Does anyone know how long will it take to replenish low Civic inventories. I amsure Honda will incresed their Civic production, inventories will be normal, and the prices will become close to invoice.
  • mplshondadlrmplshondadlr Posts: 409
    To make sure I understand your numbers:
    $17834.37 base price of Civic EX
    +$635.00 Destination charge
    +$349.00 dealer doc fee (wow - MN is only $50.00)
    =$18818.37 plus TT&L.

    Awesome, just $100.00 over our invoice (in the twin cities we have a $200.00 co-op advertising fee added to each invoice at the factory).

    Is this figure available on order-outs? If so, I would take advantage of it as I don't see Honda ramping up production any time soon.

    We did just order 2009's yesterday. We get 16 of them for late August/early September.
  • Anyone have recent experience with buying a Civic in Austin? I'm looking to buy a LX (manual) and was wondering if anyone knew what the supply was like here. I have an offer of $18.8k OTD and was hoping to get closer to invoice + dest. Thanks!
  • boston34boston34 Posts: 1
    I live in Boston, and plan to buy a civic Lx at the end of July since I am travelling aboard right now and will come back at the end of July. I am really worried about that. :sick: So are there any chances that I can still get a civic Lx at the end of July in Boston?
  • patman36patman36 Posts: 12
    I put a deposit on an '08 EX-L w/ Nav last week. We expect the car 6/26. Final price was $22,283 which represents $812 of the $23,095 sticker. We had to settle for our second color choice, Atomic Blue (second to Galaxy Gray) but are excited (1) we are getting a car and (2) we got a "deal". They have a $99 doc fee and that is it.

    Have qualified for the special APR financing and are waiting for lease quotes. We will see what those look like.
  • sammyslabsammyslab Posts: 5
    I just came from Valentine Honda in Richmond, KY. I had agreed to buy an LX for $1 over invoice. When I went there to pick the car up (new 2008 Civic LX), they had added $995 worth of "nothings" onto the MSRP plus $490 worth of dealer fees. I had never heard of this and walked away from the deal. A basic LX would have cost $18,800+ OTD. It seemed too much for a run of the mill LX with no nav.
    Any thoughts?
    Thanks,,,, Sammy
  • anthonyv2anthonyv2 Posts: 3
    got one in february.

    16899 for car automatic transmission
    1340 taxes
    45 doc fee
    12.50 nys tire fee
    60 registration fee
    10 inspection fee
    837 for alarm, wheel locks, and door guards

    -900 for my 1996 honda prelude. body was shot. transmission leaking but engine only had 76000 original miles

    18304 after everything was said and done

    p.s. honda in long island ;)
  • blipp39211blipp39211 Posts: 13
    WOW, bought an LX automatic in November for $100 under invoice. Had the car delivered to our doorstep. Decided to buy another LX and sell the Odyssey. Requested quotes over the internet this past Monday from several local and out of state dealers. Here's what I got (all prices are OTD, excluding TT&L):
    Upstate NY - selling at MSRP. No Civics to be found. One dealer was taking orders w/a $200 refundable deposit and a two week wait.
    Downstate NY - $18335
    Boston area: 16985 + 284 doc fees
    Boston area: 17485 + 203 doc fees (only 2 Civic LXs left as this price). All new quotes will be at MSRP
    MA: has a few in stock but would not quote over the internet due to availability issues.
    NJ: 16995 + 541.50 doc/dmv/tire fees
    NJ: 16985+199 doc fees
    VA/DC area: 16834+ appearance pkg ($995) + processing fees

    Flying to NJ next weekend to pick up the car. Seems like Civic prices are going up as fast as gas prices... :cry: Get 'um while you can.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,666
    Swope in Louisville
    Wyler in Florence..
    Honda East in Cincinnati
    Century Honda in Cincinnati
    Performance in Cincinnati
    Somerset (forget the name)

    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • anthonyv2anthonyv2 Posts: 3
    if your a AAA or Costco member you can get a no haggle price. usually a few hundred bucks under the msrp for those looking for a deal. you need to contact them to find out participating dealers and make a appointment to talk to the rep at the dealer. this may be a option for those finding dealers who are charging thousands over the msrp to begin with! :)
  • We just picked up an LX Coupe in Automatic - white in color. Solicited bids from around 25 dealers in Atlanta area and ended up getting it from Heritage Honda in Rome. Very pleasant to deal with and very honest. They're also the only dealer we got a hold of that had the hybrid in stock, but we decided to go w/ the regular. Anyway, our price OTD was 18.6k (7% tax here), including the all season rubber mats. I'm pretty pleased.

    Very very happy with the car. I had a 97 Civic and it's worlds apart. I also have an E46 M3 'vert and I wasn't nearly as disappointed in the ride as I thought I would be (it's going to be the wife's commuter).

    2.9% financing is a steal too. Why pay cash when it's practically free money? No brainer all around.
  • slodog1slodog1 Posts: 1
    I used this site during my shopping for the past three months and it was very helpful in determining the real world prices for the civics. I bought one yesterday in Fontana CA at Rock Honda and was very happy with the deal. Have seen the dealers take advantage of the gas hype in the past month by jacking the prices up. My local dealer gave me the same BS that I got from many others about the limited inventory, high demand, blah blah blah, and would not budge from 900 over invoice. I talked to at least 20 dealers in the northern and southern Ca area and got the same story from about 75 percent of them. I did and internet price request through this site and was called within 10 minutes by Chris R from Rock Honda in Fontana CA with a price. The car is an 08 Civic coupe with auto, Blk/Blk, no other options or add ons. The numbers are as follows 18669 plus fees which were 1357 Ca tax, 55 doc, 192 lic./ OTD 20302. No games, No hassles, offered the ext warr, and gap coverage but one no was the last word on the subject. Friendly and informative sales rep and a nice facility. Kept waiting for the rabbit in the hat but there was none. Drove 200 miles for the deal but well worth the end result. The new car rocks.
  • si_chipssi_chips Posts: 5
    MSRP 18390

    price: $16273
    OTD: 17865 (8.25% tax, $55 doc fees, etc)

    It's what I paid 13 days ago. not sure if the price is still the same now.
    Manly Honda in Santa Rosa
  • suiosuio Posts: 42
    I don't understand how can some Honda dealers ask for MSRP for the 2008 Civic? They claim low inventory but almost all the dealers have at least a dozen of them in stock. There is no waiting list for the Civic. I know some dealers even hide some Civic in the back and only show 2-3 to the customers at a time.

    Beware smart shoppers!!!
  • mikielmikiel Posts: 1
    Base Civic Si (meaning no add-ons), 22.3k OTD in NYC. Bought a few months ago.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    " I don't understand how can some Honda dealers ask MSRP for the 2008 Civic"

    Why not? They are well worth MSRP. Used 2007's are selling at auction for MSRP now.

    " All of the dealers have at least a dozen of them in stock"

    So what? A dozen Civics is nothing even for a low volume dealer.

    A lot of stores don't have ANY at this point!

    And what are they 5 speed coupes that don't sell well?

    " I know some dealers even hide some Civics in the back"

    Yep, it's a conspiracy. That's for sure!

    I'm raking no pleasure in this situation and mis-information doesn't help matters.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    No, mis-information doesn't help, nor does the opinion of a Honda sales rep that Civics are "well worth MSRP." Civics are worth what the marketplace says they are worth. It's a market that includes lower-priced competitors. If you haven't noticed from this discussion, lots of people are buying Civics for less than MSRP. That will be tougher to do as more people turn to small cars and the supply of 2008s dries up. But it is nice to know that you don't get pleasure telling buyers that they will need to pay full MSRP, or above, for their Civics, even though it means more profit for your dealership. No doubt you would prefer to give everyone a 10% discount, if you could.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,599
    I'm just telling you what the current market is like.

    At a recent Honda auction 2007 Civics were getting 2008 MSRP prices from dealers. These dealers will then have to pay to transport them, inspect them and they will mark them up from there.

    I've never seen a market turn like this.

    And, you're right. The market will always determine prices.
  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    As a Honda owner since 1989, I must say our new 08 Civic LX is the best Honda we've ever owned. This car does leaps & bounds over my '90 Civic, my '99 Civic, and our '02 Accord. The 16" tires & improved suspension make a HUGE difference in ride and handling. ABS = awesome. I LOVE THIS CAR!! Seats are WAY improved as well. Love the height adjustment on the driver's side. Nice lumbar support - very comfy. This car makes a lot of sense. Everything well laid out/displayed. Easy to use. Nice amount of trunk space, as always. This is a lot of car for the price. And as we've always done - we'll be driving this for many years to come.
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