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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got it at Leith Honda on Capital Blvd in raleigh. I just walked on the lot looked around and decided to buy it on the spot after 20min test drive. The sales rep I had was really good... Brandon Bradshaw.
  • Just quoted an internet price of 20,300+tax and licenses for a 2008 Honda Civic EX-L. i think this is a decent price but how much lower do you think I could get? I talked to the internet salesman and we had a pretty good convo. I'm a first time buyer so don't know if I have much wiggle room or what exactly should be my next step in the process. Any advice would be a huge help. Thanks!
  • I would try to go for $19,700. Car dealers are more willing to deal because banks aren't approving very many auto loans right now (and the ones that do get approved have high interest rates).
  • "I would try to go for $19,700. Car dealers are more willing to deal because banks aren't approving very many auto loans right now (and the ones that do get approved have high interest rates)."

    That statement couldn't be more false.
  • Wow! Grreat Price/Deal !!! What Dealer? Where is it located? What's your friends name and phone number/e-mail?
  • I need to buy a new 2008 civic sedan dx, auto .
    If some one can tell me, how much should be my OTD price in Atlanta by paying in cash?
  • I yesterday purchased 2008 HONDA CIVIC SEDAN LS model yeaterday from HONDA OF HAYWARED (IN SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA) and paid $19109 OTD ie base price plus taxplus all doc fees... I also had optionally bought security system and 7 years extended warranty with grand total of OTD $20759...

  • Paid $17,900, not including tax/ registration
  • You meant Sedan LX right? because I never heard about 2008 civic LS
  • Live in the bay area, CA. Wondering what a good price to start at asking the dealers for when negotiating a price. I am pretty set on a 2009 EX w/ navigation. Most likely a coupe. A price before tax and licenses and OTD would be great!
  • Come in and vist my F&I office - there is no shortage of approvals. In fact, one would argue that the approval process needs to be looser in order to keep these cars rolling off the shelf.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,348
    I totally disagree with that article.

    " Most" people can get car loans. There has been some tightening but nothing that wasn't needed.
  • bwahaahhaha..... let's all listen to two car salesmen's opinions instead of Bloomberg News Services and US News.... puhhhhhlease!

    just because you wish it to be doesn't make it so. credit is tightened, in all forms, and that is a fact. maybe (and it's a big maybe) your dealerships are located in affluent areas and are getting better qualified buyers. if so, good for you. but, overall, banks aren't lending and no amount of wishful thinking or histrionics will alter that fact. please don't try to pass off anecdotal evidence as clear fact. it's unscientific and useless information for a national message board.
  • We'll just assume that anyone shopping for a Civic can get a loan for one..

    I don't see how a news article is scientific... but, we are all about anecdotal evidence here.. That's the purpose of this forum.


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  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,348
    Nothing "ancecdotal" from me. I live the life from the trenches and when I read that "most" people won't be able to get a car loan, I have to say, that's just not true.

    Yes, some lenders have tightened their reigns but not to that much of an extent.

    I hope it stays that way!
  • As I said.. let's stick to Civic prices..

    And... you can look it up... Your personal experience is the very definition of anecdotal..

    (no more replies on this subject are necessary, or appreciated..)

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  • Civic EX-L W/ Navi Automatic OTD Price $23, 700, Good price?
  • 4dr not sure will have to look over the invoice
  • It's a 2 door coupe as well
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